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"Wow, for a human you're not too bad," Allen said as he swam circles around the tired Kanda. Both boys had swum a fair distance; and while Allen was used to going longer and farther, Kanda wasn't and had finally had to call off the race.

"Yeah fish boy, let's have a race on land and see how long you can last," the dark haired teen said darkly.

"That wouldn't be very fair, I have fins. I can't actually walk or run or whatever it is you humans do up there. I wish I could, but I can't."

"So you're telling me," Kanda said after finally getting all of his energy back. "That you can make it so I'm able to breath under water, but you can't sprout feet?"

"Ummm, yeah, kind of."


"Well you see I just gave you a small potion that would convert the air in the water into oxygen. It's just made using star fish. What you want me to do is shed the lower half of my body and re-grow it in a short time. That's A) very hard, if not impossible to do and 2) If it is possible it would involve strong magic that I don't have."

"Do you have schools down here?" Kanda asked randomly.

"Yes we do, why?"

"Did you ever go to one?"

"Of course I went to school. All of the merchildren have to go to school. That's where they learn how to evade sharks, make things, how to read and write. Why?"

"You started making a list using 'A', then you switched to '2'."

"Shut up," Allen said pouting. "It's a simply mistake that anyone could make."



"Hey fish boy…" Kanda said, but was cut off.


"Fine," Kanda said rolling his eyes. "Merboy…"

"MAN!! MER-MAN!! I'M CONSIDERED AN ADULT DOWN HERE!" Allen yelled. He hated being called a boy because technically he had reached adult hood.

"Well where I come from you're still a boy who has a lot of growing up to do," Kanda explained.

"Then maybe the shore isn't such a nice place. I know of people my age who already have families."

"Well what's the average age for someone of your species?" Kanda asked.

"Hmm, Cross is kind of old. He's 28. I guess you could say that the average age for us is somewhere between 30 and 40."

"That's where the problem is. You have to be an adult earlier down here. Up on the shore we live to about 50 and 60. That gives us more time to grow up."

"Yeah, let's see you out swim a Great White Shark," Allen mumbled.

"Face it kid, it's safer up there and we live longer. So why do you guys still live under the sea? Wouldn't it be better to live up there?"

"You expect an entire species to change their natural habitat so they can live longer? That would throw the entire ocean out of whack. We're needed down here just like your needed up there," Allen said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.



"So anyways back to my question, why don't you have the magic to grow legs?"

"Because I wasn't born with the gift. There's only one person in this ocean that does have the gift," Allen explained.

"And who might this be?" Kanda asked. Maybe it could happen after all.

"Her name is Rhode Kamelot. She lives in a cave just past Shipwreck Cove with her two eels."

"So why don't you go to her?" Kanda asked. He really wished that Allen could come to the surface with him.

"Because she's scary," Allen said. He ignored the look that Kanda sent his way and continued. "And besides I'm not even sure if I could get legs if I wanted to."

"And why is that?"

"Because she makes you trade things for her service. I heard that this one mermaid wanted to be thinner, so she went to see Rhode. And Rhode would only help her if she gave up her ability to have children. Then when the mermaid declined and tried to leave, Rhode did the spell anyways. The mermaid was thin but couldn't have children so she killed herself."

"Wow, that is kind of evil."

"And did you forget the part where I'm engaged? I have to be here even if I don't want to be."

"Then use this as a chance to escape. You can become a human, and come live with me."

"I don't know if that would work. But speaking of living with you, won't your guardian be looking for you soon?" Allen asked trying to change the topic, his face slightly turning pink from the suggestion.

"Yeah, probably," Kanda grumbled. He was 19; he shouldn't have to be watched like some little kid.

"Come on," Allen shook his head from thought, "I'll race you back." He laughed.

"No, you will swim faster than me and I'll be left behind to be raped by some sea monster with tentacles."

"Who's the idea was that? A monster with tentacles? What can that do to you?"

Kanda shrugged, "Don't ask."


