July 26th

Darkly lit rooms, blaring dance music, a hundred or so people sticking to each other from their own sweat – excuse me if this particular situation doesn't appeal to me, but I, Sebastian Valmont that is, aren't one for the club scene and the only reason I was in a club was because Blaine (My best friend) had two free passes into the club because his cousin or some shit owned it.

Well I wasn't one for clubs until tonight that is.

I met her. The perfect girl per say. She's absolutely stunning. Like Aphrodite, except not Greek. She's French I think, or her name is. Beautiful dark brown hair, woven like silk that hangs down her back, with enticing emerald green eyes that pull you in and make you stare at her. Her skin reminds me that of a porcelain doll, china white skin, perfect in every place you touch and see.

The girl; her name is Kathryn Merteuil. A beautiful creature, my description does her no justice.

My night started off in the club.

Blaine and I wandered in, I was already bored. Blaine immediately found one of his gay friends to chat with whilst I made my way to the bar for a few drinks to get the night started. Before you assume anything, no I did not see her straight away, she wasn't right there. It wasn't until later. But I shall get to that soon.

I ordered a glass of straight bourbon, something to burn my throat and make the noise drown out a little. A girl with short blonde hair and large breasts approached me. Truthfully she looked like a hooker and I didn't even spare her my thoughts.

"Hey there, I'm Kelly"

"Are you a hooker?"

She looked at me with her blue (They might've been green, I couldn't really see) eyes, confused.


"Sorry. You look like one. I mean all that make-up and that dress that does your shape god awful things"

Her hand met with my face sharply. It wasn't the best slap I'd been met with, and I know because I've been met with quite a few in my days. It tingled lightly and then she took off, slightly stumbling on the way because of the heels she was wearing that she clearly couldn't walk in properly.

I downed three more glass of straight bourbon before I made my way to the dance floor.

I moved into the middle of the dance floor, it wasn't hard. I started dancing with a girl with dark hair (Couldn't tell whether it was brown or black) that sat probably an inch or two above her shoulders. She was an attractive girl with an average sized figure. I think her name was Karen – It could have been Sharon, I couldn't really hear her over the music.

We danced for a few minutes before she openly started trying to grope me. One of her arms slung around my neck, the other tried to make it's way down to my dick. Don't get me wrong, she was a pretty girl and if I had have been in the mood I probably would have taken her home and showed her a good time, but I just wasn't in the mood.

"I'm gonna go have a smoke!" I yelled over the music. She got the hint and I left for outside.

When I made my way out the back door of the club there was no one around. The alley way was filthy with rubbish and smelt quite fowl, but I didn't mind. I lit up a cigarette (About my 20th for the day) and took a few long drags.

That's when the door swung open and almost hit me in the face. A petite girl with china doll skin, silky brown hair and the most intense emerald eyes you'll ever come across, strutted out confidently and leaned against the wall on the other side of the door. She didn't notice me, I took that chance to study her. My eyes raked over every inch of her delicious body. Lingering on her supple breasts and that firm ass her dress showed off.

"Sebastian Valmont" I made my presence known.

"Fucking Jesus Christ" She shrieked.

"You're quite the lady"

"You scared the shit out of me"

"Sebastian Valmont" I stuck my hand out, placing my cigarette in my mouth.

"Good for you"

Her attitude intrigued me. Most girls are merely dumbfounded by being near me, let alone talking to me. Yet this girl, this interesting, fowl mouthed, beautiful creature simply shrugged my greeting off and continued to lean against the brick wall, taking drags of her cigarette and blowing out the smoke from her pink lips.

"That's the part where you're supposed to introduce yourself"

She didn't even look at me, maybe that's what interested me the most about her. The fact that she could be so cold, yet she was so beautiful.

"Kathryn Merteuil"

"It's nice to meet you Miss Merteuil"

I dropped my cigarette butt on the ground and trampled on it to make sure it was out, then moved in front of Kathryn to meet face to face with the French Aphrodite.

"Sorry, do I know you?"

For the first time our eyes met. Blue on green, like the sea on a beautiful summer's day. It was also the first time I got a good look at her. She wore minimal make-up (If any at all) and she wasn't made up like a hooker. Her dress showed cleavage, but not enough for people to start calling her a slut. Her hair was long and set in a way that made me wonder if this beautiful creature I've just met was a virgin.

