A new story!! I keep find stories based off Disney movies so I thought I'd give it a try. I can only take half the credit though; Kanda helped me (The author of The Bitter and the Sweet).

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A young merman looked up at the surface through his floating white hair. He signed knowing he wasn't supposed to go up there, his master had forbidden it.

"Never go to the surface Allen," Cross said. "It is full of horrible things that are beyond imagination."

"You're concerned about me?" Allen asked.

"No, I'm worried that if you leave I won't be able to afford to take my lady friends on such nice dates."

"Oh," Allen said.

"Off with you now." Cross said.

Allen turned his head to see his little goldfish friend Timcampy floating there.

"He won't notice if I go, will he?" Allen asked knowing the goldfish couldn't understand him. "No, he wouldn't notice. I think I'll take a look to see for myself. After all, how much harm could come to a fifteen year old merman?"

"I'll tell you how much trouble could come!" said a tiny little crab. "Knowing our luck Cross will find out and cook me for dinner!"

"Relax Lavi. Cross may be evil in ever way known to fish, but he won't kill. Whores don't like that."

"Well then let's go!" Lavi said grabbing onto Allen's red tail.

Allen pushed himself off the sea floor and headed to the surface, a smile plastered on his face. Closer and closer he came until he finally broke the surface of the water. All around his was blue. The sky, the water, everything. There was just one little speck of rock a few feet away, with two white birds on it. Allen eagerly swam over.

"Hello," he said. "Who are you?"

"My name is Komui the seagull. There is no seagull smarter than me so stop looking," the bigger of the two said. "And this is my little sister Linali, who is not going to marry you under any circumstances."

"Be quiet Nii-san. Who are you?" She asked politely.

"My name is Allen Walker, and I'm a merman," he said smiling.

"Hmph, more like a mer-boy if you ask me," Lavi said. "My name is Lavi the crab."

"And this is Tim the goldfish. He can't talk," Allen said.

"Well it's very nice to meet you. Is this your first time on the surface?" Linalee asked.

"Yes, my master forbids it but it just seems so nice. So we thought we'd give it a try," Allen said.

"It is very nice. Just look out for fisherman," Komui said.

"What are they?" Allen asked.

"They live for the sole purpose of catching our fined friends and eating them. So stay away," Komui said.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want our new friends to get hurt." Said Linali with a sweet smile.

Allen smiled back at her, "Thanks for the concern, Linali! Anyway, do you guys know anything about surface world?" He asked, curious, staring at Komui. "You should know, right? You said you ARE the smartest seagull around…"

Komui coughed and choked, "O-of course I am!" He spread his wings wide and proud.

"Want me to tell you about the surface world, boy? This world is FILLED with the most fantastic things. There are people like you except with legs and not tail fins! They have contraptions made of wood, buildings made of STONE and whatever else you can think of!" said the seagull, being proud of himself.

Allen looked over to the shore, "What's over that wall?" He asked.

Linali took a peek behind her and giggled, "That's the kingdom of Wells ruled by the Kanda family." She sighed dreamily when she said the name of the royal family.

The white haired merman looked at her funny, "Are you okay? What's so special about this prince anyway?"

"HE'S THE MOST HOTTEST AND WANTED MAN IN THE WHOLE LAND, SILLY!" She fangirled squealed, "Too bad I'm an animal. Life SUCKS sometimes!" The female seagull crossed her wings.

Lavi pinched her and Komui's legs, which caused them to yelp.

"You guys shut up! You're going to give the young master ideas if you keep telling him about the surface world!" he scolded, with an angry pouty look on his face.

"What crawled up your shell and died?" muttered Komui, rubbing his aching leg.

"Lavi, stop being like that! The surface world doesn't seem THAT bad." Said Allen, "Hey, Komui, what are those … creatures that look like us except with.. legs.. called?"

"They're called humans."

"Humans huh? I want to know more about them!"

Linali rubbed her chin, "If you want to know more about them.. I'm sure some of their ships sunk into the bottom of the ocean quite a few times.. Maybe you can find some things there!" She pointed out happily.

That just made Lavi start jumping and spazzing in anger, "What did I tell you about shutting up, bird! I'll kick your sorry behind to the----" Timcanpy just flicked him away with a swift motion of his tailfin.

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