"Normal person talking"

'Normal person thinking'

"Bijuu or full demon form Talking"

'Bijuu or full demon form thinking"

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Summery : after the battle at VotE the mission to capture sasuke was a success but sasuke was injured so much that the council gets naruto banished watch as naruto abandon his dreams and leave them behind to start a new life that's full adventure and new dreams and meet new friends and enemies also. super powered naruto .Pairing (naruXfem kyuu) there might a little cross over from games & anime in later chapters also there maybe some OOC & character bashing.

Now lets the story begin


There at a place called the valley of the end stood two figures. One had blond spiky hair and whisker like markings on his face. He had blue oceanic eyes but currently they are blood red because the Kyuubi's chakra that is now surrounding his entire body in a fox like shape. He is wearing an orange jumpsuit (god I hate this thing), his name is Uzumaki Naruto container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

The other figure had long gray hair; his skin was dark from the cursed seal. He had a cross shaped mark on his face. On his back were hand like wings, and his eyes had three tomoes in them which indicate them as a fully matured sharingan, he is wearing blue T-shirt and white shorts, and his name was Uchiha Sasuke the last 'loyal' Uchiha to Konoha.

Naruto stares at his once called best friend and says "So Sasuke, it has come to this. Hah, leaving everything behind just for revenge huh?" Sasuke stares back at his ex-best friend "If that's the price to kill my brother then so be it." Naruto replied:"I have made a promise to bring you back and I'm intending to keep it even if I have to break all your bones!" and with that said another chakra tail appeared from behind Naruto and he begins to charge his rasengan that became purple in color because of the Kyuubi's chakra. Whereas Sasuke begun to charge his Chidori and it became black in color because of the cursed seal.

They just stared at each other then suddenly they both jumped yelling there jutsus' name "Rasengan!" "Chidori!" The jutsu both collided then with the power of his two tailed state from the Kyuubi, Naruto's rasengan managed to overpower Sasuke's Chidori and slammed in his stomach but managed to power it down a little to avoid killing him.

Sasuke fell to the ground passed out from the power of the rasengan. He then began to revert back to his normal state as did Naruto. When he was going to pick up Sasuke he felt another familiar chakra signature he turned back and saw his sensei Hatake Kakashi walking to him with an eye smile. Kakashi said: "Good job Naruto on stopping Sasuke from following this dark path." Naruto smiled at him "Heh, thanks sensei, now let's take him back to Konoha." Kakashi nodded to him, picked up Sasuke, and both turned back to the road towards Konoha.


At Konoha's Gates:

At the gates of Konoha, the Konoha 12 and their sensei's minus those that went to the mission were waiting for the others to return. They stood along with the whole council with half of Konoha, Jiraiya and Tsunade. They were all waiting patiently for the others return.

At last they saw them. Ten figures were becoming visible. One by one they could see who they were: Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Neji, Choji, Shikamaru, Kiba with his dog Akamaru, Lee, Naruto and Kakashi with Sasuke on his back. They hadn't expected Gaara, Kankuro and Temari. But as they looked closed they could see Temari and Kakashi were battered and beaten to bloody pulp.

They were walking towards them when Sakura came running towards them but stopped dead on her tracks when she saw the condition Sasuke was in. She turned to Naruto and gave the strongest slap she could muster with her strength.

Everybody was shocked at what she did, Naruto said "Sa-Sakura-cha…" but she cut him off with another slap and she said "You demon! Look what you did to Sasuke-kun, I told to bring him back alive not half dead!"

"Sakura, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" asked an angry Tsunade.

"Yeah, what the hell do you think you're doing? He brought back Sasuke and this is how you thank him?" surprisingly an angry Hinata said this.

But the council had another thing " Tsunade-sama, we the council, have agreed by voting that we here by banish Uzumaki Naruto from Konoha for attempt on murder to another Konoha shinobi." said the old war hawk Danzo.

"What! You can't do this!" yelled said Tsunade, but one of the council elders, Koharu said "Yes, we can Tsunade-sama, the council overrules your decision when more than seventy percent agrees," the council members who didn't vote for Naruto's banishment were the Ino-Shika-Cho trio and Hyuuga Hiashi, they were disgusted at how the others treat a hero. It didn't help either when Sakura the other villagers were cheering that they finally got rid of the demon brat. Even most of the shinobi populace were disgusted at there fellow villagers' behavior.

Naruto who was silent the whole time calmly walked to Tsunade with his bangs covering his face. He gave her necklace back with his hitai-ate, and then he bowed shocking everyone who knew Naruto, as he never showed respect to anyone. What he said next shocked them even more.

"It's been an honor to serve you Tsunade-sama and I wish good luck with protecting this village because it's clear that I could not. I won't try it anymore either. I'll leave my dream to be Hokage behind me and I'll start a new dream in some place where I can be accepted… So this is the last time we will see each other for a long time." By now he was looking at her in the face and said "To let you know, you were the sister that I never had nee-chan you and Shizune."

