Chapter eight: Old friends die hard.

This is the last chapter in the story. Enjoy!

It was not very far to the town, so Stephen decided to walk down. It was nice weather that day as well. The sun shone and the temperature was nice as well. The shop windows were decorated with Easter bunnies, yellow, cute chickens as well as eggs. The young man smiled. Easter was actually a very nice holiday. It was a lot of people downtown today since the holidays would start next week. The McFadden had not brought any money with him. He had forgot about the many joys of being a human. You could eat, wear clothes, take a shower, hug people...wait a minute! When did the last part click in!

The raven-haired man looked at the watch in one of the stores. It was already noon. 'It's a really nice day...too bad that everyone are busy' thought the male and let out a small sigh. "Hey, cheer up Stretchie!" exclaimed a happy voice that sounded like Mathilda. "Hah, how funny. I hear things that are not there" laughed the violet-eyed man. "EXCUSE ME!" said the same voice before someone poked his chest. The young man looked down and could almost not believe what he saw.

A foot below him stood his old friend, clad in the same purple dress she had weared so many years ago. The only difference was that she weared a pair of black tights underneath it, plus a pair of black sneakers and a black cardigan that was hold together by a small bow at the top. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She looked to be on the same age as him. "Ma...Ma...MATHILDA! Is that YOU!" stuttered Stephen with slack jaws. "Yes" smiled the young woman. "WOW! I'm so glad to see you!" said the male and embraced the brunette. "I'm glad to see you too" muttered the female since she was squeezed into the McFaddens chest.

"I've got 12 hours with my friend! This should be fun" smirked the young man. "Did you brought any money?" asked the blue-eyed girl. "Nope" admitted the violet-eyed man. "I did! One of the angels gave me 100 dollars before I left!" informed the young woman before she patted her black and violet handbag. "Maybe we should go and eat something. I'm hungry" said the Irishman. "Me too" agreed the half-Brit. They headed into a burger restaurant.

"Burgers and stuff are really tasty ya know" grinned the male. "I dunno...I like the smell at least" smiled the female. "What do you want to eat?" inquired the man that stood in the counter. "Errr...I want one Coke, a burger and fries" ordered Stephen. "And for you?" asked the man, looking at the woman. "I would like a Coke, a burger and a salad please" informed Mathilda. They paid, grabbed their food and walked outside to eat.

"Dis is tasty!" stated the young man after his first bite. "Mhm!" said the young woman; she seemed quite satisfied with the meal. "De Coke is kinda lukewarm, but oh well" muttered the McFadden. The Nighters rolled her eyes before she shook her head a little. He had not changed a bit. After they had ate up their burgers, the two walked back to Whipstaff. "Hey look!" exclaimed the female and looked at a poster. "Easter ball tonight...ah, dat's right. Katfish said she was goin' with some friends after school today" recalled the male. "Katfish?" inquired the brunette with a quizzical expression on her face. "Yeah, dat's a girl dat lives in Whipstaff with her dad. Dey moved in for about eight years ago" informed the raven-haired man. "Do you think we should go? I mean, how many chances do you get to dance with your friend on a ball AFTER your death?" explained the young woman. "Probably never" said the young man. "Can we go? Pleeaaase?" asked Mathilda and gave him her infamous doe-eyes. "Nyaaaw...don't do dat against me! All right, we'll go" muttered Stephen and rolled his eyes.

"Thank you!" replied the female and hugged him. "Uhm...ya're welcome" said the male. He felt his face got a bit warmer for some reason. 'What de...oh no, I'm blushin'!' thought the McFadden. They walked up to the house.

The young woman opened up. "Whoa...just like in the old days" stated the brunette. The two walked into the kitchen and saw Casper boil some eggs for Morgan. "Casper! It's so nice to see you!" smiled the woman. "WHOA! Is that you Mathilda!" exclaimed the ghost. The raven-haired man chuckled. "Sure is Whipper..." he muttered.

"And who is she?" asked the 24-year old while she looked at her great-great grandniece. "If I'm not's one of your great-great grandnieces!" laughed the tall man. Both women stared at each other. Which was not so weird...what are the chances that you can meet our own great-great grandaunt? "OK. This is just plain weird" muttered the bespectacled girl. The older woman nodded in agreement. "Speaking of which...wanna meet Blayne and Greg again?" grinned Stephen. "Sure!" replied Mathilda with a big smile.

"HEY GUYS! GET DOWN 'ERE!" yelled the young man. The two ghosts came down and saw their brother and his friend stand there. "Ooooo! Looks like Mathilda is back!" laughed Stinkie, his head emerging out of the females tummy. "Yeah!" exclaimed Fatso while he wiggled his eyebrows. "It's so nice to see you again! Even if you are not humans" muttered the Nighters before tears welled up in her eyes. She squeezed both of them in a giant hug. "Ehehehe..." laughed both of the ghosts. Suddenly, Melle and Azriel arrived. "Oh yeah, I nearly forgot...dis is my wife Melle and my kid Azriel" informed Stinkie.

"Dis is Mathilda Nighters, a good friend of mine as well as my brothers" said the oldest McFadden. The blonde blinked. "Are not you supposed to be dead?" she said. "Yeah, but my great-great grandniece brought me alive until midnight tonight" smiled the brunette. The other female looked at the two females. They were nearly look-alikes, but with a few differences. Morgan's hair, skin and eyes had a lighter shade. She was also an inch taller with glasses on her face.

