My Morning After


Naruto woke up, not to sunlight and chirping birds, but an alarm clock screeching the time and weather conditions in his ear. Even though the alarm was loud enough to wake up more than half of Konoha, Naruto noticed, it didn't wake up his two bed partner. Wait, bed partners? Two? Bed partners?

"Eh?" Naruto mumbled, turning over to see two mops of sleek black hair; both resolutely ruffled and messy. He also noticed that both bed occupants had very pale skin and were much girlier than any guys had any right to be.

Naruto carefully pried himself out of one of the guy's grips, as only a trained ninja can do. He pulled the plug of the alarm out of the outlet set about pulling on the clothes he had had on last night.

Then he walked out of the room. Because, really, what else was there to do after you had seemingly had inebriated sex with not one, but two, guys; and you didn't even know you were gay! (Though really, the orange ensemble should have been enough of a clue, and if that wasn't enough, the complete uke image should have been).

Later that same day, the two brunettes roused themselves from their slumber. (In actuality, someone was banging on the front door).

"I'll get it," Sasuke muttered, forcing himself to stand up and shove on a pair of pants. Sai just grunted.

The door swung open to reveal one pink-haired kunoichi generally known as Sakura Haruno.

"Sakura, what are you doing here right now?" Sasuke groaned as the sunlight hit his eyes.

"Lady Tsunade sent me to get your lazy asses up. You have a mission today," Sakura said, rolling her eyes.

"Gnngh," Sasuke said, slamming the door shut.

"Hey where's Naruto?" Sai asked, coming out of the bedroom in only a pair of boxers.

When the two shinobi finally found the blonde (uke) Kyuubi-vessel, he was brooding on the bridge where Team 7 used to meet.

"Oi, dobe."

"Shut up teme," Naruto mumbled.

"C'mon Naruto, Lady Tsunade has a mission for us." Sai said, grabbing the blonde's hand.

"What happened last night?"

The two brunettes froze at the question, did he really not remember?

Then, a passing Shikamaru muttered," So troublesome, I really wish you guys would keep your sex escapades confined to your own house."

The three shinobi sweatdropped. Yes, even Sasuke.

"Hey! Shikamaru, next time you a Neji are trying to get it on, I will come knock on your door," The blonde grumbled, then muttered to himself," Ruining our awesome resistant uke plan with the two awesome semes having their way with him!"

Sasuke came up behind Naruto and slid his arms around his waist. Sai stood in front of Naruto and wound his arms so they were between the other two shinobi.

"We can still do that last part, Naru-chan." Sai whispered in the blonde's ear and Sasuke poofed them back to the Uchiha mansion.

"Stupid, horny, powerful, gay threesomes are so troublesome," Shikamaru said as he made his way toward Ichiraku to meet Neji.

A/N: Ok, this little story changed way too many times for me to mention. Originally, it was just gonna be an angsty little drabble. Then, it became a fluffy bit. Then it became this innuendo filled thing that I had to cut off before I wrote the lemon, because I am still sick and I'm not gonna go there. Right now, at least.