What I Want to Be

Summary: After Randy got Stacy pregnant, he gets the baby since she said she doesn't want their child. Can Randy do a great job as a single parent? Will there be anyone to help him?

Characters: Randy Orton, Stacy Keibler, Amy Dumas, Adam Copeland, Trish Stratigias/John Cena, Lisa Marie Varon, Dave Bautista, Stephanie McMahon/Paul Levesque, Dawn Marie Psaltis, Chris Irvine and many more

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Chapter One: Nikki


Randy Orton scrambled out of his bed once the too familiar sound reached his ears. "Hey, honey… What's wrong?" He said as he took his eleven month old daughter in his arms. "Daddy's here."

Being a single father wasn't easy. He experienced so much pain and sufferings. What was a man to do when the woman he loved didn't want their child? That was one of the biggest problems he had to face. He loved her so much and it hurt him when she said that she didn't want their baby and wanted to have an abortion.


"Baby, please… Just relax for a moment." Randy begged as he entered the bedroom. "Let's not make any stupid decisions."

"You wanna talk about stupid things?" Stacy Keibler glared at him. "We weren't careful and that was so stupid of us. The consequence? I'm pregnant."

Confusion crossed his face. "You said you want to have kids with me one day… Well, wish granted! We're gonna have a baby!"

"I know how much you want to have kids but I'm not yet ready, Randy." She frowned. "There are so many things I want to do before I settle down and have a family. I didn't expect to have a baby this early."

The tattooed man ran a hand through his hair as he looked at his girlfriend, who was sitting on the bed. "Neither of us expected this, Stace, but there's nothing we can do about it. You're already pregnant with the baby."


His blue eyes widened in shock and disbelief. "Abortion?!" He repeated. "You can't be serious! That's our child you're carrying!"

"I told you I'm not ready! This isn't easy for me, you know!" The blonde woman yelled back. "I still have so many plans in life… It's not that I don't want to have a family with you…"

"Apparently, the baby and I aren't part of your plans." He growled. "I can't believe this… I can't believe what I just heard from you."

Stacy looked at him apologetically. "I'm sorry, Randy…You know I love you but I really can't do this… I'm not ready. I hope you understand."

"That's exactly the problem. I can't understand and I don't think I will."

End of Flashback

Then, he broke up with her before he walked out. He didn't talk to her for how many days after that. The brown haired man couldn't believe all those were happening to him. It hurt him knowing that the woman he loved didn't want their child. When he heard that Stacy really wanted to have an abortion already, Randy decided to make the first move and negotiate with her. It didn't start out well at first, which he already expected, but at the end, Stacy did agree to have the child but Randy would have it after she gave birth.

And here I am after all those hardships… Randy thought as he cradled her daughter in his arms. He named his daughter Alice Nicole Orton when she was born. She was definitely his little angel. Nikki looked a lot like Stacy except for her soft brown hair and her beautiful blue orbs. Stacy gave Nikki to Randy after she gave birth as agreed to. It disappointed him seeing his former girlfriend not having any second thoughts about continuing life without her own daughter.

"Where's the birthday girl?" A very familiar voice snapped Randy out of his thoughts. "Where's little Nikki?"

He grinned as Amy Dumas joined him inside the bedroom. "Her birthday's still next week, you know."

"I know." Of course she knew. Among all his friends, she was the one who helped him the most. She was there for him from the start and she assisted him as much as she could. "But still… Nic's turning one already! It's normal for me to be excited!"

"My very cute goddaughter, your very, very handsome godfather is here!" John Cena walked into the room with a huge teddy bear in his arm.

Paul Levesque snorted as he followed the shorter man. "Handsome my ass…" He turned his attention to the baby and smiled. "Hey, little angel! Uncle Paul is here."

Blue eyes rolled. "You just can't accept that I look better than you."

"Will you two shut up?" Amy mock glared at them. "Nikki doesn't like too much noise."

"Sorry." The two mumbled.

A pregnant Trish Stratigias-Cena appeared with another huge teddy bear in her arms. "You two should do something else aside from acting like kids."

"You can't expect anything less when they act that way." Chris Irvine smirked.

"Look who's talking." Dawn Marie Psaltis smiled innocently when the blonde Canadian glared at her. "Jerky, we all know that you can get more immature than the both of them."

Dave Bautista shook his head. "Or when you three are put together, it spells disaster."

Randy arched an eyebrow. "So, everyone's here?" He sighed. "If I remember it correctly, I only asked Ames to go here…"

"As you can see." Stephanie McMahon-Levesque replied as she and Lisa Marie Varon finally entered the room. "As for the second part of what you said? Ask Dawn."

The brunette smiled innocently once more. "I overheard you ask Amy to go here and help you with the preparations for Nic's birthday so I thought of telling everyone else so that we can all help you."

He raised his eyebrows. "I hope everything will go well today…" He muttered under his breath.

Everyone fell silent when Nikki began to gurgle, laugh and clap her hands. She looked at each of them before her baby blue eyes settled on her father. "We're all here." Amy gently touched the tip of Nikki's nose with her finger.

"Look, we bought teddy bears for you." John took the bear Trish was holding and placed it on the bed together with the other one.

"You guys are spoiling her so much." Randy pointed out while watching his daughter. Nikki had a huge smile on her face.

Paul rolled his eyes at him. "You're as guilty as we are, Orton."


"It's your daughter's birthday next week."

A shaky sigh escaped Stacy's lips. "Next week is a busy week for me. You should know that of all people."

" Please do not talk about work even for just a minute or two. You should at least show that you remember it's her birthday."

"Adam Joseph." The leggy blonde frowned. "We are not having this conversation. It's pretty useless at this point and time."

Adam Copeland sat down on a chair near her table. "Yes, we are. I'm flying back to America for her birthday and I think you should do the same. She's your daughter, Stace. You should at least attend her first birthday."

"You can say whatever you want but I'm not going anywhere." Her tone sounded firm... or at least she tried to. "Besides, I don't think Randy would want me there."

He ran a hand down his face. "You can say whatever you what but I know deep down, you still miss Nicole and Randy. Don't you think this is the right time to fix all your mistakes and give Nicole a chance to have a whole family?"

Stacy watched as the blonde Canadian left her Barcelona apartment. This can't be happening… Should I follow Adam or should I just leave my past behind like what I've been doing?


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