Kanda and Allen swam back to the shores of the raven haired boy's land. Allen stayed in the water as Kanda walked onto the warm sand. He looked at his hands, "I stayed down there too long. I'm getting pruney." He said grumbling.

Allen was just dozing off, staring at the wonderful body before him. As we all know, its Kanda's perfect wonderful body.

The raven haired prince looked over his shoulder, "Oi."

The white haired merman jumped in surprise and blushed, "What?"

"Do you have a comb or something with you? My hair is kind of tangled." Asked Kanda, who was already trying to untangle his hair with his fingers.

Allen just giggled quietly at how cute the older boy was, pouting as he tried to undo the knots on his long silky black hair. "Yep, I just happen to." He replied, tossing a comb to him. He watched as Kanda was combing that beautiful ocean of hair. He really did admire the land prince's beauty and … well... everything.

Kanda finished combing his hair and walked over back to the shore waters to hand over the comb to Allen personally.

"Here." The raven haired boy said, as he bent down and stretched his arm over to Allen.

"Thanks-" as Allen reached for it, Kanda's other arm stretched out and grabbed his hand, pulling him practically inches away from the land prince's face. It was just too close!

Kanda stared at him in the eyes, his breath feeling warm onto Allen's face and his grip strong, as if he didn't want to be let go.

"Allen..." He breathed in a husky tone as he inched closer to the poor boy's face. The seductive dark eyes really pulling him in.

The white haired merman felt his cheeks heat up ten fold. His face getting redder and redder as Kanda inched closer to him. He went pass Allen's lips and went over to the ear, breathing hotly, their shoulders pressing against each other's and their chest just an inch away.

"Think about what I said, living on land with me..." He whispered huskily. The older boy's lips slightly brushed against Allen's ear lobe, causing him to gasp in surprise, "I'll be waiting for you..." He spoke. Allen let out a quiet squeak and felt his body tense.

Finally, as the man pulled away, getting up and walking away from the merman, he looked over his shoulder again and Allen saw that small smirk forming on his lips.

And Kanda was finally gone from his view.

Allen touched his face with his hands, he was truly boiling! Kanda was having such an affect on him.

"I... I can't believe he did that."

He was beginning to like Kanda even more now. But no matter how much he likes Kanda, the raven haired prince probably doesn't feel the same way. And it's forbidden any way.

Lavi then popped his head out of the nearest rock.

"Master Walker! Are you alright?! Oh please tell me that the human didn't mind fuck you!" He shrieked. Who knew Lavi had such a dirty mind for a crab?

Allen yelped and blushed hard.

"W-what?! No! Kanda will never do something like that! E-especially not with someone like me!" He defended, flailing his arms in the air.

Lavi rolled his eyes, "I didn't say he actually DID do that to you but only in your mind. Did Cross-heika take you out to the clubs again? You have a dirty mind Master Walker! Especially thinking of something like THAT with a human! A HUMAN FOR NEPTUNE SAKE!"

Allen shook his head rapidly, "Shut up Lavi! And stop saying Neptune!" He said, turning away.

He gazed off to the land. He wants to spend time with Kanda, he really does. To spend time with him forever…

But what can he do?

Kanda probably only thinks of him as a friend and probably has tons of girls back on his world. Allen will just get in the way. But he can't help but be selfish about it. It was the first time in his life that he ever felt like this and it's forbidden by his culture!


Kanda was deep in thought as he walked back to his castle. He understood why Allen couldn't just run off and abandon his kingdom, but there must be someone who could take his place? A cousin, distant relative, or something.

'But he's an orphan baka,' he thought. 'Orphans have this habit of not having any relatives.'

Kanda continued walking as his thoughts mulled over the white haired boy. Why did he like him so much? Was it because he was so different? No, Kanda had seen many exotic things and Allen was the first to capture his interest. Maybe it was the innocence around the boy that said 'protect me, love me'. Yeah, that was it.

