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Say Goodbye

Take a bow
The night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Lights are low
The curtains down
There's no one here

Wufei sits in the theater and smiles sadly but with a tinge of
pride as he watches Duo's performance onstage. As the people file
he remains seated watching the empty stage willing his lover to come
out. It was Wufei's birthday that day and he was waiting to spend it
with Duo. He had waited till after the show since Duo had said that
couldn't cancel the performance and it now 8 o 'clock. Duo finally
appears looking disheveled and tired but there is no one in the
theater. It was late afternoon the day after. He had been out
and didn't realise the occasion he had missed. When he arrived home,
his Oriental lover had left him food in the fridge and gone to work.
He smiled and began to eat not noticing the crushed holiday plane
tickets in the waste can.

Say your lines but
Do you feel them
Do you mean what you say
When there's no one around
Watching you, watching me
One lonely star

Wufei is hard at work at the computer putting together a new
design for his company's latest fashion show. Duo comes up behind him
and nibbles on his ear. "Duo, I'm busy." Duo ignores his protest and
begins to pulls out his shirt while licking Wufei's neck. "Come on
Fei-kun. It can wait. Nothing's more important than spending quality
time together." Duo then sidles between Wufei and the computer and
murmurs, "I love you Wufei." Wufei shuts his eyes and tries not to
react but he was losing badly. Unable to hold out from the physical
and verbal assault of tenderness he gave in and let Duo have his way.
They made long, hard love with Duo whispering and sometimes shouting
sweet nothings to Wufei. When Duo finally fell asleep, Wufei left the
bed to stare out the window. "Do you mean what you say Duo? Have you

I've always been in love with you
I guess you've always known it's true
You took my love for granted
Why oh, why
This show is over say goodbye
Say goodbye, say goodbye

Wufei remembers back to the war when Duo had been with Heero.
He had always been by the Wing's pilot side any chance he could get.
Wufei had always watched them together his heart aching yet happy Duo
had someone to love. But he never understood how Duo would always
to be with Heero. He never seemed at ease until the other boy was in
his line of vision. Later, when they had broken up, Heero had
in Wufei one night that loving Duo wasn't easy. Heero had loved Duo
tremendously but Duo was too insecure and if allowed to continue, he
would become a threat to their mission. He had broken up with Duo in
order to let Duo gain emotional maturity. Wufei had from then on
turned into Duo's confidante as he was the only single and seemingly
neutral party in their team.

Make them laugh
It comes so easy
When you get to the part
Where you're breaking my heart
Hide behind your smile
All the world loves a clown

Duo is attending a function in his honour and he has convinced
Wufei to come along. Wufei walks discreetly by Duo's side quiet and
polite. He was still upset over the fight they had had the day
Wufei hadn't wanted to come and Duo had been screaming that he didn't
love him anymore. Wufei felt the ache in his heart intensify as he
realized that Duo was distancing himself from him. He had never done
it before not in private and not in public. But now it was obvious as
Duo began talk to people who were more than a little unfriendly
towards Wufei. He knew Duo was upset but nobody but he could see it.
Duo's mask, his joker's face was firmly in place. He cooed at the
girls flocking around him. When Wufei left, tears brimming his eyes,
Duo didn't notice.

Wish you well
I cannot stay
You deserve an award
For the role that you played
No more masquerade
You're one lonely star

Wufei is sitting in their apartment crying. He wanted to
believe Duo loved him. Had ever loved him but this was their third
consecutive fight which had ended with Duo slapping Wufei and
out to spend the night elsewhere. The were messages on the phone now,
intimate ones from males and females alike inviting Duo over to
'that night'. Wufei wiped his tears and picked up a picture of them
two years ago when Duo had first begun to perform. They were both
smiling with their arms around each others waists. They appeared to
the perfect couple but to Wufei it stale as he studied the violet
in the picture. Restless and distant was it looked like now. Wufei
Put the picture down and went into the bedroom retrieving a bottle of
sleeping pills he took for his insomnia.

I've always been in love with you
I guess you've always known it's true
You took my love for granted
Why oh, why
This show is over say goodbye

Duo had been in a relationship with Wufei for two months and
the war was finally showing signs of ending. So it was strange that
Duo spent more time out now leaving Wufei alone. Heero had expressed
concern over this but Wufei just smiled and reassured Heero that
everything was fine. Heero hadn't said anything but stared pointedly
at the name card of a brothel in the city nearby which they had seen
drop from Duo's pocket. Wufei had bitten his lip and turned away
unable to meet the other pilot's knowing eyes. "Sometimes love is
enough Wufei. But even I know that most of the time it isn't." He had
left Wufei standing there holding the card in his hand trying to stem
the tears that wouldn't stop.