That was when I decided I wanted her and I would do everything in my power to have her.

What I want I get.

"No, I don't think so. As I said twice before, Sebastian Valmont" Again I extended my hand.

This time her dainty, almost fragile hands met mine and I touched her skin. As cold as ice she was.

"Well, Mr Valmont, my boyfriend is in there probably rubbing up against some half brained slut who doesn't know who I am, so I must go"

She almost got away. I stopped her with a gentle hand, pulling her back lightly and pushing her against the cold brick wall with my body pressed against hers.



"Who is he?"

Surprisingly she revealed this information to me without hassle.

"Court Reynolds"

Without thinking I sighed and laughed.

"That jerk? His dick is the size of my 3 year old cousin's"

"Court happens to come from a good family, he's well rounded, rich and handsome. Who says I care about his dick anyway? Court and I haven't had sex yet"

"Please, you a virgin? I can see right through you Miss Merteuil. A fine ass like yours" My lips become dangerously close to her neck and all I want to do is taste her skin. "You're not a virgin. If you were you wouldn't be dressed like you are, you wouldn't be dating Court Reynolds and you wouldn't be here with me"

She grabbed my neck and gently raked her fingernails across the back of my neck. I shivered visibly, my lips grazing her neck slightly.

"With you? Why wouldn't I be?"

"Like you haven't heard of me. I'm Sebastian Valmont, Upper East Side's most notorious playboy. Even if you don't go to Manchester, I have enough of a reputation to get me half way around the world"

She seemed to dwell on the thought for a few minutes, I became frozen.

"Oh yes. Sebastian Valmont. Son of Edward Valmont, Manchester Prep student. You date girls, usually virgins, once you've pledged your heart and broken through their chastity belts you break their virginal hearts and ruin their lives. Yes, I've heard of you"

"How do you know all that stuff about me?"

My lips touch her neck and I swear I heard her gasp quietly.

"A girl's gotta do her research"

My lips made it to the side of her lips, I felt them curl into a smile as she pulled me closer and my lips crashed into hers. Her tongue almost immediately slipped into my mouth and met with my tongue, staging a battle, one of many to come.

I pulled away from her, surprised at her actions. She only smirked in return.

"How come I've never seen you around? You're dating Court, so you must be from around here"

Her cigarette dropped to the ground, she didn't even make an attempt to put it out. I watched her. Her perfect eyes and angelic face met mine.

"I moved here a few months ago. I'm finishing my first semester at my old school before transferring to Manchester for my second semester"

Again, our lips crashed together in a hungry attempt to conceive the other. Her hands made their way around my neck, pulling me in, whilst mine stayed either side of her petite body, holding myself up trying not to crush the perfect creature.

She pulled away this time and gave me a devilish smirk before pulling out a crucifix. My first thought was that she's religious, but I soon came to the conclusion she wasn't when she unscrewed the top of it and snorted the fine white powder that lie on the small spoon. I'd never seen anyone disguise coke the way she did, I'd never think of unscrewing a crucifix.

"Would you like a hit?" She asked me in that sexy voice.

I'm not the type to do drugs. I mean, sure, there was the occasional marijuana smoking when I was at Blaine's and once when I snorted 3 lines of coke off a hookers ass, besides that I never was in to drugs. But Kathryn made the white powder look so inviting.


She held the spoon out in front of me, instinctively I held down one nostril as I snorted the hit with the other nostril. The powder vanished up my nose.

"So Mr. Playboy of the year, who's on your list tonight?"

"My list?"

"Yes. Who are you planning on taking back to your bed to fuck senseless and no doubt fantastically?"

"Well if you're offering…"

Her hands went to my face, carefully caressing my skin.

"Please. I have a reputation to upkeep, I wouldn't be caught dead with you Sebastian"

With that she walked off and slammed the door in my face before I had a chance to chase her. When I got in the club I couldn't see her.

I met with Blaine half an hour later, he was with some boy toy.

"Hey Valmont, any luck with the ladies?"

