story by: I am ghost

disclaimer: i do not own naruto or any of its characters

Chapter 7


As sudden as their verbal fight had started, so did the violence. Neji never knew why they always ended up trying to strangle the other to death…it was a mystery he didn't crave to resolve anytime soon for more pressing matters, such as a very infuriated looking redhead about to tackle him to the floor was more important now.

The warlord threw himself forward to the brunet like a lion ready to strike its victim, the deep red and perpetual disarray of his hair and the animalistic feline eyes as imposing and as aggressive as those of said animal. He looked awfully intimidating and powerful, a fact that almost succeeded in frightening him.

He thought the chains would hold the beast back, so he continued mocking the infuriated lion, he was so fascinated by how those iridescent feline eyes were glaring at him that he didn't notice his miscalculation of the chain's length and with great dismay found out too late.

He would have had time to escape from the lion's clutches if he wouldn't be so petrified under the smoldering gaze, it was even hypnotic, such beautiful eyes…why on earth would those eyes end up on the possession of such a despicable villain?

So muddled was the state his mind was under he didn't even noticed when their bodies had collided, he pretty much became aware of it until they were on the floor, the lion on top of its victim, who happened to be no other but him, Hyuga Neji. He instantly threw his fist upwards, which connected to his delight on the redhead's face. Why wouldn't they stop fighting, he didn't know…what he did know was that he wasn't going to back off anytime soon.

They fought with a passion it surprised both parties; it was both asphyxiating and terrible how they proceeded to injure the other without reservation or any compassion whatsoever; punch after punch, kick after kick and glare after glare, they were both benefiting of it, for they had found a way to vent out all the anger and frustration they had been accumulating from the other and what they needed at the moment was reassurance, to know that they were capable of feeling; as much as it may sound cruel, they needed to hate in order to survive.

But his wishful thinking and analytical mind soon banished with his liberty; for he had, much to his chagrin, ended up under the lion's mercy.

"Release me" he commanded proudly like the king he thought he was, his voice sounding highly pretentious and arrogant, and would he be under other circumstance he would definitely flip his hair over his shoulder and raise an eyebrow in a very conceited way, but right now he was in no position to do so, lest the warlord decide to kill him in all his berserk glory.

But alas was he wrong; the redhead merely drew a smile on his face, a smile so aggressive and cruel it sent chills down his spine. Sensing danger in that mocking glare, the brunet pushed the other's shoulders with both hands but then he noticed what a big mistake that was, for he had given clear advantage to his enemy the moment he had pushed his hands forward, however, before he could do something about it, the redhead had already twisted both his hands over his head, ignoring his injured one and leaving him completely helpless under the deep scrutiny of his body.

Being so exposed and unarmed was nothing a human being desired by nature and being under this disposition was greatly despised by someone as defensive and conceited as Neji, who at the moment decided to draw some space between them, seeing how he had driven the warlord to the boiling point, but no matter how hard he pushed the other, the only thing that he provoked was a heated glare from the dangerous redhead.

He pushed the other in a desperate attempt to break free with his injured hand, but the instant his hand collided with the strong bony shoulders of his rival, those catlike eyes glared down at him, a deep azure shade engulfing his hypnotizing eyes instead of the cool aquamarine he was used to see. Those eyes trailed hungrily over his body before a pink tongue darted out to lick dry lips and something stirred to life down south, making its presence known by pocking the brunet on the thigh.

Diamond eyes widened in recognition and an instant blush stained his cheeks. He released his hand from the clutches of the indignant lion and instantly threw both injured hand and all to push and hit him with more force, trying but failing to get away, for the unaffected-looking warlord had found both his hands before they could inflict real damage with only one of his and pushed them high above his head, restraining him under a firm and ungentle grip; but Neji was not a quitter by nature; in fact, he was the opposite and instantly made this fact known by continuing his struggle with more intensity, twisting both his legs and arms but the grip on his arms tightened around both his hands, hurting in the process his tender hand. Tears appeared in the corner of his eyes, maybe out of frustration or because of the intense pain he felt, but the other seemed unmoved by the brunet's pain, that fact aside, what really frightened the poor restless Neji the greatest was the evil smirk curling those pink lips and the distorted glare…this man was, by any means, a totally different character than the half-hearted and witty Gaara that loved dearly to tease him but never intended harm upon him.

