When she turned him over, she expected him to look up at her with his blue eyes and tell her everything would be okay. There wasn't a person on earth that could say that phrase and actually calm her nerves like he could. But when she turned his body over, the wound was all she saw, his eyes were barely open and the words that came out of his mouth were not those she needed to hear.

He lifted his arm and pulled her close. He then whispered softly and slowly kissed her lips.

Tony and McGee arrived and quickly but gently moved her aside. She heard what sounded like curses as she held her fingers to her lips. She didn't hear the four letter word that Tony said to Ducky as he entered the lab. She didn't hear Ziva attempting to comfort her, nor Tony, nor McGee. All Abby could see was the blood that covered her hands, all she could feel was his soft lips on hers and all she could hear were his last three words to her.

"I loved you."