Summary: What would happen if one night you fell asleep in your own home, but woke up in someone else's? This happened to Kari, she fell asleep in her world, but woke up in the world of anime. GaaraxOC

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does! I only own the idea.


The moon shined brightly on a figure walking toward a semi decent apartment building. "God damnit, where the fuck are my keys?" Kari hissed at nothing in particular. "Yatta! There they are!" she yelled with a grin on her face, pulling out a set of keys. She quickly opened her door and walked straight to her room, discarding items of clothing along the way, almost tripping when she tried to get out of her jeans. She picked up a big fluffy purple towel and headed to her bathroom, where she quickly filled the tub and slipped in. 'Nothing like a good bath after a long day.' She thought to her self as she washed her hair and leaned back, a look of total relaxation on her face as she fell asleep.

--------------------Start Dream-----------------------

As Kari slept she dreamt a strange dream about a boy with red hair, who looked to be about 18, sitting at a dinner table listening to two other people in the room arguing. The boy just sat there staring at the food in front of him like it was either poisoned or it was going to eat him… he couldn't tell. The other two in the room we arguing over said food.

"Temari, why do you make us eat this?" A boy asked. He appeared to be 19; he wore a black t-shirt with the words 'FUCK YOU' on the front. He also wore a pair of baggy and faded jean. His face was interesting though; he had purple paint or whatever it was on his face in weird designs. His hair was a chocolate brown and his eyes were the same. A scowl was fixed upon his face as he glared at the food and the girl he was talking to.

"Because Kankuro, you are to lazy to make something yourself, so just eat it!" The girl calmly but firmly told him. She had blonde hair that was pulled up into four ponytails and she looked to be 20. Her teal eyes were giving Kankuro the look that said 'I-dare-you-to-argue-back-see-what-happens'. She was wearing a purple tank top with a black fishnet shirt underneath. And she had a short black skirt on with striped black and purple stockings. All three of them had on socks only.

"I'm gonna die if I eat it though!!" Kankuro yelled at Temari, looking at her like she was insane.

"GOD DAMNIT KANKURO! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE! Look." She said as she picked up his fork got some food on it and shoved it in his mouth with a smug look on her face. Kankuro's eyes widened and his face turned green. The red head looked up from the 'food' to stare at his brother, with amusement in his eyes. Temari started laughing at him as he ran to the kitchen sink and proceed to spit the food out of his mouth. He glared back at Temari, with watery eyes; cuz whatever she shoved in his mouth was way to fucking spicy and gross.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO FUCKING KILL ME?? THAT WAS GROSS AND YOU CAN'T COOK!" Kankuro screamed at his sister. "Oh shit…" he said as Temari advanced on him with a glare and a fan. Now this was just not any fan, it was huge.


The sound echoed through out the entire kitchen as Kankuro got hit on the head with the fan. The red head was still staring at his sibling with a look that said 'I-don't-know-them' and amusement. Kankuro got up from his place on the floor and turned toward his sister.

"What the hell did you do that for?!" He asked with watery eyes again, but this time from pain. Temari looked at him like he was the stupidest person on earth if he can't figure out why she hit him, before she answered.

"Because stupid, you said my cooking sucks, which it doesn't." she stated calmly with a smirk on her face. Kankuro was just glaring at her from across the table. He thought it was best to put something in between them so if she decided to try and hit him again it would be harder for her. Which is why he said the stupidest thing he could have said in this situation.

"Actually Temari your cooking REALLY sucks!" He said. A crash was heard followed by screaming and then another crash along with laughter. That was when Kari finally woke up, due to some rather loud noises coming from her apartment.

-------------------End Dream--------------------------

Me: Okay so I changed the story a bit, well a lot… But I like it a lot better this way, and hopefully you guys do too! The only part I kept the same was the first paragraph, well I changed one word in there but that was it. Well tell me what you guys think of the 'Newer Version' I decided to name it. R&R please! I value everyone's opinion on this story!!!