Maybe if he would have paid more attention earlier to all those small details he wouldn't suffer what he was about to encounter; but it was only at the moment the redhead decided to straddle him fully, to sit down oh so boldly on top on him and then lean in just a breath away from his ear that he discovered, with scandalous fear that this was taking a turn for the worse.

The brunet tensed before commanding him once again to release him, but this time his voice was weak and shamefully fearful, it was no longer commanding or pretentious and that twist in the brunet's actions pleased the warlord greatly, for he liked people to fear him, to submit to him; and if the pretty brunet refused to be submissive, then he would be delighted to make him.

And so, he leaned in until he was close to his ear and pushed the rich dark locks of hair aside, taking pleasure in the shiver it provoked on the boy's body. Fear, yes, he wanted fear, he desired to see the utmost terror in that beautiful face.

"I won't let you boss me around like you did to him, Hyuga" the lion purred maliciously near his ear, his warm breath tickling the sensitive expanse of delicate skin on his neck before a wet pink tongue darted out of its cave to tease the younger brunet by liking the shell of his ear playfully.

In that instant, Neji felt lady fear gripping his neck with her cold unforgiving hands, numbing him and teasing him, her grip around his neck reassuring as she deprived him from much needed air…At that moment his suspicions were proven right, this man wasn't Gaara, he was the dangerous stranger he had met the night before when he had so cruelly snapped his wrist. This was definitely what he was dreading since the beginning of this whole scenario.

"Who are you?!" he cried, greatly intimidated by the unblinking gaze the other casted on him. The warlord chuckled darkly, still too dangerously close to his personal space, his lips barely touching his skin with wraithlike kisses.

"I am your demise" the warlord hissed, baring his pointed canines in a snarl.

White eyes couldn't be wider, fear deeply evident in his chalky white face as he realized he had locked himself inside the hungry beast's cage.

With only the desire to flee from the demented redhead in mind, the young brunet struggled to get free from the iron grip he was under, using whatever means to get away, biting, hitting and pushing with all his might but the strong body on top of him wouldn't even budge. The brunet looked up and cursed under his breath, there he was, staring down at him with those piercing dark blue eyes of his that possessed a glint of malevolent intent and insanity, a deep scowl twisting his lips into a nasty smirk that arouse unwanted chills down his back.

Panicked beyond question, the brunet realized at that moment that his suppositions were right…this man was not the harmless and pathetic redhead he could insult freely…this man was the beast, the berserk demon that tore villages apart and killed innocent people without any mercy. This man could easily snap bones as if they were twigs. He struggled some more in vain by twisting his legs and hips, actually thinking that it would wriggle him free but instead of actually releasing himself, he had ended up pushing up his hips against the redhead, instantly feeling the heated hardness rubbing against him pleasantly. His eyes widened with both indescribable horror and restlessness while azure eyes simply stared at him hungrily.

And he couldn't be more horrified.

"If you wanted it so badly you should have asked earlier" the lion, no, demon asked, crushing him against the coldness of the floor, mouth devouring his, both hands strengthening the hold of his and pushing them higher above the brunet as insistent gaunt hips pushed down on his, sensually rubbing against his firmly.

"s…stop" he asked weakly in between passionate kisses, trying to break free from the strong grip he was under, but he was easily crushed and he didn't like it one bit. High above him, the redhead watched him with unblinking wild eyes, searching for any sign of either pleasure or discomfort and upon finding a mixture of both he couldn't be more pleased.

"Release me at once!" the brunet cried desperately, finally releasing one hand from the painful grasp and punching him in the face as hard as he was able to. His fist hurt, but the fierce redhead looked unaffected, a wicked smirk stretching his now bloodied lips.

He wriggled his hands, desperately hoping he could tear them apart from the redhead's grip but the only thing that happened was the painful digging of fingernails and bones on his tender flesh. He threw the warlord a pleading look, desperately hoping he would be left alone…but the only thing that happened was a cruel smirk.

"This is all you got?" He asked, not the usual husky but gentle voice, the voice he employed now was violent and borderline animalistic, frightening further the helpless boy underneath.

