Chapter 4

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Recap: "Great now this means Temari is going to have a sleepover…" Kankuro mumbled.


"Okay Kari I hope you don't mind having a sleepover, cuz it's happening whether you like it or not." Temari said with a huge grin on her face. "And I'll make sure Gaara brings a few of his friends over so it will be more fun. Maybe you can get lucky if my little brother doesn't warm up to you." Winking at you as you blushed slightly at her comment.

"Why would I want your brother to warm up to me now?" Kari asked with a semi-confused look on her face. Temari just looked at you and laughed, before returned to what she was doing. She was in fact digging through her closet for Kami knows what. Kari just rolled her eyes at her and going to go and sit down on her bed. After a minute or two Kari was happily staring off into space when she had some clothes dropped in her lap. Her eyes snapped up to Temari who had walked away after giving her the clothes and was looking at some make before coming back over and looking up at Kari's emotionless gaze. Kari didn't often like people to know when she was confused so she did what she always did, made it look like she didn't care, or the 'WTF' look.

Temari took one look at Kari and stopped walking to stare at Kari. 'S.. She looks just like him…' Temari thought as she regained her composure and continued walking over to her with a grin on her face.

"So I want you to wear those so Gaara can get his clothes back, and I'm sure these will fit you better." Temari said pointing at the clothes, and then at the bathroom indicating for her to go change. Kari Sighed picked up the clothes and walked over the bathroom. Closing the door behind her Kari looked down at the clothes Temari wanted her to wear, and found that she liked them. The shirt was a plaid red and black halter-top. It looked like a corset but it didn't hug the body as much as one. The pants were somewhat baggy, and matched the top. They were black with red seems and sliver chain hanging around her legs. Kari looked at herself in the mirror before deciding if she ever got back home she was buying some of these clothes.

Kari walked out of the bathroom to find Temari sitting on her. When she saw Kari come out she went over to her quickly and placed her down in a chair a started to do her hair.

"Temari, What are you-" Kari tried to ask. Temari just waved her hand.

"I want to do your hair. There hasn't been another female presence in the house for a while now. Do you know how hard it is to live with to TEENAGE BOYS?" Temari stated, emphasizing the word teenage boys. Kari just laughed at her and sat quietly in the chair as Temari did her hair in a high ponytail, with a few strands on hair hanging around her face. Temari looked up satisfied when she was done and gave Kari a grin.

"Alright I am going to go call everyone, and how bout you go give Gaara back his clothes and tell him that I said he needs to invite some of his friends over." She said before she all but ran out the door.

Sighing quietly Kari stood up and slowly walked out of Temari's room and down the hall to where she thought she remembered Gaara's room to be. Luckily Kari was right and was now standing outside Gaara's room. Deciding it would be better to knock Kari softly knocked twice. Getting no answer Kari assumed the room would be empty. Kari opened the door slightly and peeked inside. So far she couldn't find any trace of Gaara inside the room. Breathing a sigh of relief Kari walked over to Gaara's bed and paced the clothes she kinda (more like just took) borrowed down. Kari was about to leave when she remembered Temari had asked her to give a message to Gaara as well.

"Well I guess I'll leave him a note or something." Kari thought out loud. She walked over to the desk she saw earlier and conveniently enough there was a pen and paper sitting right there. 'Weird' Kari thought with a frown. She quickly shrugged it off and wrote down her note, adding a 'thank you for the clothes' from her at the bottom. Kari just got done when a cold voice spoke somewhere behind her.

"What are you doing?"

The sound of the voice made Kari jump and bang her knee on the desk.

"SON OF A WHORE!" Kari cursed silently… Well not really…

Somewhere downstairs Temari and Kankuro looked up from what they were doing and stared wide eyed at the ceiling, knowing full well that it was Kari who cursed. Cuz Gaara just doesn't do stuff like that you know. Temari just shook her head, where as Kankuro was laughing his ass off.

Okay well now back to upstairs with the loud cursing girl. Now that Kari got her half a days worth off cursing out, she finally turned around to face Gaara.

Nervously laughing off the fact that she had just hurt her knee Kari spoke to Gaara.

"H-hey Gaara. What's up?"

Gaara just stared at her with his non-existent eyebrow raised, a hint of mirth showing through his normally emotionless eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Gaara spoke never taking his gaze off Kari.

"Oh, well I just wanted to return the clothes I kinda just took. And Temari also wanted me to tell you, that you have to invite your friends over or something like that." Kari finished lamely.

After hearing that statement, Gaara finally took in her appearance. He saw that Kari was wearing some of Temari's clothes. In Gaara's opinion, the clothes were a bit reveling, but hey he wasn't complaining much. And neither was Shukaku.

'OMG does she look hot!! She needs to wear yours sisters clothes more often.' Shukaku practically screamed in Gaara's head.

'Yeah maybe, but she still annoys me.' Gaara replied half agreeing with Shukaku for once.

'Boy, can't you look past thing like that for once and just not think?'

'Why? So I can be like you? No thanks having you in my head in enough.'

Ugh. You're such a boring host. Act like a man for once!' Shukaku said whining in Gaara's head.

'Shut up and go away' Gaara growled at Shukaku.

'Yeah yeah. Oh you might want to pay attention right now' Shukaku saying the last part in a singsong voice before fading away. For now.

Snapping back to reality just in time to feel a slight stinging on his left check and Kari's hand making contact.

Gaara stared wide-eyed at Kari for a few seconds. One he was surprised she had hit him. And two he was surprised the sand didn't protect him. Gaara could distantly hear Shukaku laughing in his head. Finally Gaara realized, that she had actually hit him. Him, Sabaku No Gaara! Anger quickly replaced surprised as he growled menacingly at Kari.

Kari watched as a number of emotions crossed Gaara's face before settling on anger as he growled at her.

"Do you know what you just did?" Gaara asked Kari in a low ominous tone. He took a couple steps forward towards Kari. Making her step back a few steps.

"Uh… Yeah I slapped you cuz you were staring off into space. It seemed the only thing to get you out of it." Kari said with an annoyed voice, not realizing the danger she was in. in a blink of an eye Gaara had his right hand clasped tightly around Kari's slim neck, and had pinned her between him and the wall.


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