How To Save a Life

Well here it is finally my new fic, sorry it took so long. I hope you like it. This is not a song fic it's just named after one, as are all the chapters. This one is named after Life and Death by Michael Giacchino

Disclaimer: you know the drill.

Chapter 1- Life and Death

"Just, let it go Booth." Brennan gives Booth a stern look before turning her head to look out the passenger window of the SUV. Booth sighs rather over-dramatically and she turns back to face him.

"C'mon please tell me." Booth almost pleads before flashing Brennan his charm smile.

"Don't use your charm smile on me."

Booths smile fades slightly.

"Why are you being so persistent Booth?"

"Because, you and Angela were discussing something earlier, and given how quickly you two shut up when I entered the room, I'm guessing it has something to do with me."

"Oh god the ego."

"What! It was an intuitive leap."

"Just let it go okay?"


They pull up to an abandoned warehouse, after exiting the SUV Booth draws his gun and they slowly enter the building.

"Euhg" Brennan wrinkles her face "Dark, smelly, damp, cold, psycho killer, this place is so cliché."

"Well y'know Bones serial killers don't generally care about that."

"Yeah, I've noticed…I've also noticed I need a gun!"

"Fine, Here." Booth hands her a gun from his lower leg. "Just stay behind me."

Brennan furrows her brow at him and Booth sighs.

"Fine, just be careful, this guy Hutchins, he's not gonna think twice about…"

Brennan raises her hand and Booth instantly shuts up, both become alert and begin to listen intently to their surroundings. A cold breeze rushes past them and they turn to find the far door flung open. Booth raises his gun and walks towards the source of the noise. Suddenly Hutchins tackles Brennan from behind disarming her and then swiftly kicking the gun from Booths hands. Hutchins raises his gun to Booth and begins to pull the trigger. Without even thinking, Brennan instinctively moves to push Booth out the way and the bullet grazes her side and she winces in pain. Booth glares at Hutchins for a second.

"You son of a bitch!" Booth shouts at Hutchins before he scrambles to reach his gun. In the same instant Hutchins grabs Brennan, holding her gun to her head. Booth grabs his gun and faces Hutchins.

"Uh uh uh. Move and your partner is dead"

Booth hesitates for a split second before carefully aiming and successfully hitting his target with a single shot, Hutchins falls backwards forcing Brennan down with him she slams to the ground, her head crashing onto a pipe behind her as she falls. The chilling sound echoes through the warehouse.

"Bones!" He rushes over to her, panic stricken.

He kneels down, pulls her away from Hutchins and turns her over, cradling her head in his arms. He gently moves some of the blood soaked hair that is plastered to her face, his heart sinks as he sees the blood trickling from her head, and he feels her week pulse.

"Oh no, no, no, Oh please god no… Bones, talk to me, c'mon Bones"

Brennan's eyes flicker open slightly, her eyes unable to focus. Her voice is slurred slightly

"Booth? What hap…"

Brennan's eyes roll closed as her head drops backwards.

"No! Bones! Please! Stay with me Bones!, just stay with me!" his words carry deeper meaning in his mind than conveyed by his tone. He holds her close to him, gently rocking her in his arms as the sound of back up draws closer. He removes his top shirt, balls it up and places pressure on the wound to try to control the bleeding, but her blood is still seeping onto the crisp white t-shirt he is left wearing.

"Just hold on ok, hold on."

Back up arrives quickly. Booth picks up Brennan and carries her in his arms to the ambulance where EMTs crowd her, and Booth demands he go with them.

"I have to stay with her."

"That's fine, sir. Does she have any medical allergies?"


Booth hops in the ambulance along side Brennan, instinctively grasping her hand.

I tried to curtail the fluff, I really did, but knowing me it may rear its head again. Let me know what you think please, it helps me immensely.