Neji's mind went haywire, thinking of possible ways to escape before something horrible happened to him, but he was thrown out of his thoughts when a rough hand slapped him across the face, sending his head to the side violently. His eyes widened…did he just…slapped him?

"I asked…is this really all the proud Hyuga Neji got?" the psychotic redhead growled before he bit down on his neck harshly, drawing blood and making the smaller boy release a weak whimper that he had tried to retain under clenched teeth.

There was still no response but a dark glare from pale eyes, oh yes, Neji was proud and he refused to comply with him, not even in the slightest and that aroused the redhead even more.

He bit his lower lip hard when the wild man on top of him clutched roughly his free hand and pushed it again high above his head and against his other hand, the chains attached to his wrists clinking behind the redhead in a painful reminded to the demon of his imprisonment. Neji wasn't known for his brilliance and quickness of mind for nothing, he always had a solution for everything, a fact that made him stand out from any other local healers, and his logical mind quickly explained that fighting back wouldn't help in this case, for he was pretty much overpowered by the older male as much as he hated to admit it; so now in his desperation he opted to try something else, something that would surely gain back his freedom…maybe if he asked him nicely or even begged he would be released. He bit his lower lip in sheer frustration…no, he wouldn't beg! That was definitely out of question; he was far too proud to do something so…humiliating!

Instead he opted to yell, yes, in his delusional and fear-ridden mind he actually thought that yelling for help was far less humiliating than begging, and maybe if he did it loud enough his family would hear him and come to his aid…this was definitely less humiliating than actually begging; and so he did, he started shouting as loud as his lungs permitted while the redhead watched in amusement, not really doing anything to cover the other's mouth, only tightening his grip on the smaller teen's hands and legs.

"…Stop! Please…HELP!" he yelled, hoping his desperate cries will reach the ears of his cousins and uncle, but then he remembered earlier events and impending doom hung over his head like a dark halo.

He remembered clearly his uncle telling him that he was leaving to the nearest village to buy some "necessities" which anybody with common sense could translate it into him going to a local pub to submerge himself in alcohol, and Hinata and Hanabi had probably gone to bathe at the local river. The whole house was deserted.

As if reading his thoughts, the redhead leaned in further until they were nose to nose, breaths intermingled.

"No one will help you" he whispered, not really noticing that he had shifted upwards his lower body just enough to release the other's legs. Noticing this, Neji smiled, closing the scarce distance between their faces and softly imprisoned his captor's lips in his. This had the desired effect, the redhead's eyes widened like saucers and for a swift moment he saw a flash of the old Gaara on those cold unforgiving eyes, but as sudden as it had fleeted inside his eyes it had disappeared, and the horrible creature on top of him responded ardently, pushed harder against his mouth and shoving his tongue inside his mouth and threw him completely to the floor, now entirely shifting off his weight from the brunet's legs so he could properly ravish the brunet's mouth.

Now!- Neji thought and he released those awfully tempting lips from his and smirked. The redhead looked puzzled for a second and angry diamond eyes glared up at him; defiance clear in his eyes before one of his legs flew upwards, effectively kicking the other hard on the groin.

The reaction was instant, the redhead's eyes widened, pain evident in those wide orbs before he winced like a wounded animal and fell on top of him, releasing both his hands instantly. The brunet quickly pushed him off and the redheaded warlord curled instantly, hands covering his aching masculinity, Neji smiled in victory and quickly rose to his feet, admiring with utmost pleasure how the now defenseless lion groaned and twitched and he was about to run away when a hand shot up and clutched his ankle and pulled hard, the brunet lost his balance and with a surprise yelp fell down next to the quivering redhead.

The brunet looked to the side and found furious blue eyes glaring at him. Still in pain, the redhead pushed himself up and straddled the other's waist.

"That was low" the gruff voice replied while he pushed apart the teenager's legs with his own, nestling his still hard and hot member in between the brunet's legs. Neji tried to pry close his legs but it was unsuccessful, seeing how completely baffled he was.

'Is he made of metal or what?!' his indignant mind cried out, but his mouth yelled something completely different.

