We're Never Gonna Grow Up

Ryoma pouted at Keigo. Sure, he may look a little bit like a girl, he can accept that, embrace it even. But this, this was going way too far, even for an Atobe.

"Kei-chan! I don't wanna play dress-up! Stop it!" Ryoma said, trying to push the bathroom door closed.

"But Ryoma-kun! You would look so adorable. Look, we can skip the lipstick but just a little eyeliner and a school girl skirt!" Atobe attempted to compromise.

"Che, yeah right. I come out there and you will make me look like a girl, hair bows and all." Ryoma snorted, pushing the door with all his might.

'Damn it! How did he know?' Atobe thought to himself, looking at the red hair bows in his hand.

"I always know, Keigo," Ryoma muttered.

"Creepy isn't it?" Syuusuke asked coming up the nearby stairs.

"Did you get the lip gloss?" Keigo mumbled, finally succeeding in shoving the bathroom door open.

"Ne, Kunimitsu and Genichirou have it," Fuji said, helping Atobe carry the squirming Ryoma down the stairs to the living room where Sanada and Tezuka were waiting with make-up and the school girl outfit.

"You guys! Dress up is for twelve year old girls! None of us are twelve or girls, so let. Me. Go." Ryoma said kicking at anybody who happened to be nearby, before Tezuka grabbed his flailing legs.

"Eh, think of it as role play, Ryoma," Sanada said, holding up the eyeliner.

"Yeah, we're going to have sex after anyways," Keigo said as he tried to choose between the black and the white skirts.

"You guys are never going to grow up, are you?" Ryoma said. He was still struggling, albeit not nearly as much or as heatedly.

The other four just grinned. Even the two stoics smiled lightly.