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What was and wasn't

The Highwind was on its way back to Midgar. Cloud stood on deck, studying the ground passing below. Pretty soon there would be no clear ground as they passed over the hilly areas and forests and Highwind wouldn't be able to land. He checked again to make sure his provisions and sword were secure.

"You're not changing your mind?"

A crimson clad figure stepped out of the shadows. Ruby red eyes fixed on sapphire blue.

"No. Everything is done. Over. I've kept my part of the bargain. I'm going to make damn sure the Planet keeps theirs."

Sympathy entered the Vincent's voice. "They won't take it well you know. I understand to a degree but they won't. You might not find your homecoming too pleasant."

Cloud shrugged. "I knew that when I became involved with him. Then, again, when I became involved in this. I accept that fact but I'm not going to back out. I've lived my whole life as a lie. I am going to keep this one truth and never let go. No matter what." Vincent nodded smiling softly.

"Alright. I won't stop you. Just remember, if you need anything. Even after he returns, you can come to me. We are after all going to be seeing each other for a long, long time."

Cloud grinned and nodded. Climbing onto the rail, he crouched ready to jump before turning to give Vincent a final wink. "Eternity."


A slender figure with spiky blond hair and delicate features stood before a tombstone in the middle of the Northern Crater holding a bouquet of white roses. Glowing blue eyes were soft with memory and the lips were curved into a gentle smile on the eternally youthful face.

"Hello love. Its been five years. Everything's healing well. Everyone too. I'm still waiting for you, you know. We did what we set out to do. We saved the Planet. I fulfilled my promise. Now its time for you to fulfil yours. I'll wait an eternity you know that. That's what Hojo gave us. Let's hope I don't have to use this gift alone."

Placing the flowers in front of the stone, the figure walked back to his cottage at the edge of the Crater. The place he had been living in for the past five years. Waiting for his lover to return.

As night fell, the white of the roses glowed in the light of the moon. The earth upon which it rested upon began to shift. In the blink of an eye, a hand emerged to grip the flowers tightly and was soon followed by a body. Glowing emerald eyes turned unerringly towards the location of the cottage and Sephiroth whispered a name he had cherished throughout his madness, his awareness in the Lifestream and even before, when he had still been Sephiroth, SOLDIER First Class.