March 4th

As luck has it I recently (Today.) found out that Ms. Georgia Parkins will be attending Manchester next week. Who may you ask informed me of this news? Well of course it had to be the most well respected (And evil) student at Manchester Prep; Kathryn. But that's not the mos interesting part of my day.

I'd been waiting in the limousine probably a good 20 minutes before Kathryn decided to get her ass out of the house and in the car. The driver opened the door and I went to say some witty remark until I felt how icy cold her exterior was.

"Kathryn are you okay?" I asked, putting the news paper down I had been reading.


"Really? Because you seem colder and bitchier today then other days."

"Sebastian, can we drop it?" She said, placing her black shades on her slender face.

Half way to school she sighed loudly and I had to be the curious one and ask what was up.

"Kathryn, you're not okay. Would you please tell me what's going on?"

"Nothing is going on, Sebastian."

"Kathryn, I know you better than that. You wouldn't sigh loudly like you just did for no reason."

"And I wouldn't keep talking if I was you, or your little friend will disappear." She snarled.

The moment the driver drove in the gates of Manchester Prep, Kathryn took off her glasses and looked at me.

"Tell anyone about…about…"

"You being pregnant?"

"Well…yes. Tell anyone and I'll fuck you up so bad, Sebastian you will regret ever living. I mean it. You've seen what I can do and how fucked up that junior was after I finished with her, well that was nothing compared to what I will do to you if you so much as hint to anyone that I'm pregnant, got it?"

"Got it."

The limousine stopped and she gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek and got out of the limousine. I stepped out to the usual hoard of girls who await my arrival at school. At the front of the pack was Kathryn's long time rival and enemy, Penelope Richards.

"Sebastian! Hey!" She yelled, running over to me and kissing both my cheeks.

"Hi, Penelope."

"Did you have a good Christmas? I missed you so much over the winter break."

"Penelope we've been back at school for awhile, why the sudden questions about Christmas?"

"Well as you probably noticed, I wasn't here. I went away with my family to Australia, so this is my first week back."

"Oh yes, I noticed."

Penelope Richards was not only a rival and enemy of Kathryn's, she was also my long time admirer and very annoying groupie. I played it nice because the girl is good at sucking me off, but other than that, she was useless, another whore in this school.

"Well, I was thinking, like because we didn't see each other over the break, maybe we could, like I don't know, go out sometime? Like maybe this weekend, go clubbing at that new club that opened?"

"Sorry I'm busy." I said brushing her off.

I started to walk quicker, hoping she'd get the idea and fuck off. But as most of the girls who attended here are, she was as air headed as the rest and just thought I was playing hard to get.

"Seb, look I know what you're trying to do." She said, smiling and stopping me.

"It's Sebastian, and no you don't."

"I know you're playing hard to get, because if you don't then maybe I'll think you're easy and not so much of a challenge. But I assure you that's not what's going on. I want you Sebastian, just as much as you want me."

"I assure you that's not that case." I said, stepping aside.

"Oh c'mon, stop pretending you don't want me anymore. Those late night calls for me to come over and those secret meetings behind the gym that we occasionally have."

Blaine appeared by my side suddenly.

"Babe, he's not interested. The man's a whore the only reason he keeps you 'round is because, well not that I would personally know, but the word around the school is that you're the best suck in the business."

I smirked at my best friend. He'd got it perfect.


"Sweetie, did you not just hear me? He's not interested. Now go fix those tissues in your bra and try to stay off your knees for a few minutes, kay?"

She ran off quickly, and straight into the girls bathroom where she was obviously going to cry.

"Thanks." I said to Blaine as we started to walk to our lockers.

"No problem. So where's the ice bitch? I usually see you two with coffees in hand walking up the hall to your lockers?"

"She's angry at me." I huffed.

"Poor Valmont's in the dog house with the Missus."

"She's not my missus, Tuttle."

He ogled at some jock walking past who was oblivious to anyone but his girlfriend's huge tits. Whom I might add is the worst fuck I've ever had and that's saying a lot considering.

"Oh please, Blaine. Can you act more gay?"

My step-sister came around the corner with a hot coffee in her hand and bumped into me. She cursed, (More when she noticed it was me she bumped into and not some loser.) and went to walk off before Blaine stopped her.

"Hey princess."

"Blaine, hi. Bye."

"Wait a sec, what's going on? You barely looked at Valmont, and you're bitchier than usual? Is it that time of month sweetie?"

She looked at me, then Blaine and then to me again and sighed.

"No, sorry. I just have some things to do before class and now I have to get more coffee seeing as Sebastian can't look where he's going and made me spill it everywhere. Thanks Sebastian."

