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Wrongfully Accused

Chapter One The Crime

With every breath Ginny Weasley took, she had to fight back tears. They threatened to spill over any moment, and she did not want them to. She had done enough crying in the past month to last her the rest of her life.

It was July. Ginny had turned eighteen two months earlier. So much had happened since then it was hard to believe there had been a time when she was happy and carefree.

At the moment, she was on a sort of Knight Bus. But it was very different from any Knight Bus she had ever been on because it didn't have any beds – instead, it had individual cells. Sort of like a dungeon. And each cell held one female, taking them to the place they would probably never make it out of alive or sane.

Ginny was going to Azkaban.

She sat in her cell, staring miserably out the window. It was dark out, but she could tell that the clouds they were flying through were gray.

Resting her forehead against the surprisingly cool glass, she bit her quivering lower lip as a tear managed to escape down her cheek. Bitterly, she wiped it away and took a deep breath.

Don't cry, she commanded herself. It won't do you any good. You've cried from the beginning and you're still on your way to jail.

There was a loud, sudden rattling noise that made her jump. She turned and looked out into the aisle of the bus, the narrow walkway between cells, and saw another girl in her own compartment, just a few years older than Ginny, holding the bars of the door and shaking them violently.

"I didn't do it!" the girl screeched, and Ginny tried not to groan. That same girl had been claiming that for the past three hours. "I swear, it wasn't me! Why don't you listen?"

Ginny smirked, and looked up towards the front of the bus. The only people that weren't convicts were the driver, a guard, and one Dementor. Why would they listen? The driver was old and frail and looked as if he hadn't eaten anything of real nutrition in ten years. The guard was a tall, thick man with biceps as big as Ginny's neck, holding some sort of weapon he could use to crash over someone's head to knock them out. And the Dementor . . . like it would really listen to anything anybody had to say?

No one that could help the girl was listening. Instead, another woman, around thirty who sat in a cell across from her, snapped, "Ain't nobody listenin' to you, bitch, so just shut up."

The girl tilted her head back and let out the loudest wail Ginny had ever heard in her life. It went on for a straight minute before the guard finally stood up and poked his weapon threateningly through the bars.

"If you don't shut your mouth I'm going to let this Dementor suck the life out of you right here and now," he growled.

Two months ago, Ginny would've pitied the poor girl who looked as if she had suddenly gone back thirteen years and was five, and someone had just told her there would be no more Christmases. But it wasn't two months ago, and Ginny had hardened. She had finally learned that the world was cruel and unfair. And she felt nothing but relief and almost gratitude for the guard who made the girl be silent, because she was getting rather annoying.

"How long until we get there?" another woman asked timidly.

"Two hours," the driver replied gruffly.

Two hours. Two more hours before she would be locked in Azkaban for the rest of her life.

Ginny was cold. She wore a black jumpsuit, courtesy of the "Cell Bus" as she'd come to call it, and a pair of cheap sneakers. But she had no socks and no bra, and wondered when the next time would come when she would be able to wear them again.

She turned back to the window and saw the person staring back at her. Two months ago, her skin had been as smooth as silk and pale, dotted with many tiny freckles. Now even her freckles seemed to have faded, and the flesh under her eyes remained a constant purplish-black. Her hair had once been healthy, wavy, and bouncy, a deep red color, and probably her best trait. Now it hung limply around her shoulders, even though Ginny had just washed it that morning. Her eyes, which had normally been full of life and happiness, a rich, dark chocolate shade, were now full of worry and anger. 

Sighing, she closed her eyelids. It seemed every time she closed her eyes, the crime flashed back before her. She had nightmares about it, and had gotten so she was terrified to sleep.

At the moment, everything came flooding back to her, as if it had just happened moments ago . . .

Two months ago

"Ginny! I can't believe you're even looking at those. Honestly, we can't afford new robes for you right now. Why don't you get a job and pay for them yourself?"

Ginny sighed and turned towards her mother, letting the dark blue silk fabric of the latest style robes slip from her fingers. "A girl can dream, can't she?"

Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes. "C'mon, we're supposed to meet Ron, Harry, and Hermione for lunch in fifteen minutes. We'll be late."