"What's wrong with you?!" the brunet continued to push him without a result. The suddenly malicious redhead only growled before he grabbed his injured hand, Neji instantly froze and pain blurred his eyes and he instantly begged for him to stop, but the redhead merely smiled, shook his head adamantly and twisted his wrist, a sick little laugh escaping from his throat when a loud crack was heard.

Neji cried out as blinding pain clouded his vision, tears forming on the corner of his eyes as he saw with much horror that the bandages on his wrist were slowly staining red…his hand was now truly battered and he vaguely wandered if it was going to fully recover someday from all the injury it received.

"Don't you dare defy me, you insolent slut" the warlord whispered close to his ear, holding both his hands over his head with a strong grip as he slid down his free hand over his long soft neck and down his prominent collarbone until it reached the collar of his cotton blouse, pushing loose the first three buttons.

Neji's pained pale eyes found dark blue ones and silently begged, begged to be released and spared from his wicked ways, but there was no response.

"There is nothing wrong with me" the redheaded creature replied almost to himself after a few seconds of deafening silence, kissing him on his neck with unusual tenderness before he whispered in his ear something that froze his blood.

"…in fact, you're the one who's going to be wrong once I have my way with you, darling" he said, licking his neck before biting down forcefully and sucking on the wound he had inflicted earlier, greedily lapping at the sweet pure blood that he drew, instantly addicted and drunken by its endearing and virginal taste.

The brunet started to squirm under the redhead's weight, his discomfort and pain turning quickly into indescribable horror. He was going to be raped, and there was no one around to save him.

The redhead chuckled darkly, looking at him almost lovingly before he captured his lips hungrily; the metallic binds on his wrists tensing fully, warning him with clinking voices that he could not go any further away from the bed. The redhead ignored it and greedily abused those pretty pink lips until they bled and then, still unsatisfied, proceeded to bite and kiss his elegant neck and shoulders until purple bruises and angry bite marks adorned the ivory skin, the beautiful brunet thrashing below him while he gasped for breath, looking breathtakingly gorgeous under the dim amber light the sun casted over them.

"You do not control me…understood?" he growled, releasing one hand to yank open the white blouse, buttons flew around them haphazardly as the redhead devoured with his eyes the small yet muscled torso of the teenager, lust clouding his vision as he desecrated with his eyes the wonderful hard chest, small perky nipples and tiny feminine waist and slightly wider hips…but what was the most beautiful sight to behold was the display of blended emotions on his lovely face; confusion, fury, pain, desperation, fearfulness and innocence. In all his fragility and helplessness, Hyuga Neji could never be more beautiful and it was almost too dificult for him to refrain from mimiquing so many scenarios playing in his mind, all of them involving one restless brunet screaming his name in ecstasy while he pounded into his tight hole; but to know that he was also a virgin was even more arousing than the beauty itself and the ugly perverseness inside him commanded him to comply to his carnal desires in a sheer animalistic way; to know he would be the one to deflower such exquisite creature was enough to drive his libido to its full drive.

Neji, beautiful Neji almost to the brink of tears, overpowered by him and completely at his mercy, exposed tender body of a young divine being; pale, flawless, lean and slightly muscled, a treasure in its sheer perfection; white eyes as beautiful as a pair of diamonds were brokenly staring at him from lowered dark lustrous lashes, and a proud mouth was begging him to stop, lips as soft and pink like the delicate petals of a Sweet briar now thorn and abused by his own black and tainted lips, the delicate rose petals opening and closing as he begged; his skin, as soft and flawless as the finest chinese silk, oh so tempting to admiring eyes…and then, a lone tear ran down the planes of a gaunt high cheekbone, a tear as clear as crystal and as devastatingly beautiful as the raging sea; the angry purple and red bruises on his skin a remainder that he was fragil, and sweetest red ambrosia pouring out of one bruise on his elegant swan-like neck…and then he realized that he was tainting a pure incarnation of perfection, trying to destroy it, break it for he could not stand its flawlessness.

And then he hesitated, the human in him, buried deep inside in the recess of his mind resurfaced, telling him to stop whatever he was doing, but the demon, the horrible demon only mocked him, assuring him that there would be no way to save his precious insolent Neji, for he had already taken control of his body and he could do nothing but watch and enjoy…

In an instant, those hungry lips were trailing kisses down his chest, leaving a path of ardent passion and hunger on the skin, marking his exposed torso in a primitive attempt to claim him as his propriety, his free hand tracing the skin almost tenderly for a few moments, and as if to erase his mistake, he tore the flesh with his fingernails, leaving angry red marks in his wake.

