I have done quite a lot of changes after the second revision. The reason why was because Mathilda and Morgan (Mary) fell into the Mary Sue category. Reason number two is that my English has improved quite a lot since I published the story for four years ago.

For those of you who hated my story due to the grammar/spelling mistakes or that Mathilda and Morgan were Mary Sues; I apologize for that. I hope you can all enjoy the new version.

This story is for Cammi (Melle) and the trio's past is based upon her story. But I changed some of the things, one of them being Stretch's human name. Fatso and Stretch's deaths are my ideas since they were never mentioned in any Casper stories I have read (apart from the one madam joan wrote).'s how the story goes. An ancestor of one of the trio friends is moving into Whipstaff temporarily. What is going to happen? Takes place 2 ½ year after Melles birth and is set in March. I don't own Casper, Kat, Dr. Harvey or the trio. Melle and Azriel belongs to Cammi while Morgan, Alfred and Mathilda belongs to me.

Chapter one: The new kid.

Kat, Doctor Harvey, Melle, Casper and the Ghost trio had just finished to clean up the house. A new resident would arrive today. "What is her name again?" asked the female that had an infant in her hands for the moment.

"Morgan Clark. Her house burned down and dad is a close friend of her father. She will live with us for a week or two since the rest of her family is scattered around. Most of them live with their friends" explained Kat. "Ooooh, I wonder how she is!" said Casper while flied around to clean some dust at the lamps that were high on the wall. Suddenly, they heard a car stop outside. "I'll get it. Remember to BEHAVE now guys" stated Harvey as he looked at the trio.

They started to whistle while they looked in different directions. All of them were behaving better now thanks to the therapy. Fatso did not belch as much as before while Stretch's hot temper had cooled down a little. "All right Morgan, welcome to Whipstaff" greeted the psycholog. Kat was helping the girl carrying a suitcase. The trio looked at the girl with intent. She did not looked very old. The girl was probably a year younger than Melle and Kat, who were both almost 21.

Morgan looked quite different from the other girls in the room. Her skin was pallid while a pair of silver glasses were on her face. For some reason, there were dark circles were under her eyes. It reminded the trio a bit of how Stinkie looked the last days of his life. Her shoulder-lenght hair was cut in layers and had a light ashbrown shade. Her eyes were in a striking light blue shade. She was rather short: the top of her head barely reached to the docs nose, who was only 5'8" tall. "All right guys! Come here!" yelled the blonde girl. The three ghosts appeared in their usual fashion.

Fatso had grabbed the new girl from behind, which made her unable to move. Stinkie let out some of his infamous green breath while Stretch had morphed into a really disgusting spider that crawled on her hand. The girls eyes flashed. She coughed a bit before she stomped on Fatsos tail, grabbed his hand and twisted it before pushing him off. Then, she threw a punch straight trough Stinkies stomach before she removed Stretch from her shoulder. It did not take long until the fake spider was stomped on.

"AUCH!" exclaimed the youngest of the trio who rubbed his tail. "Double-auch" said the middle one, rubbing his tummy. Melle looked at the new girl; she understood her reaction. "Triple auch. WHO'RE YOU!" roared the ghost. His amethyst eyes glared into the light blue ones. "Morgan Clark. Nice to meet you" replied the newcomer; she had a distinct British accent to her voice. 'Dis girl looks kinda familiar. Eh, maybe I've seen her somewhere before' thought Stretch.

"Should I show you the room?" asked Casper with a small smile. The girl returned it. "Yes please. Who are you?" inquired the brunette. "I'm Casper. Nice to meet you" he greeted before he started to carry her bags upstairs.

The ghost was left with a frown on his face. "Was it only me dat thought dat the girl looked like someone we have met before?" he said.

"Come to think of it...she looks kinda familiar" recalled Stinkie and nodded. So did his little brother. "Let's ask her later. I bet she wanna get properly installed first" suggested Fatso. The trio disappeared.

