Perverted Naruto VII – The Dark Pervert

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Sometime after the Fourth Great Ninja War – The future is coming!

Naruto was amused. Highly amused even. He was, however, trying not to show his amusement to the two people in front of him. Both Sasuke, in her female glory, and Sakura stood in front of him looking like naughty children who thought they were about to get into trouble.

They weren't of course, Naruto found the reason for why the thought that way too amusing, but he wasn't going to let them know that. It was way to fun not to drag this out and make it as embarrassing as possible. Some people might call that mean, that's just how Naruto rolled though.

'So.' Naruto started struggling to keep his face straight. 'Sakura is pregnant?'

Both Sasuke and Sakura nodded their heads, trying to look anywhere but Naruto.

'I thought you had decided to live as a woman from now on Sasuke?'

The straight face Naruto gave them was struggling to hide the cackling inside.

Sasuke's face seemed to firm slightly, looking directly at Naruto, before speaking.

'I need to continue my clan, so I need children!'

The firm face seemed to slip away from her replaced but a large blush on her face.

'And you don't seem too keen to actually give me a child.'

Her foot started to draw circles on the ground as she looked down and away from him.

'Even though you enjoy the fun part of it with me.'

Sakura's face went through a myriad of emotions. Shock was the first one when Sasuke had admitted she had just mainly used Sakura to give her a child. This one didn't last long as Sakura had long ago realised Sasuke's feelings on Naruto.

Acceptance came next when she realised her own feelings had shifted away from Sasuke long ago as well. Not that she was in love with Naruto or anything, she one hundred percent wasn't in love with that playboy! She would admit to herself that he was reeeeally good in bed though.

She finally settled on amusement though watching Sasuke act like a naughty school girl. Wait that could be really hot... her and Sasuke in school girl uniforms being punished by their 'sensei'… and she needed to stop that line of thought right there.

'Is it getting hot in here?'

Naruto's face, however, was a blank mask. This didn't mean however he was feeling nothing at all. Actually, Naruto was feeling one emotion very strongly at the moment which he was desperately trying to control. Lust.

'God damn that cute look! I'll throw her down and put a baby in her right now! Right in front of Sakura! Hell, I'll throw her down as well and give her a twin!'

Managing to get himself under control, he stopped himself from throwing the two ladies onto the floor and banging the shit out of them.

That would come later, once he was done getting his amusement from the situation.

'Did you ever ask me if I would give you a child?' He said looking down on Sasuke. 'You've only ever said you wanted to restore your clan.'

Sasuke opened her mouth to reply before shutting it abruptly. He was right, she hadn't.

'Or did you really want to just try it as a man once?'

Sasuke's blush was only matched by Naruto's teasing grin. The look on her face made it obvious she had at least thought about it at times.

He turned to Sakura, the teasing grin never leaving his face.

'How was it for you? You obviously got to live out your girlhood dream.'

Sakura stopped to think for a few moments before replying. She bit her lip in worry that she may offend Sasuke. Somehow Naruto's encouraging grin convinced her. She still wondered how the hell he did that.

'Ummm... Short and generally unsatisfying.'

Sasuke looked like someone had shot his puppy. Naruto almost stopped the teasing there out of pity, and yet the amusement he was getting was much too great to stop.

'Now Sasuke, no need to get to upset. You were a virgin as a male and you also had to compete with me. And trust me, no one competes with me in that area. Just ask me.'

Let it not be said that Naruto's ego when it came to his lovemaking prowess was small.

'Besides Sasuke, how was it for you in the end? How was your first experience as a man?'

Sasuke looked away from Naruto's grinning face, mumbling something so softly no one could hear.

'Speak up Sasuke, no one can hear you.' Naruto prodded only to get more mumbling.

'You're in a safe space Sasuke, just let it all out.'


Sasuke realised what she had said during her outburst and hung her head in shame. It seemed even after all these years Naruto could get anything out of her with a little prodding. At least hanging her head in shame stopped her from seeing Naruto shit eating victorious grin.

