"Normal talking"

'Normal thinking'

"Demon or full demon form or inner voice talking"

'Demon or full demon form or inner voice thinking'

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Diedara smirked tiredly as he thought 'Damn, I didn't expect him to be this strong, my chakra is almost depleted. Our report didn't indict him to this strong and his control over sand is greater than we heard. In fact if it wasn't for my experience he would have had me there. Well anyway time to get back to the hideout.' he glanced a momentarily at the lying figure of Gaara and then sent a mental command to his clay bird to head to the base, however as he flew. He failed to notice Naruto and Rika approaching from behind.


Near Sunagakure Gate

We find very irritated Sasori waiting for his partner 'Where the hell is that idiot, I told him many times the he shouldn't keep me waiting, damn it I knew I should have gone with him. We would have finished this quickly.' To deep in his own thoughts he failed to notice the two figures that crept behind him, it took all his experience as a shinobi not too jump at the sudden voice from behind him "It has been a while Sasori-san, how have you been?"

Sasori whirled around to see who it was and he was very surprised to see Itachi and Kisame staring at him.

"Itachi, Kisame where in the world have you two been, you two weren't in the last meeting and the leader was furious, he's been searching for you trying to communicate mentally many tim- " He cut off mid sentence as he noticed that they weren't wearing the Akatsuki uniforms, he narrowed his eyes "Wait a minute you two, why aren't you wearing your Akatsuki uniforms?" he asked wearily while preparing to launch his metal tail.

Itachi's replay was a very chilling cold smile as he gripped the hilt of his demonic katana whereas Kisame's was a very bloodthirsty shark grin who said, as he gripped the hilt of his Samehada, "Why it's simple Sasori-san, WE QUIT!" with that Kisame launched himself at Sasori to slash him with his Zanbatou. Sasori barely was able to dodge Kisame's sudden attack and it cost him his outer puppet Hiruko. Sasori landed few meters away from Kisame now in his true form. He watched Kisame warily for any attack until he noticed something amiss 'Where's Itachi?' just as has thought arrived in his mind he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he looked down and to his horror he saw a black katana sticking out from his only living organ in his puppet body his heart and heard a very low and cold voice from behind "It's over."

As darkness begun to surround Sasori's vision his last thoughts where 'Hehe, I was an idiot I should have ran away and reported to the leader, not stay here and battle those two, probably the last mistake I will ever make.' with those last thoughts Sasori of the red sands died in the deserts, where he belongs.

Itachi began walking away and said without looking back "Come Kisame, Naruto-kun and Rika-san should have finished with Deidara by now." Kisame just nodded and cast one last look at Sasori's corpse and followed his partner as they saw a pillar of Golden Light.


Meanwhile Near Itachi and Kisame location

Diedara soared through the skies of Kaze no Kuni Deserts unaware of the two following him as they were masking their presence quite well. Rika whispered "Well Naru-kun have you gotten a shot yet?" Naruto was running beside her with a three pronged Kunai in his hand "Not yet." they ran a little bit more until "NOW" he threw the kunai as hard as he could and it landed exactly in front of Diedara. Diedara had only a moment to look what landed in front of him before he was blinded with a golden flash moments later he felt a powerful hook that almost broken his jaw before it sent him crashing to the ground.

Naruto looked at Diedara crashing to the ground before he freed Gaara from the bird and jumped down landing besides Rika. He laid Gaara besides her and looked at her "Take care with him I'm going to deal with the Akatsuki" Rika just nodded and begun to tend Gaara's wounds. As Naruto walked towards Deidara, he heard Rika calling out to him he glanced at her as she said "Naru-kun, you know that right now there's no way to save him, the only way to free him is to kill him." Naruto just nodded and continued walking away to Deidara.

Deidara managed to get to his feet as he nursed his jaw "Oww, what hit me?" he continued to nurse his jaw until he noticed a figure moving towards him, he squinted his eyes a bit and then they widened, he begun to stutter "W-w-what i-in t-t-the world, why i-is the K-Kiroi S-Senkou(Yellow Flash) still alive?"

Naruto heard him and chuckled "Close, but I'm not my father, now prepare yourself Akatsuki, your fate has been sealed the moment you tried to abduct my best friend. "

Deidara looked at him carefully "So you're the Kyuubi no jinchuuriki, didn't expect you to be this powerful." 'This is bad, he is way more powerful than our last reports of him, we seriously need to update.' Naruto just smiled at him coldly before he vanished in front of Deidara's eyes, He only had time to block the roundhouse kick that was aimed to his head before a flurry of punches and kick begun to descend upon him, he could barely block some of the punches and kicks from their sheer speed, they continued for several moments until Naruto faked a punch to his head, Deidara raised his arm to block it but instead he got kneed in the stomach and that left him open for a three palms strike on the chest and a roundhouse kick that sent him flying.

