What I Want to Be

Summary: After Randy got Stacy pregnant, he gets the baby since she said she doesn't want their child. Can Randy do a great job as a single parent? Will there be anyone to help him?

Characters: Randy Orton, Stacy Keibler, Amy Dumas, Adam Copeland, Trish Stratigias/John Cena, Lisa Marie Varon, Dave Bautista, Stephanie McMahon/Paul Levesque, Dawn Marie Psaltis, Chris Irvine and many more

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Chapter Five: Decisions



Chris looked up from his bag; the blonde man currently fixing his things so that he could leave the gym already. "Hey, D."

"What's up?" Dave asked him, setting his own bag down on the bench.

"There's nothing much going on lately." The blonde man replied. "I got pretty bored at home so I decided to hit the gym."

He rolled his eyes. "And what's with you and Amy? I heard from Lise took her out the other day. She said that Ames had so much fun."

"There's nothing to it. We're just two really good friends hanging out." Chris shrugged. "I miss hanging out with her so I did something about it."

"You like her, do you?"

An eyebrow arched. "What makes you say that?"

"Though I obviously look like a brute, I'm no rock. Of course, I can see it." The big man unzipped his bag took his towel out of the bag. "It's kinda obvious actually."

Chris made a face. "You're beginning to sound like you're one of the girls, you know."

Dave rolled his eyes once more. "All I'm saying is that if you really like her? Start showing her that you do." He zipped his bag and stuffed it inside the locker. "Because if you don't do something, someone might beat you."

The blonde Canadian was about to saying something else when Dave mumbled his goodbye and disappeared into the gym. Chris stood there for a moment longer, thinking about what his friend told me. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was talking about Randy Orton since he was obviously the closest to the redhead lately. Deciding to push everything Dave had said in the back of his mind, he slung his bag on his arm and left the gym.


"She's really full of energy today." Amy commented as she looked at Nikki. The redhead was currently lying on Randy's bed with the one year old baby bouncing playfully on her stomach. Randy sat on the vacant space of the bed, watching them play.

"She had a lot of sleep so she's pretty hyper." He chuckled.

The redhead tucked her arms behind her head. "I really missed both of you when I went out with Chris. I got so used to visiting both of you everyday."

Randy fought the urge to smirk. Instead, he kept his attention on his daughter's toys. "Didn't you have fun with Jerky?"

"I did. I had so much fun with him." She grinned, missing the different expression that crossed his handsome face. "I realized how much I miss hanging out with him like we used to. It's really fun to be with him."

"So… Will you guys go out again soon?" He asked slowly without taking his eyes off the numerous stuffed toys on the bed.

Amy shrugged. "If he asks me again, why not?" Then, she reached out to adjust Nikki's position on her belly. "But right now, I just want to enjoy playing with this really cute princess over here."

The words she uttered caused the smile to return to the brown haired man's lips. "I'm pretty sure that she Nikki enjoys playing with you also."

She turned her head so she could look at him. "You know, Nikki would be so proud to have a father like you. Despite everything you had to go through, you still managed all for her."

"Nikki is the world to me." He gently pinched his daughter's chubby cheeks. "I would do anything for my baby."


"Stace told me that you saw her during the birthday party." Adam sighed as he transferred his phone to his other ear. "And she's asking me to shut my mouth about it."

John nodded. "I think we should, bro."

"Why?" The blonde man frowned a touch. "Randy deserves to know that Stacy still gives a damn about her daughter. Even if she won't admit it, she still cares for the both of them."

He ran a hand down his face as he sat on the chair. "But don't ya think that telling Randall about this would complicate the situation again? Dude, we all know that he's happy with his life with his daughter an' all of us. I guess we could say the same for Stacy an' her life. Why should we mess everythin' up?"

"I hope you do know that we can't keep this from him." The blonde man sighed. "One day, he'll find out… And he won't appreciate it that we kept it from him."

"I doubt he'd care she went."

"Point." Adam conceded. "You know… I really think the time would come that Stacy would be longing for her daughter more that she could possibly bear… Not to mention Randy as well."

The younger man arched an eyebrow. "How'd ya say so?"

"Something definitely changed about her ever since Nikki's party. I just can't quite put my finger on it." He leaned against the window in his office. "No matter how hard she tries to live her life now, she knows that she still loves Randy and one way or another, she still cares for her daughter."

"We all know that he doesn't want her back." John pointed out the obvious. "Besides, it's pretty much obvious that he's already in love with Ames."

Adam nodded. "And I pray to God that Stace won't find out… She won't like that one bit."


Stacy poured some champagne in a glass and set the bowl on the table. The image of Amy, Randy and Nikki looking like one very happy during her daughter's birthday really bothered her. She hated the fact that Amy was so close to Randy. Am I getting jealous? She still loved Randy. Her feelings for him never changed to begin with. But it was obvious that Randy had completely removed her from his life and possibly replaced her with her redheaded friend. She sighed as she sat on her chair and stared at the wall. From what she found out from Adam, Amy was doing a great job being the mother figure to Nikki and Randy was very happy about that fact. There's nothing wrong about what Ames is doing, Stace. She's just being the good and reliable friend that she always is. That's really who she is. You know that.

One thing was for sure at this point for the leggy blonde.

She was beginning to regret the decision she made a long time ago.


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