'See, now that wasn't so bad was it?'

Wrapping his arm around Sasuke's shoulders he gently started leading her towards the bedroom. Looking over his shoulder at Sakura, who had seemed to accept this was going to happen, he beckoned her to follow before turning to talk to Sasuke once more.

'So... let's get on with putting a baby in you, shall we?'

Naruto basked in the victory of Sasuke's blushing face and cutely nodding head. He'd never knocked a chick up to an audience before.

'I guess even I still have firsts to go!'

14 years later.

Naruto sat in a comfortable chair. On his lap was a thirteen-year-old Sarada looking up at him lovingly. She did love her Uncle Naruto. Sarada wiggled a bit in his lap to get a little more comfortable for her to continue looking up at him.

'God damn it... she still needs a few more football seasons but, damn, if she still moves her hips like that in a few years it won't be Uncle Naruto she will be calling me anymore, It will be 'Oh God!'.'

Shaking himself out of his perverted old man stupor, he had some standards, he wasn't Jiraiya, he looked down at Sarada to finish his story.

'And that Sarada is how your two mommies came to give you life. And then how your mother and I gave life to your half-sister.'

All of a sudden Naruto's face went pale as he heard two angry voices coming from somewhere in the house.

'God damn it Naruto! What are you telling our daughter!' Came the dual shouts.

Naruto looked down at Sarada before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

'Sorry sweetie, Uncle Naruto has gotta make trails before your moms kill me. I'll see you soon.'

She hadn't even seen or felt him get out from under her but somehow, she was sitting on the couch watching her Uncle Naruto throw her a wave as he leapt from the window.

'Uncle Naruto is so dreamy!' She sighed as two raging women burst into the room.

'God damn you Naruto!'

It almost felt like Sasuke's catch phrase these days.

Sometime after the Fourth Great Ninja War – An Awkward Dinner

Dinner was awkward. It was reeeeeeeeeeally awkward. Naruto, if he was honest, wasn't even sure why he was invited to dinner by Hiashi. That made it even more awkward.

Did Hiashi know that his eldest daughter was a closet pervert who loved exhibitionism and using her Byakugan to spy on people getting it on? Not that there was anything wrong with that. It was actually kind of amazing how everyone thought she was this shy wallflower but deep inside she was a raging pervert, almost more so than Jiraiya.

She seemed to watch him doing the deed more than anyone. He didn't mind at all. If anything, it got his motor running even more imagining shy little Hinata huddled somewhere secret doing the nasty to herself while she watched him work his magic. A good image.

He had also helped her live out some of her exhibitionist fantasies she seemed to carry around. The time they had done it on Hiashi's bed while he worked in his office next door was both super exciting and super terrifying at the same time. Damn had she been worked up that time, he's never heard such foul language from such a sweet girl.

There was also the time she had come upon her and her team on the way back from a mission. It had been her turn to keep watch while her two teammates slept. He had come upon at this time while she was naked and doing the deed to herself right in the middle of their camp.

Being the gentleman that he was he had offered her a hand. She had accepted and they had tried hard not to wake her teammates. They had woken Akamaru though and when Hinata had noticed him out of the tent watching them she had gone off like a bomb. Good times.

Or maybe Hiashi knew that he had run amuck through most of the branch house ladies. He couldn't help himself. The true Hyuuga Bloodline Limit was much more impressive than the Byakugan. Hinata had inherited it strongly, the Bloodline Limit flowing strongly within her, culminating in an impressive chest matched by very few. It also seemed Hanabi had bloomed into it as well. While not as impressive as her sister she certainly had it flowing strongly in her blood.

Speaking of Hanabi, maybe Hiashi had found out his plans for her. He had discovered a while back that she had actually not been stalking him for the use of his precious eye technique, but because she had become interested in what her sister saw in him. It seemed after following him for a while she had developed her own crush on him.

That reminded him, he should consider unsealing his eyes at some point.

