Yo! Here's the first chapter of my new fic, The Gambler! This is something i'm just going to write on if i'm waiting for a lemon or having writers block on my other fics.

A five year old boy was running down the streets of Konoha, crying his eyes out. Why was he crying? Because he had a mob of drunk villagers and some shinobi after him. Today was October 10th, exactly five years after the attack of the Kyuubi. The villagers thought that they should finish what the fourth started by killing the "fox". Naruto had just purchased a deck of cards in hopes of being able to play alittle with the Hokage on his fifth birthday. Alas, that didn't seem to be an option right now.

Naruto suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of his right leg, forcing him to fall flat on his face. On closer inspection he noticed that there was a kunai sticking out of the back of his thigh. Not one to surrender that easily, Naruto forced himself up on his feet to continue running. He barely made it 100 yards before he felt the same pain in his left leg, forcing him once again to fall down. He didn't make it up in time before the mob quickly surrounded him.

"Nowhere to run now you little demon!" shouted one of the villagers.

"P-Please! Don't hurt me! I haven't done anything to you!" Naruto begged as he tried to get up, only to recieve a kick to the face.

"Yes you have! You killed hundreds of people five years ago you little demon! Don't act like you don't remember!" shouted the villager who had delivered the kick. "But tell you what. I'm going to be mercyfull today and finish you off fast." he said and held up a kunai. Naruto watched in horror as the knife decended upon him. All he felt before he blacked out was a sharp pain in the chest.

Naruto opened his eyes weakly, only to quickly close them again as he was greeted by a blinding white ceiling.

"Am i dead?" he asked himself with a raspy voice.

"No Naruto. You're perfectly fine. You're in a hospital." said an aged voice to Narutos right. Naruto quickly opened his eyes and turned to the direction of the voice.

"Jii-chan!" he exclaimed seeing the smiling face of the Hokage. "How can i still be alive? That knife hit me in the chest." he asked and subconsiously put a hand on his chest.

"Yes it did. But it didn't reach your heart." said the Hokage and held up a deck of cards with a pierce mark in the middle. "It seems that this deck was in the way, stopping the kunai just before it hit your heart." he said and Naruto started scratching his head.

"But how is that possible. Those are the cards i bought today. But i didn't put them in my chest pocket. I had them in my pants." Naruto said making the Hokage raise an eyebrow.

"Are you sure about that Naruto-kun?" he asked and Naruto nodded.

"100 percent old man. I know because i scratched my hand on my keys when i put them there." the boy said and looked the Hokage in the face with a grin. "It seems Lady Luck came to my rescue, doesn't it?" he asked and the Hokage chuckled.

"That it does Naruto-kun. That it does. Now on to other matters." he said and turned serious. "It appears that you cannot defend yourself properly and it is unsafe for you to live on your own. Therefor, i have decided to let you move into the Sarutobi household and take you on as my apprentice." the Hokage said making Naruto go wide-eyed.

"A-Are you serious old man?" he asked and the Hokage nodded. Naruto got a HUGE smile on his face before glomping the Hokage, shouting a loud "YATTA!!" that could be heard all over the village. Once the Hokage had managed to get out of the death grip, he walked over to the door with Naruto following.

"Now Naruto. Are you ready to come with me?" the Hokage asked and Naruto nodded but before he left the hospital room, he turned around and picked up the deck of cards.

"This will be my good luck charm from now on." he said before leaving with the Hokage.

10 years later (I know, i know. "Why such a long timeskip?" Because i don't want to go in on Narutos training, except for the recap that comes now.)

The old Hokage was sitting in his office, watching as Naruto walked towards the academy with a smile on his face through the crystal ball. Why was he smiling? Today was the day he would become a Genin.

In the ten years Naruto had been training with the Hokage, he had learned lots of things. He had mastered the tree climbing, the water walking, the leaf balancing and kunai balancing chakra control exercises, he had excellent Taijutsu skills, average Genjutsu and excellent Ninjutsu. His preferred weapon of choice was his huge amount of playing cards. These playing cards were made of chakra paper (The paper that allows you to see your elemental affinity.) and the same material one Hoshigaki Kisames sword is made of. Naruto would pour the Kyuubis chakra into a card, making it highly explosive. He had invented three techniques with his cards and one technique where he uses dices.

The Hokage chuckled as he remembered when Naruto found out about the Kyuubi.

Flashback no jutsu five years ago!

Naruto and the Hokage were sparring when Naruto remembered something, making him stop what he was doing.

"Ne, Sarutobi-sensei." he asked and the Hokage raised his eyebrows, indicating that he was listening. "When i was attacked five years ago, one of the villagers said that i had killed hundreds of people ten years ago. What did he mean by that?" Naruto asked and Sarutobi sighed.

