Hey fellow crazy people! You know the saying ' Oh my Carlisle'. Well I thought it would be funny to write a little story about all the Cullen's saying it at some time when Carlisle is near. Enjoy ( bows while making a ' proceed' movement with hands ).

Oh My Carlisle Part One

Emmett was sitting in Cullen's living room watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when the part where Wormtail killed Cedric Diggory when Emmett, taken by surprise, shouted ' Oh my Carlisle!'. Unfortunately Carlisle was getting home from the hospital and upon hearing this he ran into the living room to see what's wrong. Emmett looked up at Carlisle from his seat on the floor.

" Hi Carlisle!" Emmett said brightly. Carlisle looked Emmett over to see if he had any injuries and spotted none.

" Emmett, why did you call my name when nothing is wrong with you?" Carlisle asked aggravated that his 'son' called him in for nothing.

" I didn't call your name." Said Emmett confused.

" Yes you did." Carlisle agrued.

" No I didn't. Now if you will, please let me finish watching the movie." Emmett said turning back to the movie ignoring him. Carlisle sighed and walked up to his office and shut the door.