You awake to the sun in your face
Hung low in the same place
You peer out of the misshapened
Into the sun's orange glow

What day is it you ask yourself
As if it really matters
You're going to find your memories
Ripped to shreds and tattered
About between you two
You're only here to start life

Hanging with your friends
To the very end
At your Usual Spot
Clinging tightly holding on
to all the hope you've got

Your hopes, dreams, past gone
in one shot
The only way to figure this out
Is using what you've got

A girl, a girl, a pretty girl
Who tells you she's a witch
Love at first sight
You knew was right
In the room of white

She's gone now gone away
But promises she'll stay
This pain of remembering will
never go away.

You're crying now deep inside
Emotions you can't hide
You find yourself sleeping
Without a worldly care
He looks like you all except
his spiky brown hair
And that is when you you decided
to merge right then and there

So you are him
And he is you
And that's the end of that.

Oh what a sweet relief
You have your own life back!