Next morning, the oldest of the trio wanted to ask the girl some questions. "Oy, Whipper! Where's de four-eye!" yelled Stretch. "In the blue room. Why do you ask?" inquired the other ghost. His voice had a hint of suspicion in it. "Her name sounds familiar. I think I have met her before" confessed the violet-eyed ghost. "OK then, but do not make her scream" said the young ghost and flied into the closest wall.

The tall specter searched around for a while. He was not very fond of human company, but he had some questions to ask the new bonebag. He found the blue room, which was a room that was only two rooms to the left for his. It was not that big, but it was a pretty one though. It had a nice, new bed that the doctor had bought and a big, old bookshelf that hold many books. A desk was placed right next to the window, and on the other side stood a small cupboard, a small shelf in the corner and a small bookshelf that hold more books.

The ghost popped in; his eyes almost popped out of the skull when he saw Morgan. The small girl was turning a pen into a shampoo bottle by pointing on it with a finger. Then, she spotted the ghost and let out a small scream. "What are you DOING here!" exclaimed the female and hoped he had not seen what she had just done. "All right! How did ya do dat?" inquired the senior McFadden as he entered the room. "Did what?" replied the brunette. Her ebony eyebrows raised in fake surprise. "How did ya turned dat pen into a bottle?" asked Stretch before he pointed at the bottle that now laid on the bed.

Morgan sighed. "All right, I'm busted. I'm a witch" she muttered. "You are? Why did not ya used magic to get rid of me and my brothers when we were downstairs?" inquired the spirit. "Because Kat, Melle and Harvey do not know I am one. And I know that ghosts aren't big fan of witches either" answered the girl. The specter flied closer and circled around her.

"Shouldn't ya be talking with ya friends or something instead of practise magic?" asked Stretch before he sat down on the end of the bed. The girl sighed and sat down. She had a semi-depressed look on her face. "All of my friends are in other parts of the country. One in Boston, one in New York, one in Rhode Island and the last in Atlanta" informed the girl. Her voice was rather dull.

Stretch was silent. He had his brothers to be around all the time, but this bonebag had nobody except Melle and Kat. He looked at her again. 'She looks so familiar...those eyes, dat skin...I've seen it before but WHERE!' thought the specter and bit his lower lip. "Anything wrong?" inquired the bespectacled girl and moved a little closer. "Ya last name is Clark, right?" asked the tall ghost. The girl nodded. "Didja have any relatives far back who were English?" inquired the specter. "Uhm...I think so. Nearly all of my ancestors have been British or Scottish" replied Morgan.

He snapped his finger. "DAT'S RIGHT!" exclaimed the spirit, now with a huge grin on his face. "What?" muttered the girl and raised both eyebrows in pure surprise. Stretch disappeared into the floor.

"GUYS! I found out why dat girl looked so familiar!" said the ghost. "Why? Does she looked like one we know?" inquired Stinkie. "Yes! Do ya guys remember Mathilda?" asked the oldest of them. "Nope" replied Fatso and swallowed a cupcake.

Stretch took up an album. "Lookie. Dat is us, and dat guy and dat girl are Alfred and Mathilda. Remember now!" he inquired with a somewhat annoyed voice. "Oooh, I remember now!" recalled the youngest one with a smile on his face. The middle one nodded while the oldest had a distant look in his face.

London, 2nd December 1868.

"Hurry Greg!" yelled two young men that ran down to the harbor. There were many people that stood in queue for a particular boat, and it departed in 10 minutes or so. "I am already hurrying!" yelled the more heavy-set brother. Stephen had turned 24 yesterday, Blayne would turn 22 in almost two months while Gregory (or just Greg) would turn 20 in April. They were going to meet two Norwegian friends on the ship. Their oldest brother J.T. was already aboard since he had to carry all the luggage.

They arrived to the port and the tallest of them looked on a photo he had. It was a portrait of a young woman and a young man on it, both of them seemed to be on his own age. The young man had unruly, dishwater blonde hair, pale pink skin and shining blue eyes. He stood about a mere 5'7" with a similar bodybuild to Blayne. That said the description at least; the pic was in black and white. The young woman had light brown hair in a bob that reached her shoulders, pallid skin and glittering, light sky blue eyes. She stood only 5'2" with an average body build. It was not weird that they looked a bit similar to each other since they were fraternal twins.

