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The wait was interminably long.

Lizzie came in after Jamie's mom dropped her off, and she sensed her parents' discomfort right away. Luckily, she was so tired that they got her to go up to bed with a promise that they'd go out to breakfast in the morning.

Finally, Derek and Casey's curfew approached. Ten minutes…

Seven minutes…

Four minutes…

"Georgie, I'm so nervous."

"Nora, we're the adults here. We will control the conversation. Our plan is foolproof."

"I'm still nervous."

Two minutes…

"Well if they're late we can break the ice by yelling about that first," George joked.

Fifty seconds…

Casey and Derek burst through the door, wheezing and laughing. Derek pumped his fist into the air. "Made it!" he cried triumphantly.

The teens noticed their parents sitting solemnly on the couch.

"Oh, hi Mom, hi George. We thought you'd be in bed," Casey remarked, taking off her coat and walking into the living room.

George shut off the late night talk show that he and Nora had been killing time watching and gave his wife an encouraging look.

Nora steeled herself to begin the little speech they had cooked up.

"Casey, Derek, come here. We'd like to talk to you about something important."

Nora noticed that they exchanged a worried look, but she remained on topic as Derek settled into his chair and Casey took the one opposite him.

"George and I have been doing some research about housing costs at the University of Toronto, and looking at our budget," she began.

"Don't you mean Edwin has been doing research and looking at your budget?" Derek interjected.

George gave him a dirty look. "Not the time, Derek, believe me."

Derek wiped the smirk off his face and Nora saw his gaze flicker to Casey again.

And again, it amazed her that she had had no idea what they'd been up to for the past year.

She continued. "Anyway, we feel that it would be the most cost-effective if you two got an apartment together instead of living in separate dorms. Do you think that would be something you'd be willing to try?"

Nora saw both their eyes light up for the briefest moment, but knew it was only because she was looking for it. They did a wonderful job of acting offended.

"Mom! No. I thought I'd be getting away from him. It's bad enough you made me share a house with the Neanderthal for over three years, now you want us to live alone? Together? We'll already be at the same school!" Casey stuck her tongue out at Derek, and he returned the gesture.

"What the keener said," he added, jabbing his thumb at her rudely.

George sighed dramatically. "We didn't think you'd go for it. That's why we took the liberty of going apartment hunting for you the last time we were in Toronto."

Derek and Casey both sat up a little straighter, crying, "What!?" at the same time.

George nodded vehemently. "Oh, yeah, we even took video footage of some of the apartments, so you could see them for yourselves. Then we can go back as a family and pick out the one you guys want. Because you will decide on one. It's not fair to us to pay for two dorms."

Nora and George shared a smile. They were enjoying Casey and Derek's discomfort; too bad the next part of their plan would make or break the night.

"I can't believe we're doing this now," Derek muttered, clearly annoyed, and still a bit wary of where this was going.

George knew the apartment thing would be a hard sell, but they seemed to have bought it so far. After all, the Lord of the Lies had a father, didn't he? Where else would Derek have learned it?

"So," Nora kept her voice light. "Let's look at the footage. We just finished editing it right before you guys got home. And no Derek, we didn't use your camera. Or your editing software, so wipe that frown off your face."

Derek shifted in his seat, but didn't respond.

"Okay, here it is," Nora said as she pressed play on the DVD. She and George had stopped The Story of Us right at the part where had Casey told Derek she loved him, and the screen filled with Derek and Casey intertwined on the bed.

The teens watched in horror as Movie Casey said, "I love you, Derek."

They both jumped up, instantly recognizing the DVD, and began yelling frantically, running to the DVD player and both scrambling to turn it off.

George and Nora watched in amusement as they continued yelling. Every few seconds they caught words like "mistake" and "personal."

The adults began to laugh. And laugh, and laugh, and laugh, until Casey and Derek quieted down. They stood in front of the television, horrorstruck and mortified, gazing in utter confusion at their parents, who were giggling away.

George choked through his laughter, "Do…you…have…" More laughter. "Any…idea…how much…trouble you're in right now?" He said the last few words in a completely sober voice. Nora had quieted instantly as well.

Casey and Derek continued to stare at their parents, unsure of what to do.

