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Some things are meant to happen. Some things are bound to be. Love has a way of making doubting hearts believe. Sometimes in spite of difference, sometimes against all odds … some things are meant to happen. It's written in the stars.

On one of the rare days that they are off, together, Lenalee finds him in the library. "Hi," she greets quietly, two identical cups of coffee in her smooth, soft hands. He glances up, and an answering smile blooms across his face. Lenalee feels heart beat faster; he always seemed to be able to do that.

"Hey," he replies, putting aside the book he's reading smoothly over to the side table. She peeks over at the title, but it is in a language she doesn't understand, and so she gives up, instead occupying herself with studying his face while he drinks his coffee, pink lips opening, showing just a hint of white, even teeth, before the cup obscures her observation. "So did you just come here to bring me coffee, or was there something else?"

She pretends to pout, but the slight upturning of her lips ruins this. "What, I can't come and see you without there being a motive behind it?"

He grins and laughs, one hand sliding into her own as his lips meet hers. She reminds herself to breathe, because Lavi has that ability to take her breath away, no matter what he's doing. Her other hand comes up and buries itself in his red hair, and she can feel him smiling against her lips before he pulls away.

"You," he accuses, though amusement is shining in his eyes, "are entirely too distracting." She smiles at him, then lays back on the couch.

"Well then, do whatever you were doing before I came in and distracted you." She tells him, burrowing her head into the soft pillow as Lavi picks up her legs easily with one arm and puts them into his lap.

The sun is shining through the window behind Lenalee, and she basks in the warmth of it. Here, in the quiet of the library, interrupted only by Lavi turning the pages of whatever book he's reading, surrounded by everything she knows, she falls asleep.

When she wakes, she is covered by a blanket and the room is dark except for a light on the end table, which had been moved so that the light wouldn't wake her, and Lenalee has to smile at Lavi's thoughtfulness.

Throwing back the cover, and shivering slightly from the sudden coolness, she pads over to the table.


I noticed you looking at the book I was reading earlier. I was going to save this for later, but I suppose not.

Enjoy it. I love you. Come meet me in the kitchens after you read this.


P.S- Our love is: b'shert (1) and every other term below this.

Raising an eyebrow in confusion, Lenalee read further.


Het lot




And on the bottom, underlined three times, were the words FATE. (2)

(1) B'shert- The Jewish term for one's soulmate.

(2) Those are all the word Fate in different languages. What Lavi means is that their love was fated to be. Get it?

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