I contemplated telling him about the French Aphrodite I'd came across but decided not to. For one, he seem a lot more interested in the guy who was (disgustingly) trying to grope him. I thought I'd rather not bore him with my story.

"Not really"

"Well Enrico and I are going to go back to mine, I'm going to call a cab. So you can ride home in your sweet little jag with a lady friend later on"


"Catch you later Valmont"

He walked off and I was suddenly alone. My first intention was to go home and do some reading, maybe catch up on some writing, but then I saw her again. This time she was with Court, who was openly groping her breast. She didn't seem to take much notice, her eyes were on another male not so far away who was ogling her.

I watched the scene before me for quite some time. Kathryn would let Court grope her until she had enough and she would push him back and start dancing around him, rubbing her tight body against his. All that time she would be looking at the male across the room. Court would carefully move around her, enjoying every moment he had with Kathryn doing such dirty things.

I thought I would put an end to it.

"Hey Court! Mind if I dance with Kathryn?" I interrupted the pair.

Court agreed. He'd been afraid of me ever since like 5th grade when I beat him up because he was pushing around a girl. Since then, every time I approached him he would do whatever I wanted, afraid that I would beat his face in like I had some time ago.

"Sure Valmont"

Court, being the drunk he was, made his way to the bar as I pulled Kathryn close to me.

"What are you doing?"

"Dancing with you" I told her.

She moved along with me, the steady beat of the music replicating my heart. Thump. Thump. Thump.

"You're quite the dancer" I told her, my hands on her hips, swaying her with the music.

"I know"

"Confident too"

For awhile we danced. I think we danced through 3 or 4 different songs before I noticed how hot it had gotten and decided to stop. By then Court was no where in sight. Not surprisingly either. It'd been a good half an hour or so since I'd stolen Kathryn from him, my intentions were to take her from him. He's not worthy of something so delicate and beautiful as Kathryn.

We made our way to the bar. She ordered her drink, some kinda of drink with vodka. I was surprised to say the least. Most girls ordered drinks that had the slightest hint of alcohol. I was coming to realise Kathryn was not like the other girls I'd fucked and dumped.

After ordering my drink I sat beside her at the bar. She never looked up from her drink.

"Such a strong drink for a small lady"

"Oh you're still here?" She smirked. I knew she didn't mean that.

"Seems the oh-so-faithful Court Reynolds has disappeared"

"I'm not surprised. I'll just have to find a way home now. Court was supposed to be taking me back to my house"

Before I knew it my mouth opened and released words I never even thought about before hand. It all came out it a jumbled heap, barely understandable. "Icouldtake you home ifyoulike"

"What?" She looked at me as if I was mentally disorientated.

"I could take you home" I paused. "If you want"

I knew she was going to say yes but she didn't accept immediately she seemed to stop and think.

"As long as you don't try to fuck me"

"I can't make any promises…"

After she downed the rest of her drink and I mine we made our way out of the club where there was still a very long line to get in. Of course, they were the people who were not exclusive enough to get in. Kathryn turned her nose up at the crowd, I smiled. She was interesting.

She got in my car and sat in the passenger seat, admiring my 1956 Jaguar Roadster. My second most prized possession after my journal.

"Nice car" She said as I pulled out into the almost empty streets.

"Thanks. It was a gift from my dad on my 15th birthday. Mind you it came almost 6 months late because he'd forgotten it was my birthday"

"Sounds like my mother. She's always off in exotic locations. Hardly ever home and then on the occasions she is, she acts as if I'm not there"

"Seems our parents have a lot in common" I told her as we kept driving.

A few minutes passed before I came up with the crazy idea of asking her back to my house. I don't know what made me do it because I was sure she'd reject the idea and order me to drop her off at the sidewalk. But I asked her anyway.

"Would you like to come back to mine for a drink? My fathers away on business, it gets awfully lonely"

"I don't know Sebastian. You could be a murderer, or try and rape me" She laughed. Her laugh was like a lullaby.

"You know you want to say yes"

"Do I? How do you know that?"

"I can see it in your eyes. You want me baby"

I pulled up to the curb out the front of my townhouse. She immediately got into my lap, her hand ran down my neck.

"Don't ever call me baby" She scowled before opening my door and getting out.

