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XII. Finite

--'Oh, how the mighty have fallen!'--

The house had lain empty for well over two decades before a new family moved in: a thin-lipped, middle-aged woman fresh out of her second divorce and her only daughter, an overweight bespeckled child, the unwanted byproduct of her first marriage.

She finds it tucked behind one of the wardrobes, while she's cleaning out her room. It's an old photograph, dusty and faded, showing a stern looking man and a contented looking woman, with two children, a boy and a girl. It's the boy who captures her attention, with his beautiful amber eyes and high cheekbones, and a smile which charms. There are names written on the back: Soichiro, Sachiko, Light and Sayu, a happy united family, so unlike hers.

The girl tries the name out, rolling it under her tongue. Light. She likes it, sweet and smooth and full of promise. Light. That's must be him, because no one else in the picture could live up to such a name.

The photograph is her secret, and she keeps it tucked beneath her mattress so that she can fantasise about this boy and his family, her anchor in her slowly crumbling world. She wonders where this boy is now, if he's married or divorced, if he has children of his own, if life has soured him or been good to him. But in a way, she prefers not to know, so she can think of him as a boy, slightly older than her, crystallised in time, talk to him and imagine that he's her best friend, someone she can love.

She locks herslelf in her room with Light, whenever her mother is yelling at her ex on the phone, when the house reeks of cigarettes and strangers' voices come up from below or when she comes home dishevelled and in tears after another day of being bullied at school

He's her light in this ugly world and she worships him.

He's her god.

That's what left of Kira and his perfect world. No world free of crime, no triumphant Light to rule, adored and feared by the masses. Only a broken family and bitter memories, a faded photograph and a young girl's dreams, a name -Kira- written in the annals of crime, and Light's cremated ashes scattered in the wind.

Well, at least someone still thinks he's a god.

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