I grabbed her coffee from her hands and shook it. There was heaps still in there.

"What the hell are you on about? There's plenty in here." Then I took a sip.

Kathryn went to stop me before I did, but failed. I grimaced at the taste.

"Kathryn did you spike your coffee?" I asked discreetly.

"Oh lighten up, Sebastian. It is Kathryn."


"Kathryn you're not…I mean you shouldn't…you know."

Blaine looked confused.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Valmont's just all up in knots about some girl he ran into the other day."

"Oh, is she cute? Let me guess, it's the usual air headed blonde bimbo, big breasted, dick sucking, good fucking type?"

"Actually, she's neither of those. Well she is blonde, but she's certainly not dumb. And I wouldn't know if she could suck a dick or if she was a good fuck as I never got that far."

"What? She rejected the infamous Sebastian Valmont?" Blaine asked.

"No. He let her off with a lousy hand job so she could go see mommy. How sweet of him, don't you think?"

"Shut up Kathryn. Georgia happened to be-"


"Yes, Georgia Parkins."

Kathryn immediately started laughing and Blaine punched me (Well it wasn't much of a punch.) in the chest.

"What? Did I miss something?"

"Georgia Parkins is my cousin!" Blaine yelled.

"Not only that…" Kathryn laughed more. "But…but…she's starting here next week!" Kathryn exclaimed.

"She's my cousin!" Blaine yelled again.

"Well I'm sorry I don't have a fucking list of everyone you are goddamn related to. It's not like I stole her virginity or anything, it was a lousy fucking hand job which mind you I didn't really enjoy anyway."


"Well, this has been nice gentlemen, but as it goes, the bells about to go and I have to get to class early and convince Mr Jenkins to give me an extension on an assignment." She smirked.

"Whore." Blaine joked.

"Yeah, I better go too before I'm late to another class and get suspended for the week."

"You're such an asshole Sebastian! Stay away from Georgia, you got it?" He yelled after me as I scurried down the hall.

Later that day I saw Kathryn and her groupies sitting in a large group at 3 of the cafeteria tables. I walked over to them and kissed Kathryn's cheek, her three main groupies (Eliza, Taylor and Amanda.) swooned as I sat beside Kathryn.

"Sebastian? How annoying of you to show up? Don't you have any of your own friends?" Kathryn snarled.

"Why Kathryn? I came to see you, I missed you during this morning classes."

"Yes, well I had an appointment with Mr Williams."

Ah yes. Mr Williams. He was a new teacher on the school board and a lot younger than most. I think from memory he was 28 and good looking from what Kathryn told me. She'd been having 'meetings' with him since school started back, although I knew better than to believe that.

"So, Sebastian, are you coming to my party this weekend? It's going to be so retro, like heaps of people are coming and like it'll be so much fun." Amanda asked as she practically thrusted her self onto my lap.

"I'll see what I'm doing."

"Well Kathryn said you'll be free."

"That's right brother. Don't you remember? You said you'd go because Amanda's such a lovely girl."

"Thanks Kathryn for reminding me." I spat.

Everyone started to go into there own conversations and then I noticed that Kathryn hadn't eaten yet. Or there were no signs of her having eaten anything yet.

"Kathryn have you eaten yet?" I whispered.



"Don't lie. I can tell when you are. Maybe I should get you something from the cafeteria, or I could go out and get you something else if you'd prefer?"

"I'm not hungry."


"Stop pestering me. I'm not hungry."

"You need to eat...for the baby." I whispered in her ear.

I felt her hand go around my dick and squeeze it so hard I thought my eyes would pop out of their sockets. All the while she smiled as if nothing was going on.

"I told you never to fucking mention that. Now you go and start whispering in my ear about it whilst there are like 50 other people around? I told you I'll fucking make your life hell if anyone finds out about this Sebastian and I will keep to my promise. You think this hurts? You've felt nothing yet brother. I'll fucking rip it off and shove it down your pussy eating throat next time." Kathryn finally let go and I could almost breathe again.

The bell rang, everyone started to clear out, Kathryn left before I could speak to her, but Amanda stuck around until the second bell rang.

"Um, are you going to class?"

"Nah I think I'll skip. It's only history."

"Well, um would you mind like if I skipped with you, we could maybe get a coffee or um," Her hand ran up my leg and relieved some of the pain Kathryn had caused me as she started to rub it. "We could go somewhere private and like have some fun…if you want...or not. I don't mind."

Two fucks later, a mind blowing blow job and several cigarettes later I waited patiently by the limousine for a sexy Kathryn to show up. Sure enough she showed up, a half hour later than usual.