In any case now that Hanabi was old enough it was time for Naruto to enact his plan. It was a simple plan but he was a simple man, most of the time. Bang Hinata somewhere Hanabi could see to get her worked up, Seduce Hanabi, rock her world, Sister x Sister threesome. It really was almost perfect.

Not so much if Hiashi had found out though. Pissed off fathers were right up there on the list of things he preferred not to deal with. He had before and he would reeeeeeally prefer not to again.

He was knocked out of his worried pondering by Hiashi mumbling something about it being Time to enact 'The Plan', whatever that meant. He reached up and wiped the sweat from his brow and prayed to whatever god of perverts there was to no be slain by an angry father tonight.

Whatever worries Naruto had were groundless. Hiashi had no idea what he had done or what he was planning on doing. If anything, he would have been happy to know. Ever since Naruto had gotten the Uchiha pregnant he had decided he could wait no longer to enact 'The Plan'.

Hiashi had known Kushina when she was still alive, he had known the large amount of Chakra she had. He had decided to research the Uzumaki clan to understand why. What he found excited him greatly. A clan with a hugely powerful lifeforce, generally living much longer than normal people, huge amounts of chakra and generally excellent control over it.

Originally he was going to offer Kushina the idea to marry their children. Alas, Kushina had passed away in the Kyuubi incident and he had thought all hope lost. Then he had found out her son had survived, her son that was born from her of the Uzumaki clan and their prodigious life force and talents and from Minato Namikaze, a once in a generation genius. He was like a super baby of doom.

He had then discovered Jiraiya had taken Naruto away as a bay to raise and train him. His plan had started falling in to place right then. Jiraiya would no doubt make young Naruto strong. He had trained Minato and was powerful in his own right. Hiashi had no doubt though that Naruto would also pick up some of his perverted tendencies.

This had played right into his hands at the time. He had one daughter with another on the way. He was confident they would end up being attractive as well. The Hyuga clan's females were almost always beautiful. And if their mother was any indication, of which Hiashi himself was proud of, in Jiraiya's own words to him, 'Hooking that fine piece of ass', then they would turn out to be exceptionally beautiful as well.

A combination of beautiful daughters and a perverted young Naruto should be the combination he needs to create super babies of doom. Uzumaki's lifeforce, Namikaze's brilliance, Hyuga's Byakugan and chakra control. Super babies of doom indeed.

Coming back to the present Hiashi realised the only thing that competes with the children from Naruto and his daughters would be the children from Naruto and Sasuke, also super babies of doom, with the Byakugan replaced by the Sharingan. While not part of his plan it would also afford Konoha more protection than even when the Uchiha clan itself was alive.

If the rumour's he had heard about the Uzumaki boy were true, he would be providing an army of children someday, hopefully, a mini army worth of Hyuga and Uchiha powered included in that. At that point what other country or ninja village would want to attack Konoha to meet an army of Uzumaki powered Ninja's possessing the Byakugan and Sharingan. He'd like to think no one at all. And if they did think it, then it was probably best if they were wiped from the gene pool anyway to stop their stupidity from spreading.

Shaking his head again to knock himself out of his stupor, he turned to look over his two daughters who were conversing with said Uzumaki. Hinata's face was bright red, looking almost ready to faint, while Hanabi's had a light blush on her cheeks. Things were going well. A sharp look came across his face, almost evil looking. 'The Plan' would come to fruition. Much had been sacrificed for it not to.

Interrupting the conversation, he turned towards Naruto before speaking.

'So, Naruto, have you had any thoughts on marriage?' Placing a kind smile on his face as they all turned to look at him. 'I have some beautiful daughters I could arrange a marriage with either one for you. I've always wanted some beautiful grandchildren and I'm sure it's nearly time for you to settle down and start rebuilding your clan.'

Hiashi's words got three different responses. All of them suitably different.

Hanabi was a touch redder than before. She also had a contemplative look on her face. It seemed she was seriously considering it and finding the idea to be a pretty sweet deal. She gets to marry her crush and have children with him. That means they would get to do naughty things with her. She definitely liked the sound of that.

