You all knew it was only a matter of time. . . Enjoy!

"Of all the ill-fated, inconceivable, incorrigible, idiotic, indescribable--"
Autobots of all shapes and sizes paused in their daily business as the ranting voice erupted from the medbay. Some of the newer ones look around in surprise. Most merely grinned knowingly at one another. Someone had obviously pushed the wrong button on a certain medic. Once one considered the fact that the twins were presently out on patrol, it really only left one mechanism who managed to wind Ratchet up on a regular basis.
"--insane, imbecilic, ideological, ignorant... GAH! Why today of all days, Wheeljack!"

Said scientist was standing sheepishly in the doorway, dripping fluids from one hand while three newly-detached digits sat sparking in the other. His headfins flashed a soft shade of pink in embarrassment as he scratched the side of his blackened face.
"I wasn't expecting it to self-destruct so suddenly. I even had Prowl double-check the formula for the internuclear filter system. It was perfectly fine."

One could practically see the veins that would be appearing on the medic's face had he been human. As it stood the Autobot's CMO was giving the crispy scientist his best specially-patented-for-the-twins glare of death. Not that Wheeljack particularly noticed it, his attention riveted firmly onto his self-terminated digits. Another vein would have appeared on Ratchet's cranium. This was doing nothing for his day off.

"Let me get this straight. You, Wheeljack, with all your due respect intact, and your reputation withstanding, you have the nerve to stand there expectantly with the excuse that you weren't expecting it to self-destruct?!"
To the eccentric scientist's credit he never flinched at his counterpart's outburst. At that point any other mech would be running for their lives from the furious medic. Unfortunately for Ratchet, Wheeljack had been his friend for millions of years; such outbursts were almost trivial matters to him now.

The scientist stepped fully into the medbay, allowing the door to shut with a hiss of hydraulics. The two Autobots watched one another silently until a small smile tugged at the corner of Ratchet's lip components. Sighing, he waved Wheeljack over to one of the tables as he began to gather his tools.
"Thanks Ratch," the scientist sighed before his headfins flashed a bright blue, signaling a hidden grin, "but wait until you see Perceptor!"