"You're going to pay, Hyuga" the redhead whispered huskily before he tore open the crotch buttons on his figure-flattering trousers. The brunet's eyes shot open and he immediately began to squirm again, sheer panic evident in his eyes. but instead of achieving his wishes, the only thing he managed to do was increase the friction between their nether regions and to his never-ending horror and shame, he felt his own member returning to life; sensing this, the redhead moaned gutturally, throwing his head back and arching his spine into a perfect arc, and the brunet couldn't tear his eyes away from him, he actually enjoyed the view, even if it was secretly. Was he so enthralled that he had missed the opening the redhead had showed in his strong hold and did nothing to get free, too engrossed in the demon's attractive face to notice. Suddenly, the friction stopped altogether and lusty eyes drunkenly admired his whole body before the redheaded warlord pushed him around roughly until his face was pressed hard against the cold wooden floor, Neji could feel a shiver running down his back as he felt eyes admiring his body, if not violating him, for a second before the needy redhead shot his hands forward and cupped his clothed ass, kneading and squeezing the mounds before he pushed the garment off with difficulty, for the panicked brunet thrashed around and squeezed his legs close, trying desperately to keep the garment on.

The redhead growled low before he took a wealth of long dark hair and pulled harshly, the brunet instantly stopped fighting and cried out. Still with a firm grip on his both his hands, the skillful redhead managed to pull both leather boots out of the smaller teen's feet and then proceeded to get rid of his trousers, desperate to admire the most beautiful body hidden behind the annoying clothes.

…and then his eyes came to see one curious view; linen undergarments. He quirked an eyebrow…The majority of men at that time didn't wear undergarments for they were uncomfortable and got in the way for many activities, but undergarments in the case of the younger brunet seemed to fit him just fine, for he had such a high conception of propriety and decorum it fitted him perfectly.

He flipped over the brunet around as if he was a rag doll and when the warlord fixed his eyes on the brunet once again they were determined, determined to make the other his, even if it had to be by force.

But something both unexpected and surprising averted his attention elsewhere; the warlord raised an eyebrow as he admired the prominent bulge in the lower linen garment.

"Already hard?" he chuckled darkly, liking his dry lips. Neji thrashed under him, his angry eyes glaring daggers at him.

"Get off!" he yelled, wriggling his feminine legs until he kicked him in the crotch for the second time, infuriating further the dangerously angry and crazed male.

But anatomy was still anatomy, and the redhead wasn't totally inhuman and the reaction was instant, the redheaded beast's face scrunched up with pain and he fell down on top of him, clutching his hurt pride with both hands, as if to erase the indescribable pain. The brunet threw him away and quickly stood up, but before he could gain his balance, again a hand shot up to clutch his ankle with such force it made the younger boy cringe. Neji lowered his gaze, to see angry blue eyes glaring straight at him.

"you're not going anywhere" he growled, yanking at his leg violently, Neji wriggled his feet, as if shaking a very clingy dog from his leg, but it only worsened the case and both the tugging and the shaking knocked him out of balance, making the usually graceful brunet fall down on his ass for a second time.

Neji couldn't be angrier; he had fallen for the same trick! That really was a blow to his pride and ego; but he had no time to ponder things better for as soon as the angry redhead had knocked him down, he pinned down the younger male and without taking a second glance, he ripped apart the undergarments, this time with no difficulty, for he had pushed apart the legs of the disagreeable brunet before he could squeezed his legs close, a furious blush stained the pretty boy's cheeks as he did his best to cover himself.

"STOP!" he yelled desperately, using both teeth and nails as a last resort against the redhead. He was scared, no, he was downright horrified of what he was about to experience; sex had always being a taboo topic amongst people, and it was still pretty much a mystery for the sixteen year old, who somehow managed to understand that it was a common practice between men and women that usually happened in matrimony and this practice sometimes led to pregnancies…but between men?! It was aberrant and unholy! Besides, it was downright impossible… How on earth would two men could… his eyes widened immensely as he deciphered how it could be done between men. No! He couldn't let the redhead possess him; he couldn't let his dignity to be broken by the deeds of such a horrible creature; but the warlord was still as serene as ever, eyeing his now naked body with shameless desire. The brunet tried to cover his erected manhood, but the older man had both his hands secured in the same fashion as before but now he had pinned down both his legs with his own, immobilizing him completely, leaving him hopeless and exposed.