"What kept you?" I asked as I opened the door.

"I was giving my extra credit report to Mr Williams."

"You don't even have him as a teacher. He's your guidance counsellor."

"Exactly." She smirked.

"You didn't…fuck did you?"

"What do you care? Just because you're not getting any doesn't mean I can't."

"I'll have you know that Amanda and I fucked twice not more than two hours ago…that's not the point though. The point is that you're pregnant Kathryn and just imagine what it would be like for that poor kid growing inside you to have a fucking cock hitting it's poor head every hour when you decide you're fucking horny."

She slapped my face and glared at me hatefully.

"It's true."

"Fuck you, Sebastian. This is not your fucking kid anyway, so what right do you have to be telling me what I can and cannot do! Who says I'm going to keep the fucking creature anyway?"

"Oh fuck off Kathryn, you know damn well that no matter whether I'm your real brother or not or if we're just acquaintances, I care about you and whatever goes on with you more than I care about my vintage Jag. And as cruel hearted and evil as you are, you don't have the courage to kill that baby."

"It's not a fucking baby! It's a fucking foetus!"

The driver stopped and opened the door to our car. She stormed up the several steps to the front door and stormed inside, I followed after her, following her into main room.

"It's going to be a fucking baby in a few months time! I'd just like you to fucking take care of yourself, if not for me than for that baby that's growing inside of you, Kathryn."


Both Kathryn and I turned around and looked into the sitting area where Kathryn's mother and my father were seated. Kathryn's face turned a pale shade of white and I almost stopped breathing. I could hear the beat of Kathryn's heart and feel the hatred she was pouring out of her soul towards me.

"That's going to be growing inside of me when I decide to have children." Kathryn laughed.

"Yes. I was just telling Kathryn the importance of her health for when she's older."

"No. That's not what you said." Tiffany said, standing up, her heels clacking against the marble of the floor. "I heard what you said. You said Kathryn's going to have a baby in a few months time. Are you pregnant Kathryn?"

"No." Kathryn was a good liar, but as good as she was, Tiffany was better at detecting a lie.

"You lying slut." Slap. "How do you think this will affect my reputation!? To be known as the socialite with the slutty 16 year old daughter who had a child."

"Mother, please." Kathryn started to sob.

Slap. Slap. Slap. I grimaced at the sound and at the sight of Tiffany repeatedly beating Kathryn. My father watched on, glancing from his paper to the scene before me.

"Shut up. Shut up. We will get rid of this. We will fly out to…to Texas or somewhere far from here and terminate that god forsaken thing before it not only ruins your life but my reputation."

"Mother, I am not killing the baby."

"You are and you will."

"It's my baby, my mistake! I will choose whether I want to keep it or not. Not you!"

Slap. "Do not raise your voice at me you…you whore. You worthless," Slap. "Cheap," Slap. Slap. "Slut."

I grabbed Tiffany's arm and slammed her against the wall. I saw the older woman wince but she barely grimaced.

"Stop it! Stop slapping her! Stop calling her those names!" I yelled, pinning the older Merteuil against the wall. "Kathryn is amazing and far from slutty. She made a goddamn mistake but it was her fucking mistake to make! Who cares about your reputation Tiffany, when you have a beautiful daughter and soon to be beautiful grandchild? Are you that heartless that you must physically abuse your own child who is carrying your grandchild?"

Tiffany only smirked in response, my father looked on, finally getting up and watching from closer on. Tiffany pushed me back and laughed cold heartedly in my face.

"It's his isn't it, Kathryn?" Tiffany asked. Kathryn shook her head no, wiping the tears that crept from her eyes. "Don't lie to me, Kathryn! I know when you're lying!"

"I'm not lying!"

"Yes you are! Not only are you pregnant, but you're pregnant to your step-brother!? My child, the whore who couldn't get it anywhere else so she had to turn to her playboy step-brother for a 5 minute fuck."

"Tiffany, now stop. I think there's an explanation behind this all and if we sit down and talk-"

"Sit down and talk Edward? Talk about what? The fact that our children have been fooling around whilst we've been away. The fact that we can't trust these two for a month or two to behave themselves?"


"Don't Dear me Edward. I'm going out. Kathryn get to your room, you are not to go anywhere tonight."

At 2.00am I crept across the hall and went into Kathryn's room. She was perched in a chair by her balcony window looking out into the dark sky.


"Get out, please. I don't feel like talking."

"Look I know-"

"You know nothing, Sebastian. Just get out and leave me alone okay?"

"I love you, Kathryn. And if that baby is mine I just want you to know that I don't care if we have to run away, I'd take my savings and I'd even get a job to pay for that child and everything you'd need."

