Summary: OneShot! AHBL2. Hell broke lose, John never came, the YED never died, and now little Sammy Winchester is doomed… [Character Death SHOUTOUT TO YED FANS!

Authors Note: I wrote this because it's kind of sad that the bad guys hardly ever seem to win, so it's for them. Also I love the YED (he says HOWDY!) and I've been meaning to get this off my chest since that ep.

Disclaimer: Well I don't own Supernatural because if I did the YED a.k.a. Azazel would have never have died!

Demon's Little Soldier

"Dean!" yelled Sam, his breath quickening, his heart fluttering. He charged forward from the large Iron Gate, mind set on helping his big brother. The demon's gaze flicked to him, a smirk curling on his lips, and he quickly flipped up the back of his hand.

Suddenly, what felt like a crashing wave hit Sam's body, and he was pushed away in a second with it. His back smacked against a tree, his head erupting in tremors, his vision slipping as the environment swirled in and out of focus, colours blending into each other. The only thing that stood out, were a pair of insane yellow eyes…

The Demon grinned slyly at Sam, his eyes gleaming as he eyed his prize like a tiger about to kill its prey. His mouth opened and he said loudly over the gurgling and faint screams of the demon's escaping Hell, "I'll get to you in a minute, champ. But I'm proud of you--knew you had it in you."

Those words stung like salt on a fresh wound, made his stomach flip. Sam felt his cheeks grow hot, and his vein on his temple pulsed ever so slightly. He didn't want the Demon to be proud of him – he wanted him buried in the ground, dead for all eternity!

The Demon turned away from Sam, and approached Dean. Sam stared on helpless, pushing against the force that held him in place, as the Demon bent down and talked to Dean in a low murmur. He needed to help his brother, but he couldn't see how he could. This couldn't be happening, they were so close…

The Demon rose, and Sam's eyes widened in horror; the pit off his stomach falling away, his hands curled into balls, knuckles whitening. No, this could not be happening! Yet it was. Sam blinked a few times as he saw the Demon standing to his full height the Colt pointing at Dean.


The smell of gun powder hung in the air, as did the faint tang of burning. Everything seemed to move slower, as Sam watched Dean's face pale, his breath stagger, little beads of blood appearing at his mouth. No, it wasn't possible – Dean Winchester was not dead! He couldn't be; Sam needed him, he couldn't be gone.

A small tear trickled down his face, his heart hammering in his chest. He fell forward as the force let go, his hands grasping the grass, dirt burying into his nails. His gaze didn't waver as he watched his brother take his last breaths, and a stream of tears fell, a hidden rage mounting, he couldn't leave! Dean had promised, he'd never let him down.

Sweat glands worked overtime, as Sam shook; face screwed up in pure rage, brown eyes cold and lost. He wanted to destroy Dean, to rip him to pieces for leaving him, just like Mom, Dad, and Jess had, he wanted Dean gone.

"Hurts don't it Sammy?" came a cool tone from beside him. Sam flicked his gaze to those yellow eyes. His mouth opened slightly…how did he get…? And at that moment it surged through him, like icy water against a swimmer's body as they dive in.


"Oh yes," and a hollow chuckled followed as a piercing hand, took hold on his upper arm. And with that the Winchester's fates were sealed; Dean was doomed to hell for an unfair deal, whilst Sam was now the Demon's little soldier…

Life's a bitch sometimes isn't it?

Author's Note: Well that was fun to write…it actually was, angst is good :D! So what do people think?