I've always been in love with you
I guess you've always known it's true
You took my love for granted
Why oh, why
This show is over say goodbye
Say goodbye, say goodbye

Wufei places the bottle beside him and switches on his laptop.
He begins to write to his three friends thanking them for their
kindness and support through the years of war and after. He wished
Quatre and Trowa well and bade them take care of Heero who was also
with them. The he wrote a private email to Heero telling him the
condition of things behind the stage, how the actors him and Duo,
really got along 9in real life and not in front of the camera and
public eye. 'Take care of him for me. No matter what, let him know I
still loved him.' He set the emails to be sent in two hours. Then he
placed a sheet of paper on the writing desk beside him and began to
write to Duo.

All the world is a stage
And everyone has their part
But how was I to
Know which way the storied go
How was I to know you'd break
You'd break my heart

'Duo beloved,
I loved you since the war and I will love you know
after my death. The years together were trying but I will always keep
the memories of the happy moments with me forever. I wish I could say
this was enough for me Duo and in way it was for awhile but I can't
this anymore. I lived for you Duo through the war and after and now I
die for you. I know that in your heart of hearts I am not the one who
truly captured our heart. In a way, I think you did love me but that
kind is fleeting and now you are chafing against the ties which bind
you to me. Tell the media I was depressed, anything you want but
always know that I love you. I hope that one day you will find the
person whom you can truly give yourself to for it is not I. The
nights and broken promises, I will forget but I cannot take it
anymore. I'm sorry Duo, for being so weak. I'm sorry.

Forever in
love with you,


As he wrote he felt tears well up in his eyes and they fell to paper
marring the writing but not much to make is unreadable. Leaving it
there, he took the bottle and a glass of water into the bedroom where
emptied the contents of the bottle and washed them down his throat
with the water.

I've always been in love which you
Guess you've always known
You took my love for granted
Why oh, why
This show is over say goodbye

Duo lies in bed with a girl on his right and a man on his left
both sleeping. Lighting a cigarette, he leaned back and thought about
Wufei. He felt bad about how he had been acting. He knew that Wufei
truly loved and he felt the same. It was just that after all this
time, after all that had happened to him before, he was afraid to let
anyone close to him. Still, it had given a measure of comfort to know
that no matter what he did, no matter how far he strayed, Wufei would
be waiting for him when he got back. Now he frowned as he thought
about a conversation he had had with Heero earlier that evening.
"Wufei is very much in love with you Duo anyone can see that. But
you're taking him too much for granted and abusing his feelings for
you. Be careful Duo, he's only human too."

I've always been in love with you
I guess you've always known
You took my love for granted
Why oh, why
This show is over say goodbye
Say goodbye, say goodbye

Wufei lay back and shut his eyes feeling the pills take
effect. It was 8 o' clock. Duo wouldn't be back until about three if
he was true to form. Slipping into a deep sleep, it was only minutes
later when his chest ceased to rice and fall and the air turned
Duo was running, running so hard the it hurt to breath. Or perhaps
that was the anxiety in him. He needed to talk to Wufei, to let him
know he was sorry and that he wanted to try again. Wanted to beg for
another chance. He burst through the door and found it empty.
Foreboding swept through him. He spotted the letter on the table and
picked it up. 'Dearest Duo...' dropping the letter in shock, he ran
the bedroom throwing the door open. He saw the prone figure on the
unbreathing and unearthly still. Saw the empty bottle and knew he was
too late. "No...NO!!!" Duo staggered to the bed and grasped one
hand sobbing in bitter grief, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. .. Don't go.
back, please come back."

Say goodbye...

Heero, Quatre and Trowa attended the funeral. Quatre's eyes
were puffy from crying and Trowa was haggard. Heero just looked
tired of everything. It had been classified as a double suicide. The
neighbours had forced themselves into the apartment after hearing a
gunshot. They had found Wufei on the bed splattered with Duo's blood
where he had shot himself. Heero felt a soft touch on his arm and
turned to look at Quatre who was staring at him in concern. Among
them, he had been closest to the two. He was quiet for a moment
smiling as tears began to shine in his eyes, "It's better this way."
His two companion nodded in regretful agreement and left the burial
site of Duo Maxwell and Chang Wufei.