Al was quite thoroughly pinned. Scorpius had both of Al's wrists jammed against the hand-carved headboard and his hot breath panted against Al's neck in steamy gusts. By rights, Al should have bested him. Score had inherited the Malfoy slenderness and Al's muscles had been gained in hundreds of wrestling matches with an evil older brother.

The laughter had leveled the playing field. Somewhere along the way, Al had developed the giggles and could not seem to shake them.

"Got…" Score panted. "Got you, Al."

Albus struggled to breathe through the chuckles that still shook his frame and the weight of his friend on his chest. He tried to speak and weakly tugged at the hands that gripped him. He had a stitch in his side.

Score chuckled and Al could tell he was trying to restrain himself. "Al, you have to stop. This is serious."

"Serious," Al repeated and broke into laughter again. Score bit Al's neck, which earned a quick gasp, but the giggles did not diminish. Score joined him and then growled.

"Albus! Damn you! I won, so I'm going to let go now and you are going to lie there nice and sweet while I fuck you properly."

"Okay," Al said agreeably and chortled happily.

Score let go and slid downward. His naked body felt wonderful and nearly managed to squelch Al's terminal giggles. He groaned and took a deep breath as Score's beautiful face hovered over his cock, which had deflated under the attack of laughter. A smirk curved the blond's lips and Al's cock twitched in response. Al grinned widely.

One of Score's hands stroked lightly over Al's renewing erection and the other traced his testicles. Al's amusement finally started to fade. He reached down and touched Score's soft, silvery hair. Score rewarded his docility by licking a slow stripe up the length of Al's cock.

Al nearly whimpered and his giggles were officially trounced. Score repeated the motion and his fingers moved over Al's entrance. A shiver of anticipation coursed through him.

"Score," Al breathed.

The blond pressed a kiss into Al's flank. "Al," he returned throatily. Score fumbled for his wand, which was nearly lost in the mangled blankets and took a moment to recover. He located it and cast a Summoning Charm. A small jar flew from the bedside cabinet and into Score's waiting hand. The blond grinned at him as he unscrewed the lid.

"Score, have you ever done anything like this before?" Al asked, even though he was semi-terrified of the answer. "Um… with Elladora or anyone?"

Score nibbled his way up the length of Al's cock and bit lightly at the tip, causing Al's hand to tighten reflexively in the platinum hair. Merlin, he never would have guessed how much Scorpius liked to use his teeth. Not that Al had any problem with being eaten.

"No, Al. I'm as virginal as you," Score admitted. Albus released a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He felt another rush of affection.

"Good," Al said firmly and then yelped as one of Score's cold, slick fingers breached him. "Damn it! Did you cast a bloody Cooling Charm on the shite?"

"Are you saying you don't like this?" Score asked huskily and moved his finger slightly.

"Um…" Well, it felt sort of… odd, actually, although once the shock of the chilly lubricant wore off it was easier to bear. Score drew his finger mostly out and then pressed it back in slowly. "It's not so bad."

"Okay, I'm going to add another," Score warned. Al tried to relax, which became easier when Score's hot mouth enveloped his cock. Al lost himself in the sensation of floating bliss.

"Oh… Score," he managed.

"Merlin, I love it when you say that."

Three fingers later and Al was nearly incoherent. He had never imagined anything could feel so good.

"Score," he said, "I need—"

Score's long, beautiful fingers retreated, leaving Al aching for more. The blond shifted himself over Al with a predatory grin.

"Beautiful Al," he said and reached down, preparing to move his cock into the space vacated by his fingers. Albus had other ideas. He reached down and wrapped his hands around Score's waist. He pulled and Score fell forward with an oath. Instead of the intended mark, Score's cock slipped along the side of Al's testicles and halted against Al's hard shaft.

"Your turn," Al said as he dipped a hand down into the jar of salve. His other hand dropped down and held Score's arse. The blond tried to rear back, but Al's other hand moved quickly and his slick fingers touched Score's tight hole, earning a gasp.

"Albus," Score said warningly. Al pushed a finger inside and a ragged sound escaped his lover. "What are you—?"

"Don't worry, it's brilliant," Al said. "I want you to feel it, too."

"I will, just as soon as…" Score trailed off and dropped his head. Platinum hair spilled over Al's face. "Oh," he finished.