"Well, are you guys going at the dance tonight? Me and Stinkie can not go...I'm do not feel well" muttered Melle. "I'm afraid I can't. I'm exhausted thanks to that spell" groaned the younger girl. "But we are goin'! Right!" grinned the raven-haired man. "Can you still dance after all these years?" asked the young woman. "Ey! I was de one dat learned Casper how to dance! And there are some things you never forget" stated the young man.

A bit later, the girls were going to make the woman ready. "OK Mathilda. Just sitt still so we can take the make-up on you" said Melle. "Is it gonna hurt?" asked the supposedly dead woman. "No no. Just sit still and close your eyes" muttered the youngest of them. Morgan applied some foundation on her skin: the young woman had nearly the same skin tone as her. Melle then applied some powder and blusher before they put on some pale red lipstick, lipgloss and a tad bit of mascara.

They pulled the hair in the front a bit back. It was tied it up with a blue elastic that matched her blue dress. The dress was pretty simple: it was blue with long sleeves and reached her knees. "OK, now you can go down to Stephen" smiled the girls while she pushed her a little. Stephen waited downstairs. He was a bit excited: he had not seen his friend for such a long time. He heard someone come down the stairs. The McFadden looked up and his eyes widened. 'WHOA...' thought the young man, who weared a light blue shirt and black slacks.

"Do I look good?" asked Mathilda, who sounded a little anxious. "No. Ya're striking" stated the raven-haired man. They went to the place where the dance was supposed to be held. "Maybe we should watch dem" suggested the chubby ghost. "Yeah, but you better not ruin anythin! We don't want 'im to be mad at us when he becomes a ghost again" muttered Stinkie and shuddered. The two ghosts followed their friend and their brother to the dance. They made themselves invisible in order to blend in. It was quite many people at the dance: the age ranged from 5 to 60. Most of the guys wore shirts and slacks, while the girls wore skirts or somewhat short dresses.

The music begun and it started with a somewhat fast jazzy dance. The two begun to dance with the others. "Whoa, Stephen is really good!" whispered the youngest of the two ghosts. The older one nodded, his eyes pretty wide. The Nighters had a smile on her face. "You were right: you did not forget how to dance" smiled the young woman and spun around. "Told ya" replied the young man as he twirled her. When the dance was over, they sat down and drunk some of the lemonade that had been put up. "Let's wait a little. I forgot that humans could become exhausted" muttered the brunette.

A little later, they started to dace again to a song that was similar to the first. The two ghosts watched every step. Suddenly, the young woman lost her balance. "Oi!" said Stephen, and grabbed her around the shoulders before she felt down. "Thanks" smiled the young woman. The song switched. Now, it was a somewhat slow melody. The ghosts snickered. "Oh man, this should be funny!" laughed the rancid ghost. "Hell yea!" whispered the brown-eyed one.

The usually confident young man went pale. 'Oh no...wat should I do! She's only a friend but...' thought the McFadden while his brain nearly shut down. Suddenly, he felt a light weight on his chest. He looked down and saw that Mathilda rested her head on his chest. Her hands were laced around his neck. 'Nyaaw...I suppose it can not hurt' thought the young man as he placed his hands on her waist. She ignored that his face had the same shade as ketchup.

Not too far away, his brothers shaked with laughter. "Friggin hell! Too bad we didn't brought a camera!" chuckled Stinkie. Fatso nodded in agreement while his hands clutched his stomach. Their usually confident brother was now embarassed, just because a girl hold him close. But the two ghosts had not brought a camera or anything that could be used for blackmail material. He would become a ghost again eventually. Suddenly, the two spirits noticed that their brothers face was not red anymore. He looked...content! "Maybe we should leave them now..." suggested the chubby ghost. The other one agreed before they disappeared.

The brunette enjoyed herself. She was quite content, despite that she had not done anything like this before. The young woman glanced at a clock on the other side of the hall. Blue eyes widened in shock: it was 11:50 PM! "Hey, Stephen! We only have 10 minutes left!" whispered the half-Brit as she looked up at her partner. Violet eyes darted towards the clock before they widened in surprise. They walked out of the building without attracting any unwanted attention. The sky was clear and they walked towards a small field behind the house.

"Well...didja enjoyed yourself?" asked the raven-haired man. Mathilda nodded. "It was great!" exclaimed the female with a satisfied grin. "Great...uh...I got something for ya" muttered the young man. "OK. What is it?" inquired the Nighters. Stephen bent down and kissed his friend right on her lips. Her eyes widened before they closed. After a little while, they pulled away. "Wh...what was that for!" stuttered the young woman in surprise. "I never got a chance to give back dat kiss ya gave me" chuckled the young man, now his usual cocky self. A pair of wings suddenly grew out of her back. A soft glow surrounded the brunette. She was wearing the same dress as Kat's mother, only that her dress was a bit less wavy and was purple instead of red.

The McFaddens eyes widened. "Take care of yourself Stephen. I'll see you when you decide to cross over. Good bye" said the female in a soft voice. "I'm gonna miss ya" muttered the male. The young woman placed her hands on his cheeks before she pulled him closer and kissed him. The raven-haired man closed his eyes before he placed his hands on her waist. He felt kind of giddy and lightheaded for two reasons. 1: An angel was kissing him. 2: He was turning into a ghost again, but Mathilda had kissed him so the process would be a lot less painful.

A bright flash of light appeared and the female disappeared. The Irishman looked at his hands. They were transparent. "Well...good bye Mathilda" he muttered before he flied home. He was both sad and happy at once. Sad because he had to say goodbye to his friend again. Happy because he had a super day.