You're always so cold
Yet so warm
My feelings of old
Yearn to be in your arms

When I was assigned
I thought you'd be mine
Who would've thought a girl like me
Around you all the time
In our little groups of three.

Yet you ignore me
As I continue to show my love
You hate me, hurt me, call me annoying
All of the above
As my heart still searches for that place
called love.

Don't leave me!
I'm not through!
It just can't end!

Everyone in the village wants to be your friend
But then again they don't.
I know that I'm not letting you go
I won't, I won't, I won't!

So before you leave me all alone
With ends as dry, dry as a bone
I just needed to tell you I love you today
Before you leave me and go away

I will always remember you
The one who opened my heart's door
Just promise you'll remember me
The flower you've always been searching for
Haruno Sakura