Derek managed to blurt out, "I was watching it earlier and I had to run over to the Davis's to pick up Marti, so I guess I tossed it in the pile and forgot to put it back in my room."

"You idiot!" Casey cried, thumping Derek on the shoulder.

"Thanks for that, Derek, but that explains nothing. Care to tell us something relevant?" George's voice was kind, but he looked stern.

Derek plopped back into his chair, completely dazed. Casey followed and sat next to him on the chair's arm, but Derek pulled her into his lap.

"Der-ek!" she squealed, shooting their parents an apologetic look.

Nora and George echoed Casey with another, "Der-ek!"

Derek shrugged, pushing Casey off of him gently. "Too soon, huh?" He grinned.

George glared at his son, "We're asking the questions around here, so you keep quiet."

Derek obeyed, allowing Casey to settle next to him, but placing a hand on her thigh protectively.

"As you can imagine, we were absolutely floored by what we saw," George told them. "Floored, but at the same time happy for you. It's obvious how much you two care about each other, and it disappoints us that you think we would stand in the way of that. So we approve of your relationship, if only because we know saying otherwise would prompt a lot of problems. And we'd rather deal with the problems that come with you being together, than those that would come by keeping you apart.

"That being said," George continued pointedly when he noticed their hopeful looks, "we are very disappointed in you, and how much you've been lying to us this past year. Your mother and I will be discussing a punishment, but expect to see nothing but your respective bedroom walls for a while."

Casey looked on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry, Mom, George," she said in a small voice. Quivering, she got up to give Nora and George both a hug. "Thank you."

Nora smiled at her daughter sadly. "Casey, I hope you know that I love you no matter what. If you had told me of your feelings for Derek we would have worked something out. This means it's going to take a long time before I can trust you again." Nora was beginning to cry.

"I know, Mom," Casey replied, tears sliding down her own cheeks. Derek reached over and wiped them, squeezing her hand for comfort. She ruffled his hair and they exchanged a sad look.

George could tell Derek was feeling guilty as well, but knew an emotional display from him was out of the question. Derek merely fixed him with a long look, and said evenly, "I'm sorry too, Dad. And Nora."

George nodded his head in acceptance, and reached to punch him on the arm. "Sorry for lying, or sorry for getting caught?" he asked, only half joking.

Derek smirked. "Both."

George nodded again. "Fair enough."

"Okay, moving on," Nora took over from George as she finished drying her eyes. "We're serious about you two sharing an apartment if you'd like."

Derek's expression changed to one of excitement. "Really? You don't mind if we keep living together?"

"It's not the ideal arrangement, but it is cheaper, and we figured you'd want to," Nora answered. She really didn't want to ask the next question, but for her own peace of mind, she knew she had to. "Are you two, uh, intimate?" She squeezed her eyes shut after she said it, as if darkness would cushion the blow.

Casey paled, and Derek shifted uncomfortably. "Is it really any of your business?" he blurted out. It was a weak deflection attempt, and Derek knew it.

Casey realized Derek was definitely not going to talk about this, so she took the reins. "Yes." She let out a long breath and eyed her mother, whose face went from angry to disappointed to resigned in about ten seconds. But she merely smiled thinly back at her, and Casey went on. "We're always safe, and we make sure no one else is home."

Nora sighed. "Okay, well, George and I talked about this, and we decided there will be no more until you move out in a few months. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?"

Derek made a protesting noise at the back of his throat, but Casey nudged him and he stayed quiet. "That's fine, Mom. We understand."

"And I'm going to make you a gynecologist appointment, just for my peace of mind. And we'll put you on the Pill, so you'll be doubly safe."

Casey nodded in acceptance.

"And Derek, I'm taking you to get an STD test," George spoke up. "Again, just for reassurance on our part."

Derek didn't stay quiet at this. "I don't have an STD!" he said indignantly.

"Have you ever been tested?"

"No, but…"

"Then we're going. Just to be sure. I'm assuming Casey doesn't need one as of right now?"

Casey shook her head. "Derek's the only guy I've been with," she said quietly, and Derek took her hand and squeezed it again.

Nora looked very relieved at this, but refrained from saying anything more on the subject.

George shuddered, as if cleansing himself of the information, and said, "Enough of that. Nora, your turn."