He knew that he was completely trapped and he would not let pride get the better of him, so he begged, begged like a starving beggar did for bread.

"Please, let me go…" he finally whispered against the floor, his silky dark hair falling around his face like a dark halo, giving him an air of a fallen angel.

A rough hand darted away from his chest to squeeze down his impressive arousal, the brunet's eyes widened, it had felt good, no; truth to be told it had felt wonderful. The hand clutching his member started to slowly go up and down and Neji only closed his eyes and bit his lower lip hard, so not a sound of pleasure would leave his treacherous mouth. What Gaara was doing to him was unholy but it felt so damn good!

His thrashing completely died as the pleasure fogged his mind. He forgot about everything, even the other male on the room, he forgot about himself, about his surroundings and morals and concentrated on the gratifying sensations he was experiencing, already lost in the seas of carnal pleasure.

Above him the redhead was smirking, pumping hard and fast the suddenly submissive boy below, smearing the milky pre-cum from the tip around the whole length and caressing the taut orbs just below his price, loving the tiny noises that managed to escape from Neji's lips from time to time; but the throbbing in his pants was turning painful and he needed to get his release.

The brunet let a startle yelp leave his lips as he was flipped over his stomach violently, and he felt a hot hardness rubbing in between his legs. The fog lifted up and the brunet rapidly tried to flee as he realized what that the thing rubbing in between his ass was.

The warlord chuckled darkly, cupping the brunet's perfect ass with both hands and kneading the soft flesh with fascination.

Neji squirmed under him, turning his head around so he could face the redhead.

"Please, I beg you, let me go!" he cried brokenly, desperate, repulsed, confused and above all scared.

"Is the all mighty Neji begging?" the demon taunted and for once Neji needn't see him in order to feel the cruel smirk on the other's face. Swallowing his pride for once, the teen begged more desperately, one plead escaping after another unceasingly, like a new personal mantra.

He was again lifted but this time to his knees, a hand pushing his head on the floorboards as another pushed both his legs apart.

Neji yelled frantically this time, his eyes widened with dread and his whole face distorted with panic as he again tried to get free from the stronghold.

A warm chest was pressed down on his back and a mouth lowered to his ear, the moist tongue again lapping at some bruise the redhead had inflicted, Neji felt some shifting behind him, something that signaled him in alarm about hands getting rid of pants.

"and this is how the high Hyuga Neji submits to me" the older male whispered mockingly once he had disposed of his trousers, taking hold of both his hips with his unforgiving hands and pressed his hips forward against his most private area.

Neji cried out in pain once he felt the enormous rod digging its way inside him. Throwing his head around, he fixed his watery diamond eyes on the redhead's impious ones, begging heartbrokenly to be spared. The redhead merely widened his wicked smirk before he gripped those feminine hips tighter and pushed all the way inside with one potent thrust that sent the beautiful brunet angel forward in one violent swing.

It hurt a lot, to be stretched so far as to allow a huge penis inside his virginal hole; he felt hot tears spilling from his eyes as he cried out. The redhead on top of him was panting heavily as he sheathed himself in the smaller boy slowly, the dryness and hotness of the impossibly tight brunet almost throwing him over the edge. The brunet vaguely registered the faint sounds of chains hitting the floor repeatedly as he was torn apart from the inside.

Tears spilled down freely down ivory skin as white eyes were still unblinkingly staring at the redhead, broken beyond remedy.

Intense pain like scorching fire coursed inside him, and he felt as if he was tore in two as the redhead on top of him continued to violate him.

"Please…" the brunet cried brokenly, his fingernails scratching the floorboards as he let sobs wrack his body; but the redhead merely grunted, pushing harder against Neji until he was fully sheathed in.

Neji let his upper body lie down completely on the floorboards and closed his eyes tightly as he sobbed, his whole body shaking as the older male panted harshly above him, hands gripping painfully his hips.