Hinata was beyond red. Smoke was starting to pour from her ears. It wasn't for the reason most people would think either. Sure, she was slightly embarrassed by what her father had asked Naruto. Deep down though it was a different and naughty thought. If the got married she would eventually get pregnant. If she got pregnant they would have pregnant sex. She could then take the pregnant sex outside and in a risky location where somebody might see her heavily pregnant body getting railed by Naruto.

The steam from Hinata's ears intensified and blood started trickling from her nose. Her head hit the table shortly after as she passed out with a hugely perverted smile on her face.

Naruto's reaction, however, was completely different from both of the girls. He looked like a cornered animal. He didn't want to get married, it'd put a huge damper on his perverted antics. He couldn't do his whole travelling the world as a sage to help right many wrongs while tapping some mighty strange he found or visiting some of his previous partners to give them a top-up of the Naruto time they went crazy for.

Like Neo from the Matrix, he had already dodged one marriage, to that of one Mizukage Mei. He had made up some bullshit excuse about him being unable to find other partners to bring to their bed because the wedding ring would scare them off or some such nonsense. He couldn't really remember what had spewed out of his mouth, all he remembers is it ended up in bed with Mei, Miru and Suiren.

Apparently, Mei had known them or something and using his trusty stash of Zetsu clones he had resurrected them for Mei and his fun times. What a fantastic idea keeping a stock of those things had turned out being.

He had also promised Mei that he would give her a child when she was ready to pass on the mantle Mizukage. She said it would at least give her someone to love in between the times he visited. Being the gentleman he was he told her he had no problems putting a bun in her oven for her.

Bullet dodged.

He had been ever so cautious since that occurrence, being extra wary of the ladies that would want to tie him down. Of course, he'd still hit that but would be very wary of how long he would stay. He had a stack of missions with him at all times when his lady companions started to give out the 'Marry me!' vibe.

Naruto decided he had to play his current predicament smart. The look on Hiashi's face means he could choose either, or maybe both with the slightly creepy vibe he was giving off. It wasn't often a father gave him permission to nail and impregnate his daughters.

The big catch was the whole marriage thing.

His perverted mind drifted away with the positives for a bit. He could marry one of them and do some NTR play. He was sure Hinata would be up for being either. Knowing her she would probably be more into Hanabi being the one NTRing her.

'NO STOP! BAD MIND! These kind of thoughts are going to get you married. We can do that kind of play without the marriage. Although it's not as sexy if it's all fake. GOD DAMNIT! Stop talking yourself into it.'

Naruto decided for once in his life he would be straight with a father. Well almost straight. He wasn't going to tell Hiashi any of the things he had done to Hinata or she had done to him… or what he planned on doing to Hanabi.

'Sorry Hiashi, I'm not really looking to get married anytime soon, maybe ever.'

Hiashi looked heartbroken until Naruto continued.

'I also think if I am going to revive my clan I'll need more than just one woman. I think many women will give the future Uzumaki clan then diversity it needs.'

Hiashi perked up like he had some plan that could still be salvaged.

'In that case, I offer both of my daughter's wombs to you! As thanks for all you have done with the village.'

Hanabi looked shocked. Hinata's blood pool on the table just grew large from her fainted position.

Naruto himself was shocked as well before a grin appeared on his face.

'You are most kind Hiashi-sama. I shall do my best to restore the Uzumaki clan and have them lifelong friends of the Hyuga.'

He stood and picked up Hinata from her slumped over state before turning to Hanabi.

'Come Hanabi. Since this is your first time I'll demonstrate on your sister so you'll be prepared for your turn.'

The blushing Hanabi nodded shyly before getting up to follow Naruto. Grabbing his arm and crushing it between her breasts as she leads him to her bedroom.

If they had looked back at Hiashi they would have seen the maniacal like grin on Hiashi's face.

'And 'The Plan' is finally complete.'

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