Al finger-fucked him gently for a few moments and was rewarded by Score lying still atop him, silent but for the increasing tempo of his breathing. Albus added a second finger and Score shifted forward minutely to give Al better access. Al moved his fingers with more determination and licked absently at Score's collarbone, which now touched his lips. Score made a guttural whimper and rocked back against Al's hands. Merlin, that was hot.

Al obligingly added more digits, marveling at the hot, tight feel of the blond writhing atop him.

"Bloody fucking hell, Al. Pull out."

Al recognized the tone and reluctantly took his fingers out of Score, only to have the blond reach back and grasp Al's cock. Before Al could register his intention, Score moved and sheathed Al's cock in sudden, brilliant heat. Al nearly came right then.

His shocked gaze met silver for a moment and Score said, "Merlin, Al." He smirked slightly and then started to move. Al grabbed his hips quickly.

"Don't move!" he cried. "Don't… it feels too good. Just… give me a minute."

"It feels too good not to move, Al," Score admitted, but he stayed still until Al's excruciating need to orgasm weakened slightly.

"Okay," Al panted. "Okay now."

Score levered up until he was nearly upright, impaled on Al as deeply as possible. Score rose a bit and then dropped back down, nearly causing Al's heart to stop. He bit his lip, knowing he wouldn't last long. He tried to concentrate on something else, but the sight of the gorgeous blond riding his cock destroyed all rational thought. Score reached down and touched his own erection, but Al brushed his hand aside to take the hard shaft. Score's hair was disheveled and his skin was flushed. Lovely huffing sounds escaped his partially open lips.

Score rocked his hips faster and faster, fucking Al's hand while he rode Al's cock. Al's stare was riveted. It was the most incredible thing he had ever seen.

"Al, Al, oh Merlin, Al!" Score choked and came on the last cry. Hot fluid coursed over Al's hand and splattered against his abdomen. The blond obligingly rocked twice more and Al's toes nearly curled to the breaking point as he exploded, spilling into Score's tight—so tight—heat with a shout of relief.

Score collapsed on him like a dead weight. Al wrapped his arms around the blond and held on for dear life. They remained there, unmoving, until their breathing returned to some semblance of normalcy. Score's face was buried in Al's neck and he wanted nothing more than to drift off to sleep and replay the event in his dreams. The ever-practical blond had other ideas. He pulled away from Al, although not far because Albus would not let him get far enough to avoid a grasping hand.

Score was fabulous at Cleaning Charms, due to his inherent fastidious nature Al suspected.

"Don't sleep yet, lazy prat. We'll be stuck together grotesquely if we don't clean up, and don't tell me you don't mind, because I do."

The Charms were quickly cast and then Score was back where he belonged, snug in Al's arms, although this time his smooth back was pressed against Al's chest and their limbs were pleasantly tangled. Al's breathed in the scent of the platinum hair that tickled his face.

"Score?" Al asked when they had settled together and the silence encroached.

"I know, Albus, I love you, too, and yes, it was the most astounding thing ever, until tomorrow when it will fade to vague memory after I fuck you, but right now I am very tired and need to sleep."

A rush of warmth fought with amusement and Al replied, "Actually, I wanted to ask what you did to Elladora."

Score tensed against him. "What? Why bring that up now?"

"Rose said Ella was admitted to St. Mungo's and they were unable to wake her up."

Score made a snorting noise and pulled Al's hand up to his lips. He ran his tongue gently over Al's knuckles. "She'll wake up in a few days and she'll feel so much better."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing much, only she was something of a twat, wasn't she? I mean, she lied to me repeatedly. Arranging to kidnap you out from under my nose was the final straw, however. Such a thing is not to be tolerated, Al." Score's grip tightened and his teeth grazed Al's hand. "No one takes what is mine."

"Even if you didn't want me, then?"

The bite turned into a gentle kiss and then another. "I wanted you, Al. Never doubt that."

"Why will Ella be better?" Al asked instead of melting like the sappy Hufflepuff he was. Score was silent for a long time. Al nearly asked again, but Score finally replied.

"I sort of erased her personality."

Erased her personality.

"It's a modified Memory Charm. She remembers everything, except those specific bits that sort of make her who she is."

Al was nearly horrified, until he remembered that the kidnapping had resulted in the death of his mother. Suddenly it seemed no more than Ella deserved. He snuggled more tightly against Scorpius.

"Can't wait for tomorrow," he mumbled.

Score chuckled. "Go to sleep, Al."