And soon enough the redhead started to move, injuring the brunet further with each powerful thrust, the brunet cried out as he was pushed forward with the force of the other's shoving movements, his body tensing and making the other male let out pleasured moans, the thrusts became quick and hard, and somewhere in between all the pain, the brunet felt something wet inside in him and soon enough his sharp nose identified the stench of blood and he panicked. He was bleeding.

"So…tight…" the redheaded demon whispered in between ragged breath as he plunged into him, the dryness of their intercourse adding more friction, making it almost unbearable for him. Pain and pleasure so intertwined it was hard to distinguish one from the other.

He stopped struggling and stopped screaming but tears were still falling down his pretty face, he knew that moving his body would damage him further, so he stopped fighting and submitted to the awful demon on top.

The strong smell of blood and sweat crinkled the brunet's nose, who was now too far-gone to fight back the redhead. He just lay there in defeat, eyes wide open and body tensed as his most dreaded nightmare continued to smash his hips against his aching ass, impaling his massive erection into him mercilessly.

Should sex feel like this? He asked himself as he was pushed once more to his back and he could now actually see the redhead plunging into him, his face twisted in sheer pleasure.

This thing they were doing, it didn't hold the intimacy and romanticism it should; this was cold and cruel, unfeeling and detained no emotion, it was so much like revenge.

All those dreams he had concerning the redhead were nothing like this, he felt nothing but pain now and he wasn't even aroused…but this spiteful man, he was truly enjoying it. But what really destroyed him was the fact that he no longer wanted to scream or fight back. He had given up.

The thrusts became wild and rapid, the breathing more uneven, and the blood was slowly creeping down his thighs as the warlord plunged deeper and deeper and quicker until with one low growl, the redhead's eyes rolled behind his lowered eyelids and a thick creamy substance was shot deep inside him. The brunet gasped at the strange feeling while the other man gave jerky thrusts, riding his orgasm to completion.

When the redhead finally opened his eyes, they were no longer a dark azure shade, they were the warm aquamarine eyes possessed by the Gaara he knew.

The brunet quickly pushed him away from him and curled himself into a fetal position, tears still running down his cheeks as heartbreaking sobs wracked his whole body.

"Neji…?" the redhead asked in panic, touching his shoulder hesitantly. The brunet flinched and instantly drew back.
"Don't touch me!" he cried, desperately drawing the random clothes strewn close to him in a desperate attempt to cover his broken body from the horrified redhead.

Just in that instant someone pushed open the door with such force it made the whole room tremble. Gaara looked up from the broken Neji to a pair of mad pale eyes. Hyuga Hiashi saw with horror the strewn body of his nephew; from the bruised state the brunet's lips were to his abused neck and torso, then to the ugly red marks in the form of fingers on his feminine hips and finally to his bleeding anus that was slowly ejecting the white evidence of the redhead's horrible misdeed, at that moment he was at loss of words.

Horror rapidly transformed into anger and anger into sheer fury. Hiashi stormed inside with the force of a hurricane, took the redhead by his shirt collar and punched him straight in the face. The warlord did nothing to protect himself; he just let the beating continue, his eyes fixed straight ahead; he deserved it after all.

The brunet pushed himself up to a seating position, flinching when his sore ass made contact with the cold floor, and then fixed his gaze at some point on the opposite wall, the white and red substance slowly crawling down from his thighs to the floor by the force of gravity, the trail of blood and semen sickening and infuriating further the already wild Hiashi, who continue to pummel the redhead until there was a loud clearing of a throat. Hiashi stopped his assault and pursed his lips, right behind him, two enemy soldiers stood, proud and menacing under the ocher light of the sun leaking from the high windows.

With all the grace a drunken man could muster, Hyuga Hiashi yelled at them to take him away and Neji watched with hollow eyes as the redhead was dragged out of the room, murmuring weak apologies until the three men disappeared from sight.

Hiashi took a deep breath and did his best not to vomit, for the revolting stench invading the room almost made him lost his composure.

Neji was still on the floor, hugging his knees to his chest, a lost expression on his tear-stricken face as he pushed his clothes against his body tighter as if trying to disappear behind them.

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