Title: Beauty

Disclaimer: not my characters; just for fun.

Warnings: spoilers for up to "State of Grace"

Pairings: one-sided Grace/Joan

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 200

Point of view: second

She is almost plain, until she gets passionate. Then, she is beautiful. She's an interesting person, someone you study for hours every day and still don't understand. She bounces from one thing to the next, always complaining about it, but sticking it out.

When she laughs, a true, deep laugh, her whole body lights up. She's beautiful then, too.

She's compassionate. And funny, when she isn't freaking and destroying private property, or selling out.

But, you realize, she doesn't sell out. As she tearfully explains her position on the policy, you realize she never sells out. Not since the beginning. But she has her own code to follow, one you don't really get. One you'll probably never fully get, even if you stay around her for the rest of your life.

She runs out, face crumpling, and you want to follow, but Price is holding you. You don't listen—you never listen to him—and finally he lets you go.

You have to reach her—apologize. You never apologize, but you want to make things right with her.

And there she is, slumped against the pillar, huddled in on herself, like you've never seen her before.

And she is beautiful.