Take my heart
Make it dark
Take my soul and
Tear it apart

I'm yours forever and always
And that's how I shall stay
Take away who I am
Friendship, happiness; who
gives a damn

Make me whole; make me new
Make me a part of you
Why should I deserve to be light
With a heart so pure and white?

I'm nothing more than that to you
So let me show you what darkness
can do
Jealousy and hatred it feeds on them
Just don't let it devour you

I'm yours tonight give me strength
Erase my fears and make me straight
Return to me all that is lost
Don't turn me dark for such a lost cause

Bandage my wounds and fill them with
Take away my stress,
Find my true happiness

I never want to love again
No one shall ever be my
true friend
If I shall break this vow
I shall never breathe again
starting now

Now my tranformation's complete
I am no longer him I am me
Shrouded in misty jealousy
I have separated from me