I smirked and followed after her. She patiently waited at the door for me, I opened it and let her in. I was surprised to see she didn't gasp or ogle at my exquisite house like most women I brought back to my house did.

"Do you like my house?" I asked her, gently moving her along to the staircase.

"It's okay. Not as lavish as my holiday house in France, but I suppose it's alright"

It's like she knew my house already because she walked up the staircase and stopped at my bedroom door. I was amazed and dumbfounded but tried not to show it. Instead I tried tricking her.

"That's not my room"

"Oh really. Then which is yours Mr Valmont?"

"This one" I opened the door to the room across from mine.

The room across from mine had been my unborn sister's room. When I was 12 my mother fell pregnant, she let me pick the colours for my sister's bedroom. I picked Blue and Silver. I don't know why really. Sometimes I think it's because it's the colour for princesses and that's what my sister would have been had she been born. Tragically a few months into the pregnancy my mother lost the baby, which is what lead to my parents divorce.

"Are you shitting me?" She laughed as I lead her in.

"No. Why? Something wrong with my room Miss Merteuil?"

"It's a bit…girly don't you think?"

I laughed. "Yeah you're right. It's not my room. You were right the first time"

She stopped and looked around the room. I think she liked it. "If I lived here this would be my room" She said to me before I closed the door and we walked to my bedroom.

"So how about that drink?" I asked her, moving to a locked cupboard by my bed.


"What shall it be?"

"Straight vodka thanks" She said as she placed herself up on my desk.

I poured her half a glass of vodka, not wanting to get her too drunk. I moved in between her legs and passed her the drink, she didn't push me away, she pulled me in with one hand as the other took the glass and downed the half a glass of vodka.



"You sure can drink" She took out the crucifix from her purse and opened it up again. Even though I'd seen her do this in the alley way the act still intrigued me.

"What's with the coke anyway?" I asked her.

She snorted the spoonful, graciously if that's possible. She made it look so sexy and inviting that I wanted to join her and take a hit myself.

"What about it?"

"Why do you snort it?"

"To give me a break from all the shit in my life" She simply said.

My hands landed on the sides of her thigh where her dress had risen. I didn't dare move them higher in case she'd slap me and run. Her hair swiftly blew in the light breeze that made its way through the open window of my balcony.

"Shit? Like what? You're beautiful, talented, rich. What shit could you possibly be escaping from?"

"My life" She stated. "The life I pretend to live"

Then she kissed me and all I could think about was how she tasted. Of course there was the hint of vodka but something else. Something that no matter how much vodka she drank it would not leave. She tasted sweet, with the slightest drop of bitterness. Certainly my favourite taste in the world.

My hands dared to slip further up her silky thigh, sliding up to her panties where my hand traced the out line. She almost let a husky moan escape her mouth, but giggled instead. She moved her hands up her own dress and pulled off her lace panties.

"My, aren't we horny" I kissed her neck as I spoke.

From there her hands made their way to my pants and she quickly disposed them from my body. As her hands went to find my buttons she quickly reconsidered and ripped the $500 shirt from my body, buttons flew across the room, my shirt dropped to the floor.

She moved her hands to the back of her dress, trying to unzip it unsuccessfully. I kissed her ear lobe, taking the zip and undoing it myself. The dress slipped off her easily from then and dropped to the floor beside my shirt and soon beside her shoes. She was left in her bra and I in my boxers, I'd never been so hard in my whole entire life and that's saying something.

Kathryn noticed how painfully hard I'd gotten and pulled down my boxers, taking my cock in her hands and slowly and painfully pumping me. I'd taken this time to stick my fingers inside her, going just as slow as she was to me. With my other hand I unclasped her bra and threw it across my room, it hit the wall and fell to the floor.

My fingers slipped in and out of her slowly as she pulled me in with her free hand, kissing me passionately and desperately.

"Sebastian" She moaned, I noticed she was getting close.

I removed my fingers and took her hand away from my cock then slid my hard-on into her. She never flinched like most girls would at my size, but she was tight. Her walls clasped me and from the moment I was inside her I could have cum.