It wasn't necessary for Kanda to have children because his older sister would take over the throne when their father was too old. He just had to be married to show that the royal family believed in marriage. His parents would probably be proud that he had found himself a nice boy to marry. It would show that they didn't have any hostilities towards homosexuality. Who knows? His parents are very surprising people.

Slowly, his home came into view. Kanda rubbed a hand over his face and prepared to be treated like the prince he was. He had had a lot of fun with Allen. He didn't need to worry about being polite or offending the other boy. He could just give his honest opinion and would receive one in return. Now it was time to return to the world of carefully thought out sentences, adults, and rules.

"Master Kanda," A servant said as he entered the castle. "How was your trip to the beach?"

"It was good, but it gave me many things to think about," he answered as he headed towards the kitchen; the servant following.

"If you don't mind my asking sir, what sort of things?"

"You simply cannot imagine what I'm thinking about. It involves so many little aspects that are important to a big picture and I don't know where one thing ends and another begins."

"Might I offer you a simple question then sir?"

"You may."

"What would you like to eat? We have fresh clown fish, lobster, swordfish, shrimp, and a sea food platter."

Kanda groaned. He couldn't think about eating the seafood without thinking of Allen being caught and served as some sort of dish in a restaurant. He knew his days of eating sea food had come to an end, now he just needed to tell the kitchen staff that. "Do we have anything that doesn't come from the sea? Some soba maybe?"

"Of course sir, anything for you," the servant said as he walked away.

"'Of course sir, anything for you'," Kanda said in a mocking voice. He really didn't see why he couldn't go down to the kitchen and get his own food, he wasn't stupid or something. After a few minutes the servant returned carrying a tray with Kanda's dinner on it.

"Here you are sir," he said setting it down. "Is there anything else you require?"

"Yes," Kanda said before he broke his chopsticks. "Tell the kitchen staff I have decided to no longer eat sea food, particularly red fish."

The servant raised an eyebrow and nodded, "Of course, Master Kanda. As you wish." Bowing, the servant exited the room and closed the door.

Kanda never felt so flustered like this about anyone before.

The half boy, half fish, Allen Walker, was really affecting him.


Back at the ocean, our favorite fish boy was laying on his belly on a long slate of rock. Picking at the sea flowers. He sighed dreamily at it as he picked of each petal slowly.

"He loves me.. He loves me not.. He loves me.. He loves me not.."

Lavi tapped his claw onto the rock impatiently. How long is this boy going to keep up this love sick puppy love of his?! And the worse of all, the heart of the ocean's prince was with a human MAN. A fucking MAN for God's sake!

"Master Walker, how long are you going to keep this nonsense up?!"

Allen stared at the red crab and sighed sadly, "You don't have to worry Lavi. It's not like I'll ever be with Kanda any way."

Lavi crossed his arms and nodded in approval, "Good. I'm glad you understand that. Let's head on back to the palace, Cross-heika must be waiting for us."

The fish boy nodded, "Hai hai." As they both swam away into the direction of the palace.

And little did Allen know.. Someone was watching him closely all this time. In a dark cave at the dark parts of the ocean, a girly cackle was heard and echo'ed. A female figured creature stared at her large crystal ball with contained a video image of Allen swimming.

She placed a finger on her chin and formed a wide smile, "Hmm? What's this? The ocean's fish boy prince is in love with a human man? Ooh how interesting this will be!" She giggled, swimming around in loops and circles.

Her two eels, Debitto and Jasdero watched as their lady swam about.

"Lady Kamelot, are you sure you should be messing with Cross's adoptive son?" said Debitto, swimming to Rhode.

Rhode just flashed a smile, "Oh, I wouldn't worry about the big bad King, Debitto. If Master Walker really does like this human.. He wouldn't give a damn about Cross. Am I right?"

Jasdero cackled, "Heee! You're right!"

"I have a plan." She motioned a finger for her two minions to come over to her.

She smiled evilly, "All you have to do is.." Rhode bent over to their ears, if they even had any and started to whisper. The two broke out into a wide grin and nodded.


"Goody! Now go right along!"

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