A huge crowd of people stood on the quay next to the ship. All of them had to sign into a protocol before they entered the ship. The raven-haired man looked down at the photo again. 'I thought most people from Scandinavia were tall. But Alfreds dad is English, so that might explain it' thought the young man. A colleague of his was 6'1" and Danish, which was pretty tall (on that time). The young man himself stood 6'3", which was even more unusual. But the twins were only 'halfies': they had an English father who had married to a Norwegian woman. The family now lived in England since their mother wanted the children to grow up there. Which was a wise decision apart from the fact that they lived in the same street as the rowdy McFadden boys. However, the two families managed to get along somehow since they had children who were at the same age. "Hoy McFaddens!" hollered a voice. The said men turned.

In the queue next to them stood the two people at the photo. Alfred was dressed in rather simple clothes: it was a black and white knitted jacket in wool plus matching black trousers. On his head was a beige sixpence that was turned a bit to the left. Next to him stood a young, slender woman dressed in a simple, black dress that reached to the floor. She weared a knitted blue jacket over it. Her hair was in two braids that reached her shoulders. She looked kinda frail, even if she was not rail thin. "Hi Alfred! Nice to see ya again Mathilda" said the auburn-haired man with a big grin on his face.

The girl looked at the three males in front of her. Her eyes rested on the tallest one that stood right in front of her. "Nice to meet you again Stephen" she muttered and curted for the man. The McFadden chuckled. "Nice to meet you again" he replied and bowed for her. "He he, guess I have to behave properly too" chuckled the buckteethed young man and bowed. "Hello again. Jeremy is already aboard" informed the youngest one.

"Blayne, Greg, can you please help me with the luggage? You are the oldest one Stephen, so can you please watch over little Mathilda for me?" smiled Alfred. He knew that his friend would not make her uncomfortable. Or so he thought.

"OK" replied the tall man. His little brothers scurried along with his friend and disappeared into the crowd. He looked down at the young woman. She was so small; she barely reached his chest. The raven-haired man sat down on her huge suitcase for a moment and looked at her. It was something about those eyes...they were so striking. Her eyes wandered over to him. "What is it?" asked the foreigner. Her voice trembled a little. "Hmm. I dunno. It's your eyes. They are very special" muttered the McFadden and leant a little closer. The poor young womans eyes grew to the size of dinner plates since.

"We are back big bro!" piped Blaynes voice. The older man cursed as he stood up. They had moved further in the queue and it was time to register themselves. "Can you help me with my suitcase please?" asked the female brunette as she tried to lift it. But the suitcase did not move an inch, despite that it was not THAT large. "I'll give you a hand sis" replied her brother as he grabbed her suitcase. He felt a wee bit annoyed since his sister could not carry that much. Her physical strength was so low that even a somewhat scrawny 14-year old boy could have easily beaten her up. "Alfred and Mathilda Nighters" informed the male as they reached the register booth. The man checked their names off while he gave them their keys. "Gregory, Blayne and Stephen McFadden" said Greg. "Right" replied the man and let them leave the queue with their keys. "See ya at the dinner guys! Wear something nice!" yelled the blonde man before he and his sister disappeared. Unfortunately, the McFadden brothers could not share the same room, so the two oldest and the two youngest had to share room during the whole trip. Which was fine for all of them.

"So...ya think Mary Poppins is related to her?" inquired Stinkie. "Probably. I mean...Nighters is not a usual name, right? Second, she's a spittin' image of Mathilda. And last...she told me that her great-grandfather was named Edward" informed Stretch.

"NO WAY!" said Fatso. "Wait...I just remembered something else" muttered the smelly ghost.

Stephen looked up at the ceiling: his older brother was upstairs, dancing with a woman. Sure, two women had helped him downstairs, but they could not stay...probably because they had gone to dance with someone else.