"Yes well as heart felt as that was," She started, turning around to face me. Her cheeks were stained with black lines and I could see the faint impressions of Tiffany's hands and the little marks of dried blood. "It's not going to happen. Even if it was yours Sebastian, you'd be the last person on Earth I'd run away with."

"You said you loved me. What happened?"

"I lied."

Kathryn never saw it, but a tear ran down my face. Her statement was so emotionless and toneless.

Until next time, Sebastian.


March 9th

She's gone. No where in sight. Her cell phone disconnected, her pager broken, her clothes gone.

I woke this morning ready to meet Georgia for a late breakfast at the tennis club. For the rest of the week (Since the fallout with Tiffany) Kathryn had been distant and had barely talked to me. I'd never seen her like that and today after I'd had breakfast with Georgia I was going to take her to California for the weekend.

I slid a note under her door that read;

Be ready at 1.30. I'm taking you out.


Then I proceeded to leave the house. I met Georgia out the front of her house and we drove to the tennis club.

"So I didn't know you were starting Manchester next week?"

"Oh yeah. Well it was kind of last minute. I was supposed to be going to an all girls school but lucky for me they had no vacancies and Manchester was the only prestigious school around I could get into."

"As luck has it, you won't be totally alone. Both my step-sister and I attend Manchester." I said, nibbling at the French toast on my plate.

"Actually, the headmaster told me a lot about Kathryn. He couldn't stop praising her on all her good work at the school and all the charity's she helps out at. She sounds amazing."

She is. "Yeah, well she likes all that stuff."

After breakfast I took Georgia to Blaine's house as I had to stop by to pick up Kathryn's monthly supply and Georgia wanted to see her cousin.

"Blaine!" Georgia squealed as she hugged Blaine.

"Georgie! Oh my god it's been years girl. Look at you, you were like 12 when I last saw you! So much has changed!"

"Not really. I just grew boobs." She said, spinning for Blaine.

I laughed and imagined her bouncing on top of my cock with her busty chest flying everywhere.

"Well, you look amazing. Hopefully Valmont is treating you right." Blaine glared at me.

"I didn't lay a hand on her, I swear."

"You better not Valmont."

"So that's why you weren't all touchy-touchy like you were last night in bed. Well if I had of known that-"

"What? You had sex with him!?"

"Chill cousin. I was joking. Sebastian and I are just friends." She said, making her way to the bathroom. "I'll be back." She said, closing the door.

"Do you have Kathryn's stuff?" I said, placing a cigarette in my mouth.

"Yeah. Don't show this to Georgie okay?"

"Yeah like I would. What would I tell her? That I'm a coke addict, I'm sure that'd turn her on."

I put the plastic bag of coke in my jacket pocket and handed Blaine the thick wad of cash for the drugs. He threw it in a draw just before Georgia came out of the bathroom.

"So where are we off to now? Don't tell me you're going to fly me half way around the world and we're going to have a romantic dinner by the sea?" She asked.

"Unfortunately no. I have some important things to attend to, so I thought I'd leave you in the care of Blaine for the night."

"Oh. Okay." She smiled politely and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks for this morning. It was good."

"Yeah. I'll call you tonight or tomorrow morning."

"In Valmont land, that means fuck off, I've had my fun." Blaine smirked.

"Oh shut up Blaine you queer."

"Later Valmont."

I left his house and journeyed to my car. The short drive to my car I couldn't stop thinking of Kathryn and how happy she'll be when I take her to California, just me and her.

I hurried inside the house. As per usual everyone was out, my dad had a business meeting and only god knows where Tiffany. I climbed the stairs and knocked Kathryn's door.

"Are you ready?"

I was met with silence.


I opened her door and walked inside the dark and empty room. She wasn't there. Her draws were open and empty and her designer suitcases were gone too. I ran to her bathroom, her toiletries missing and her pink silk bath robe as well.

If she was gone surely she would have left me something. I opened her underwear draw and there was a note encased in an envelope.


The baby is not yours, it was some random I had sex with who got me pregnant and I've gone to live elsewhere for a few years until I can come back. For now you shall tell everyone that I have gone to boarding school in Europe and tell no one of my pregnancy or of the real reason I have left.

As well as this I would like you to know that whatever was going on between us as of now will be forgotten. I'm just glad it never got to the stages of 'I love you'.


The letter didn't make sense. It didn't sound like Kathryn and it did get to the stages of I love you, in fact she said it to me.

I didn't know what was going on at that stage. I still don't and it's been several hours since I found that god forsaken letter.

Until next time, Sebastian.

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