"Well, I'd like to know how you got together, actually," she said, recovering slightly from the sting of the last topic.

Casey and Derek smiled at each other, and Nora and George exchanged one as well when they saw the love in their children's eyes.

"We just sort of became friends, and then fell into a relationship. It was a smooth transition," Casey explained. "I starting having feelings for Derek, and I admitted it to him. He told me he'd liked me for a long time, but hadn't had the guts to say anything. Besides, the whole stepsibling issue was a problem. But once we finally told our friends, we realized it really didn't matter."

"Oh, it matters, but it's not a problem," George interrupted, and Derek took the opportunity to interject as well.

"I love how you come out as the hero in that little story, Case. It wasn't lack of guts that kept me from saying anything, it was…" he trailed off, unsure of the right words.

"Fear of rejection?" George suggested, and they all laughed.

"Next time you tell the story you have to mention how I swept you off your feet and became the best boyfriend in the world. I gave up being a skirt-chasing cad for you, Case."

She smacked him in the chest. "You're a dope. Fine, I'll add that you swept me off my feet, after you worked up the courage to confess your feelings."

"A little credit's all I ask for," he replied, kissing her on the cheek.

Their parents watched this exchange contentedly. They really were perfect together.

Nora yawned, realizing how late it was getting. "Alright. Back to the rules. If for whatever reason you two fight or separate for any length of time, there will be no hostility in this house. You will act as normal as possible, or at least as normal as you did before you started dating. No more lying about where you're going. If you want to go out on a date, go out on a date. But tell us where you're really going. No PDA around the kids, don't do anything in the common areas of the house that George and I wouldn't do. Be quiet, Derek," she admonished, realizing he was about to make a snarky comment.

"I know Ed and Liz already know about you two, but I'd like you to break the news carefully to Marti. And Casey, I suggest you call your father, and Derek, you'd better call your mother. Just so there aren't any nasty surprises if one of them comes to visit. I think that's the basics for tonight. George and I will dole out your punishment in the morning, once we come to a final decision."

It was a lot to take in at once, but to their credit Derek and Casey nodded accommodatingly. "Thank you, Mom, and George. Really. I'm sorry we lied to you, but we had no idea you'd be this nice about it." Casey got up and hugged them both again, and even Derek hugged them with a quick, "Thank you."

"Now, get to sleep. It's been a long night for all of us," Nora instructed, shooing them up the stairs.

"Oh my gosh, Mom, look!" Casey whispered, as she and Derek both paused at the bottom of the steps. George came over to see what was going on, and the four of them spotted Lizzie, curled up asleep on the top step, cell phone in hand.

Casey tiptoed up and removed the phone, bringing it back downstairs. They huddled around as Casey motioned for them to read what the screen said. It held a text message from Edwin, saying, "Took em long enough. Night Liz."

Casey scrolled through the inbox and saw twelve texts from Edwin in the last half hour. "They've been spying on our conversation!" she whispered, still trying not to wake her sister. "Our yelling earlier must have woken her up."

Derek chuckled, feeling relaxed for the first time since they'd been home. "Those two will never change."

Nora and George looked at each other, shrugging. "We already have one punishment to discuss, I guess we'll let Lizzie and Ed go on this one," Nora told her husband. He agreed, and they said good night to Casey and Derek, hugging each of them once more.

Derek took Casey's hand as they made their way quietly up the stairs, and he bent to lift Lizzie, who stirred, but stayed asleep. He tucked her into her bed, and joined Casey, who had gone into the bathroom.

"Some night, huh?" Casey asked as they stood at the mirror together, brushing and flossing. Derek whipped the floss teasingly at her face, as he was so fond of doing.

Casey batted it away, flicking her wet toothbrush at him.

"I can't believe I left that DVD out." Something occurred to him. "And I forgot to bring it upstairs again. Oops."

Casey rolled her eyes. "You're such a loser. At least they found out that way. It could have been worse."

"So much worse," Derek agreed, as he squirted toothpaste onto his brush. Casey finished brushing and turned to leave, kissing him quickly on the cheek, as his mouth was full of foam. "Goodnight, Der. Love you."

"Love you too, Case."

He winked, and she wiggled her bunny slippers at him before turning around and leaving the bathroom, closing the door softly behind her.