He then heard someone knock at the door. The tall man frowned; it could not be J.T, since he had an extra key. His brothers would not have knocked that gentle. The raven-haired man walked over and opened up.

He did not saw anyone in his eye level, so he looked down. There stood Mathilda. She was clad a nice, blue long-sleeved dress that reached the floor. "Uhm..hi...I was getting a little tired, but my older brother said he would get down here in fifteen minutes. I wondered if I could be here until he came back" informed the brunette. "Sure" replied Stephen and let her in. He sat down in his bed while the young woman sat on his brothers bed. "I...I think you and you're brothers are really brave...defending your older brother like that..." stated the Scandinavian. Her voice was quite low. "Ah, dat was nothin" replied the Irishman. Then, he noticed the girls pink cheeks. She looked away. Her shoulder-lenght hair was in a ponytail and she had a nice, blue silk bow in it. 'I have to admit that she is rather adorable...' thought the McFadden.

Suddenly, she picked up something from her purse. "I almost" she said and walked over to him. She had a cloth wrapped around some ice in her hands and placed it on his black eye. "Aah. Thanks" sighed Stephen while a small smile formed at his face. "Yo...You're welcome" replied the Nighters and was about to walk back to the bed. Suddenly, she felt something hold around her arm. That 'something' pulled her back. Mathilda turned her head a little; it was the young man who hold her hand.

The young woman let him do it and she ended up in his lap. Her back faced his face. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna do anything to ya...yet" whispered the violet-eyed man in her ear. The blue-eyed woman gasped a little and felt his arm snake around her waist. "What are doing!" muttered the brunette. "Hugging ya" answered the deep voice next to her. He pulled her a little closer and the 23-year old felt weird. 'I'm tired but...why does my heart beat so fast!' thought the Nighters. She was fully aware of that she was backed up against his chest.

Stephen could only smile; he loved to play with peoples emotions (to a certain extent). 'Heh, her cheeks are redder than cute' chuckled the man and untied the bow, her hair flowing freely. Long fingers brushed trough her soft hair.

"Hey did ya got such soft hair?" muttered the McFadden. "Dunno" she muttered, her voice more nervous than usual. The raven-haired man caressed her cheek. It was somewhat warm and very soft. At now, Mathilda did not know what to do. She felt a bit uncomfortable but it was something that made her stay. Suddenly, some steps could be heard from outside. The Norwegian knew her brother would kill her (or the man), so she leaped over to the other side of the bed.

J.T. and Alfred came in. They looked fairly sober, but it was no doubt that they had drunken a couple pints. "Ah, how nice of you to take care of my sister Stephen! We better get back to the room, OK? Good night" said the blond before the twins went out. J.T. went into the small bathroom so he could change. "So, what did ya do to her Stephen?" asked the oldest of the two. "Nothin'. She's Alfreds twin sister for Gods sake! He wud kill me if I touched her in more than a friendly way" stated the raven-haired man. J.T. came out, only in his pyjamas. "So what's THIS then?" he inquired and hold up Mathildas ribbon between his bony fingers. His blue-gray eyes shined in an eerie manner.

Stephens face went so pale that his brother thought he was going to faint in any moment. "If you did not touched her, how can it come that her ribbon is right next to you?" muttered the Irishman, his smile wide as the Chesire cat. "She got something in her hair and I had to untie it to get it out" replied the McFadden with his eyes on his brother. The colour had returned to his face. "All right then. But maybe you should give it back to her...NOW. Her and Alfred are one floor above, room 1410" informed J.T. and pushed the ribbon in his brothers hands.

The tall man went out of the room and up one floor in his normal trousers. He looked at the doors. '1407...1408...1409...1410' thought the man and knocked on the door. He was meet by a sleepy Alfred. "What is it?" he asked and let out a yawn. He was in his pyjamas as well. "Ya sister lost this. I thought she wanted it back" informed the raven-haired man. "OK..." muttered the blond. The tallest of them looked up to see if he could see Mathilda. He should not have done it.