"I knew this day would come." he said and sat down on a bench. "Sit down Naruto-kun." he said and motioned for Naruto to sit down next to him, which he did. "Now Naruto-kun, remember what happened ten years ago?" Sarutobi asked and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, the Kyuubi attacked right?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, you may have heard that the Yondaime killed it, but that's not true. No mortal could kill a bijuu. He did however seal it. He sealed it inside a newborn baby boy. That boy was you Naruto." he said and looked to see a shocked Naruto.

"So that's why everone hates me..." Naruto said quietly after a few minutes of silence. "They all think i'm the Kyuubi. But i'm not right?"

"No you're not. It was the Yondaimes final wish that the village should see you as a hero, but sadly, he underestimated the power of hate. I tried my best to make the villagers not hate you but i failed. I could only do the next best thing. I made a law, stating that should anyone of the older generation tell the children about the Kyuubi, they would immediatly be executed." Sarutobi said and Naruto nodded slowly.

"Then i just have to show them that i'm not the Kyuubi, but Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage!" Naruto exclaimed pumping his fist into the air.

Flashback no jutsu: KAI!

Naruto calmly walked into the academy, ignoring all the glares sent his way by the teachers. He thanked Lady Luck for letting him only be in the academy for the exams. He stopped outside the designated classrom, waiting for the teacher to let him in as he knocked.

Umino Iruka was standing infront of the class, ready to start the exams when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened, he saw a fifteen year old blond kid with black steel toed boots, black cargo pants and a black trench coat. On his bare chest he had four card tattoos. Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Spades, Ace of Clover and Ace of Hearts.

"Yo! Sarutobi-sensei told me to give you this." Naruto said and handed Iruka a piece of paper before stepping into the classroom.

Iruka read the paper and nodded before closing the door and taking his spot infront of the class.

"Okay class! This is Uzumaki Naruto. He will be joining us for the exams." he said and all the students were outraged.

"WHAT?! That's bullshit! Why can he just come in here and take the exams when we've had to endure six years just sitting behind a desk?!" yelled a boy with a small dog on his head.

"Because i was privatly taught by the Hokage." Naruto said in a bored tone making the class go wide-eyed. When no one said anymore, Iruka motioned for Naruto to take a seat. Naruto sat down on the bottom row, next to the boy with the dog before pulling out a deck of cards that he spread around on the desk causing everone, including Iruka, to lean over to see what he was doing. He closed his eyes and randomly pulled out a single card from the spread around deck.

"Ace of spades and i'll pass." he said to himself and opened his eyes to look at the card. When he turned it over, everyone were on the egde to see if he got it right. The card turned out to be... Ace of Spades! Naruto smiled to himself before gathering all the cards again. "It seems Lady Luck smiles upon me today." he said.

"That's bullshit!" exclaimed the boy with the dog. "I bet the whole deck is full of Aces!" he said and Naruto smiled before showing him the cards to reveal a perfectly legitimate deck.

"I never cheat." he said simply and put the cards back into the coat inner pocket. "At least not when gambling."

During the years, Naruto had become a huge gambling addict. He gambled so often that he could rival Tsunade of the Sannin. The only difference was that Naruto actually won when he gambled. Anko had vowed to never play strip poker with him ever again.

"Okay then! Let's begin the exams." Iruka said and started handing out papers. Naruto has never believed in destiny or fate or shit like that. He did however believe in Lady Luck. She seemed to have been on his side his whole life. How else would he survive all those beating he had recieved? Needless to say he aced the exams. (I've decided to leave Mizuki out of this. He's not a teacher in this fic.)

Now Naruto was calmy walking back to the Sarutobi estates when he bumped into the purple haired number one scariest Tokubetsu Jounin, otherwise known as Mitarashi Anko.

"Good day Anko-chan." Naruto said making the kunoichi turn around.

"Naru-chan! Long time no see!" she exclaimed with a grin.

"Yes. It's been a year hasn't it?" Naruto asked and Anko nodded.

"Yes. I believe we haven't seen eachother since that poker game." she said with a pout. "I really lost big time huh?"

"Yeah... But technically, you also won."

"Oh? How exactly did i win by taking my clothes off?"

"You got to see me get knocked out by a nosebleed." Naruto said and Anko grinned.

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that!" she said and puffed out her chest. "Who knew that you couldn't stand seeing these?" she asked and grabbed her breast and jiggled them around making Naruto blush.

"Please stop doing that." he said and looked away.

"Why? Are you uncomfortable?" Anko asked and hugged him from behind, pressing her breasts against his back.

"No not at all. It's just that i might pass out again." Naruto said and Anko let go.

"Aww, you're no fun." she said and Naruto grinned, pulling out a deck of cards.

"I could be fun if you decided to play a game of poker with me." and at this Anko marched of. But not before shouting a "NEVER!"

So what do you guys think? The concept of the whole exploding cards is based of Gambit from Xmen. And no. I don't own neither Xmen nor Naruto.