Ginny's crush on Harry had ended the year he left Hogwarts, which was the previous year. Instead of looking forward to seeing only Harry, she was looking forward to seeing Hermione and her brother, too. Hermione, of course, had landed a stable job about a minute after she graduated. She was now the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall having retired the year Hermione had left. Ron, however, was still looking for a consistent job and was working in George and Fred's joke shop for a little while, paying for a place of his own. And Harry, of course, was an Auror.

Lunch had been fun. Ginny had laughed a lot, mostly at how Hermione and Ron still bickered with each other when Hermione had the engagement ring on her finger from him. The wedding was planned for December, on Christmas day.

Afterwards, the five of them decided to shop around for a little while. Ginny followed her brother and his fiancé and best friend around for a little while, then grew bored of how even though they were nearly adults, they still ignored her. So she went off to find her mother and perhaps manage to talk a few Galleons out of her to buy the robes she wanted.

But she couldn't find her, and when she passed by Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions she couldn't help but go back inside and look at the dark blue silk robes once more.

Biggest mistake of her life.

The shop was very busy. "Be with you in a minute, dear," Madam Malkin said in an exasperated voice, as she tried the sizes for an upcoming first-year who wanted to get an early start on his school year, even though the previous one had just barely ended.

Ginny nodded absently and admired the robes she wanted for nearly ten minutes. Then she decided to look for something else, perhaps something she could afford, and moved towards the back of the shop where the sale racks were.

That's when she heard it.

"What are you doing?" someone cried loudly.

Ginny wondered where it was coming from. She paused from searching the rack. It seemed to be coming from behind the clothes, from the shelf where she was looking. Glancing around, she saw that no one was around. Whoever had spoken seemed panicked, as if something bad was about to happen.

Ginny pushed the robes aside and peeked through. To her surprise, there was a whole other room behind the rack of clothes. She had never known about it, because it was invisible when the robes were in the way.

And then the screams started.

The horrible screams that seemed to echo throughout the whole store. Without even thinking Ginny scrambled through the robes into the hidden room, and saw someone on the floor, shouting wildly and twitching as if they were being tortured by the Cruciatus Curse. And that was exactly what was happening.

The instant Ginny saw it, the screaming went on for a few more moments. Then the person stopped moving, and she was able to see that it was Lucius Malfoy.

Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she jerked her head to the right. A figure, wearing all black, turned and disappeared through a hallway in the back. Whoever it was had been torturing Lucius.

That's when everyone in the shop came in.

Several people hurried to Lucius's side, and helped him sit up. He was sweating and breathing hard, his eyes glaring angrily at everything that he looked at.

"The Cruciatus Curse," Lucius sputtered out.

"Who did this to you?" one man asked, helping him to his feet.

And then Lucius looked directly and Ginny, and pointed an accusing finger at her. "She did it," he said softly and venomously. "That girl did it."

Of course, everyone believed Lucius. No matter how badly Ginny protested, no one believed her. But finally, her father insisted they use a truth potion on her. A very strong dose was made, one that no one could lie through, and she drank it.

"Did you use the Cruciatus Curse on Lucius Malfoy?" Cornelius Fudge asked her.

And she had answered, "Yes."

After that, even her mother wouldn't look at her without shame and pain in her eyes. But Ginny hadn't done it. Why the truth potion had made her say the biggest lie in her life she never knew, and had a feeling she never would.

"If you didn't, then who did?" people asked her. Witnesses had seen her there before anyone else had arrived.

"A man in black," Ginny had tried to explain. "I saw him leaving before anyone else came."

Lucius said that was a lie. He said he watched as she pulled her wand out on him and said the deadly words.

It took nearly two months for everything to happen, but finally, Cornelius Fudge looked Ginny straight in the eye, disappointment showing visibly, and said, "You will serve a life term in Azkaban for the use of an Unforgivable Curse on another person."

I didn't do it, Ginny thought now, very bitterly. As much as I hate Lucius Malfoy, I did not use an Unforgivable Curse on him. I would never do that to anyone, never.

Someone had set her up. She hadn't even been there when Lucius had started screaming.

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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