Sweat started forming on her forehead and it was then I really thought she looked like a Greek Goddess. Aphrodite. Kathryn; My Aphrodite. Her nails dug into the hard wood of my desk, surely leaving little marks on the otherwise unscathed furniture. Her head rolled back as she started to breathe heavier, her chest heaving up and down.

"Fuck…Kathryn" It was the first time I'd ever moaned a girl's name when having sex with them.

"Oh God" She half yelled.

Her eyes became half lidded, her emerald eyes hidden from my view. My hands gripped her hips as I felt my release quickly coming. Kathryn looked up at me and licked those delicious lips of hers.

"Cum inside me Sebastian"

That was it for me. Without thinking I released myself inside of her, not thinking of the consequences. She moaned loudly, screaming my name only once as I groaned hers. I kept pumping into her even though I'd finished, she hadn't yet.

My finger moved to her clit and I started manipulating it, the way I would when I wanted to get a girl off quickly. She moaned and groaned and it was seriously the most fulfilling sex I'd ever had. As she climaxed her walls squeezed my cock, I almost came a second time inside her.

"Sebastian" She whispered finishing her release.

I picked up the almost fragile creature I'd just fucked and lay her on my bed. She never protested as I lay beside her, naked. Her chest still heaved heavily, I smiled at how beautiful this girl was. No more than 10 minutes later she got up.

"Well that was a fun experience but I must go" She announced picking up her dress.

"What? Where?"

"Home. It's like…" She looked around for a clock in my room but couldn't find one. "Late. I have to get up for a charity function in the morning"

I got up just as quickly as she had and stopped her.

"Don't go. Stay the night. I'll drive you to the charity thing if you like"

"I don't have any clothes Sebastian"

"I'll buy you new ones. Please stay"

Reluctantly she agreed which is what lead to now. She's asleep now, wrapped up in my sheets, sleeping like an angel, only she's definitely not one. Her hair is mussed, but I think I like it better that way. It makes her seem less superficial. I am covered by nothing and only wearing my boxers. Although it's cold, I fear if I move the sheet to get in beside her she'll wake and leave. I don't want that. I want to wake up next to the sleeping Aphrodite.

I cannot begin to describe what Kathryn is like. I only hope that in the near future she becomes someone close to me. Her ways intrigue me, the way she acts in front of others…and then me. Her secret habits, her love for sex and alcohol. Kathryn Merteuil. If you do not know her, then you don't know what I'm talking about.

So I suppose that ends my entry for tonight. Until next time, Sebastian.


Manhattan Society Newsletter – September 18th

This week billionaire Edward Valmont and Tiffany Merteuil, a well known Upper East Side lady, married on Helen Rosemond's Estate in the country.

The two met a few months ago and dated for a month or so. Then decided to marry not too long ago and put together an expensive, lavish wedding.

Tiffany Merteuil, 36, a widow from France wore a Vera Wang dress, custom made, whilst Edward Valmont, 39, Divorcee from Lucy Valmont, wore a custom made, one of a kind suit.

The wedding was exquisite and beautiful. Tiffany's daughter, Kathryn Merteuil who now attends Manchester Prep was Tiffany's Maid Of Honour. Edward's son, Sebastian Valmont, well known student from Manchester Prep was Edward's best man

The two set off on a four month cruise for their honeymoon, leaving their children, Kathryn and Sebastian to get to know each other.

We wish Edward and Tiffany the happiest of days. Congratulations.

I finished reading the article as Kathryn walked in the living room with a butler carrying 6 or so bags behind her. It's been many months since Kathryn and I fucked, and since then we'd only done it two other times. I have a feeling now that our parents are married we'll never do it again.

I've already had a confrontation with her and have come to the conclusion that living with Kathryn will be both cruel and interesting. She's already picked her room, the one across from mine. I know she picked it because she liked it, but maybe she also picked it because it's close to mine.

Kathryn came into my room just before I started writing this entry. She sat on my desk and ran her fingers over the marks she made that night we fucked. She never said anything, she looked at me, gave me a sad smile and left my room. She went out I think, to a club. Probably to get drunk and find a fuck to forget everything.

My beautiful Kathryn. God has punished us. We've been blessed with being so close to each other, but for all the wrong reasons. I never wanted to be related to you.

You'll always be my Aphrodite.

Until another day, Sebastian.