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Full Summary:

Bella is running from her parents completely distraught because they are forcing her to marry a repulsive man who she has no desire to marry at all. She runs away to an isolated area in Alaska. (Denali) The Denali clan finds her dying in the woods after a tree landed on her and they decide to change her. How will she meet Edward? Or will she at all?

Bella POV

My name is Isabella Swan. My parents are cold-hearted and don't respect my opinion or feelings in anything. I don't know why I thought this would be any different. They were going to send me off to marry a rich, pompous man whose girth exceeded his height. I find this man utterly repulsive and I have no intention of marrying him. If I can't convince my parents not to make me marry him, I only have one choice: run.

This is just a prologue and isn't really a chapter. Let me know if I should continue.

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