With that said she took both items tearfully and pulled him into a hug with her assistant Shizune.

Then he turned to Jiraiya and bowed to him, "Although I always called you ero-sennin, you were the uncle I never had and I thank you for teaching for what you could, Jiraiya-sensei," he smiled, nodded to him and then pulled him to a hug. He then quickly hugged the people that he considered friends, except Sakura, as he didn't even glance at her when he began to walk away. He heard Kakashi call his name. Naruto stopped and turned and saw Kakashi throw a scroll at him. He caught it and saw the word Chidori written on it he looked at his sensei, who smiled at him in return and said "Consider it my last lesson to you as a sensei."

Naruto smiled and nodded then he turned around and continued to walk without looking back.


Many hours later at the Hokage's office

"Are sure about this, Jiraiya?" said Tsunade

"Tsunade, this is his heritage. I'm absolutely sure Minato told to me give him this, when he is ready and I think he is," said Jiraiya holding several scrolls in his hand.

"I hope he takes it well," said a worried Shizune.

"Don't worry, the brat is mature enough. I saw it in his eyes," said Jiraiya and with that said he jumped out of the window.


Meanwhile near the border of fire country

Naruto sat in a meditative stance and entered his mindscape; he saw the entire sewer like mindscape. He continued to walk until he arrived at the Kyuubi's chamber. He saw the Kyuubi's eyes looking down at him.

Naruto just stared at it for a bit before he asked "Kyuubi-dono I know this is sudden and out of no where, but could you please tell what your reason for attacking Konoha was?"

The Kyuubi just stared at him with eyes his widening with shock before sighing "Well I've never expected you to ask this question, but I'll answer anyway since you seem to have bit of respect in you… You see in the demon realm, known to you mortals as makai, there is a demonic army that call itself the Burning Legion, which is lead by several powerful demons who could rival even me in power. They rule the south sector of makai, whereas I rule the east sector, as the queen of the kitsune, you see in makai there are five sectors: west, east, north, south and lastly the central sector," Naruto nodded, but then suddenly he thought of something she said "Wait 'queen' so you are a girl?" asked Naruto a bit confused.

The Kyuubi said "Yes, I am… Now then where was I …? Oh yes, well you see one of the commanders of the Burning Legion, a demon named Kil'Jeaden, tricked me. He lured me out of my kingdom and used a jutsu that transported me to the human realm and guess where I landed?" Kyuubi said with a bit of sadness.

Naruto responded, understanding the whole ordeal, "Near the village, and they thought you were a threat. They started attacking and naturally you fought back and you ended up sealed in me."

The Kyuubi looked at him and she smirked "It looks like you're dropping that damned mask of yours, aren't you?"

Naruto muttered a quiet 'yeah', but then he seemed to think about something. The Kyuubi looked at him and said "What's on your mind?"

At first Naruto didn't respond, as the Kyuubi was about to ask again a couple of minutes later, Naruto cut her off "Kyuubi-dono is there a way to release you without me dying?"

"Yes, there is but why do you ask or even care?" the Kyuubi said while looking at him in the eye.

He just stared back at her for a moment before saying, "Because I can see it in your eyes, you miss your friends and family; you want to fight alongside with them," the Kyuubi just stared at him with shock unable to say anything she just nodded.

He looked at her and said "So, what is it?"

She hesitated at first, but said it anyway "The only way we can do that is to overload the seal with my and your chakra. Then it will release all of it from your body, but in doing so my chakra will affect your body, effectively turning you into a demon fox… Will you accept that?" said the Kyuubi with a little bit of hope in her voice.

Naruto just looked at her and smiled one of his true smiles. He said "I have nothing against being a demon anyway, so lets get started Kyuubi-dono."

The Kyuubi looked at him. She smiled as she thought 'He's going to be a fine demon, I can see it from here."

And so they both began to pour a huge amount of chakra into the seal until it shattered, releasing all the chakra. Naruto began to feel a universe of pain and passed out, whereas the Kyuubi was beginning to feel a familiar pull on her body. Then both their worlds went black.

Moment later outside of the mindscape

Naruto woke up. His vision blurred for a moment, but then returned to normal. Better yet than normal: his sense of smell, sight and hearing, everything was clearer than before. He looked to his side, as suddenly his heart skipped a beat.

Next to him a girl was a girl, who looked the same age as him. She was wearing a blood red battle kimono; she had fire red hair and two red fox ears with white tips, on the top of her head; her eyes were red with slits in them. Behind her back were nine blood red tails with white tips swashing around. She had whisker marks like on Naruto's face. She was smiling at him and said with a voice, which could only belong to a goddess, "Finally awake, Naruto-kun?"


End of chapter one

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