Deidara painfully landed several meters away from Naruto, he got up quickly as he was about to mould some clay he noticed something was off with chakra, as it was beginning to get harder than before his expression became a bit panicked which Naruto seemed to noticed, he smirked at this "I see you finally noticed that your chakra control has became harder, that would my doing as none of my strikes were useless."

He saw his confused expression, and he chuckled "Allow me to explain as you're going to die anyway, when I hit with my hands I inject some of my youki, yes, youki as I'm no longer human," he laughed at his horrified expression "In your system and it began to mess with your body." with that he held his right arm and created a golden rasengan "Now that you know about my style it's time to die!"

Deidara gritted his teeth in anger 'Damn it, I don't have enough clay to fight or subdue him and I can't run, a demon with Hiraishin, there is no way I could outrun him and I only have enough clay for my final Art but if I use it....' "Argh to hell with it, I going to bring you down with me, I don't care if you're alive or dead as I'm going to die anyway, PREPARE TO SEE MY FINAL ART!" Deidara tore off his Akatsuki cloak and his shirt to reveal and giant mouth on his chest, he grasped all the clay he had on his pockets on put them in his mouth.

Naruto began to sense a massive amount of chakra being concreted into Deidara, Naruto narrowed his eyes at him 'What is he doing, he's gathering a massive amount of chakra. What is he thinking?' suddenly Naruto's eyes widened "Oh hell, he's going to blow himself up, this is bad I can't use the Rasengan on him or I risk blowing up with him, I can't escape even with the Hiraishin as I don't have a kunai at a safe place and throw it far it might take some time... think Naruto think what should you do..... I need a long range jutsu that destroys the body without igniting the bomb within him... a long range wind Jutsu but my strongest is rasen-shuriken and it's not completed yet... or a jutsu of pure Youki 'Naruto begun to rack his brain for any jutsu that suitable for this situation until he remembered one 'Wait that jutsu... this would the first time I test it on an actual fight..' he created two Kage Bunshin and he nodded to them 'You know what to do." they both nodded and sprung themselves either side's of Deidara, they were few meters away the three Naruto Begun doing hand seals a really fast rate as the original shouts "Fuuin jutsu: sanpo Fuuin"

Deidara noticed that he suddenly had been trapped inside a Pyramid made of pure Youki he could feel the cold pit forming in his stomach as he looked at the original Naruto but he received a cold gaze on him, he heard him say "I'm going to obliterate your body from existence, this is the end Akatsuki, may you rest in peace" suddenly the Pyramid became a pillar of golden Youki erasing Deidara's body from existence.

As the jutsu ended he walked back to his girlfriend and hi best friend. He noticed that Gaara was awake and most of his injuries were healed, he walked towards them he smiled at them "How are feeling, Gaara?"

Gaara just nodded "I'm okay just a little tired. All I need a bit of rest and I am fine, thanks for helping me."

Naruto just shook his head "Don't mention it, what are best friends for?"

Gaara just smiled a little as he rested. Rika looked at Naruto "Most importantly Naru-kun, are you okay? You're not injured are you?"

Naruto just shook his head, saying he's fine and looked behind them and saw Itachi and Kisame approaching them "Well, have you two dealt with the other member?" The two nodded and Naruto nodded in return when they suddenly felt a shunshin behind them, they turn to see a very grim looking Jiraiya Standing behind them, they noticed the look on his face as they got a very bad feeling about it, Naruto decided to ask the question that's in everyone mind "Hey Sensei, what's with the grave look?"

Jiraiya glanced at Gaara momentarily before he addressed them all "I have some really bad news from Suna; I just came from there telling me to send a message. If I ever saw Gaara I am to tell him that he is not to return to Suna, if he doesn't comply they are going to execute his siblings." The four them looked shocked unable to believe what they just heard from Jiraiya, while Gaara clenched his fist as sand swirled around him "I should have known they would do something like that, I knew that I wouldn't be accepted in that damn village, I just knew it!" he sighed as he felt a hand on his shoulder, he saw Naruto looking at him with a sad smile "You've got us Gaara, we're here with you." Gaara just nodded showing his appreciation for Naruto's support.

Naruto glanced at Rika, Itachi and Kisame and he nodded and they all nodded back to him, he turned to Gaara "Say Gaara, if you want you could come to Makai with us." Gaara looked at Naruto surprised "Really?"

Naruto nodded "Yeah, it's not like you have anything left, besides the more the merrier!" he finished smiling. Gaara looked at him stunned and smiled "Thanks I would love to go."

Naruto beamed "Great, but there is just one thing, in order to go in there you have to became a demon, you don't mind do you?"

Gaara just shrugged "No, I don't. "

Naruto beamed even more "Well we'll just have to find a place to rest and release Shukaku while as it's still night, we won't move until two later."

Gaara just nodded and mentioned to follow him as he knew a cave nearby the camp.

End of chapter