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"…He will always be remembered as the hero he truly was."

Robin Hood, leader of the Outlaws in Sherwood Forest, once Earl of Huntingdon, stops, waiting for someone to speak.

"Him…Him we liked." Little John. The silent-but-strong giant. He has a tough exterior, but underneath he has a heart of gold. I can feel the emotions whirling through him…

"Yes. He died a hero. He…" Marian stops, unable to continue, and Robin puts a comforting arm around her. She buries her head in his shoulder, crying softly.

Much, the last member of the group, steps forward. He was once Robin's most trusted manservant, before the days of the war…

He continues for Marian, "We won't forget him."

They all look at me. It's my turn now. If Allan had been here, it would have been him- Allan and Will had been like brothers.

But he isn't here. He probably doesn't even know that Will is… well, he's gone…

I step forward. Tears, unusual for me, run down my cheeks, but I make no attempt to stop them. There's no point any more.

With Will gone, there's a horrible, empty sort of hole in me.

A hole that only Will Scarlett, with his incredible talent and charm, can fill…

I love him. I always will. There's no doubt about that.

The space inside of me eats away at me, crumbles my defenses, destroying me from the inside out. Until there's nothing left.

When Will was stabbed, by that soldier, on that terrible, horrible day, I, Djaq, was stabbed with him.

Not literally- but my heart, which will always belong to him, was mutilated by the same sword that killed him, and then thrown away.

Just another life ruined…

Just another piece of rubbish…

My heart was shattered.

That's all I am now anyway, Shattered Remains.

Only the ghost of Djaq remains. Without Will, that's all I am.

I realize that the others are still waiting for me.

My thick, Saracen accent stumbles over the words as I try to force them from my mouth. I try again.

"Will… Will was everything to me… He was my world… I love you…"

I look away, trying to get away from the sympathy of the others. My eyes fall again on his body, lain on a bed of wood. He could be asleep…

He made that bed. In fact, looking around, there's hardly anything in the camp that wasn't made by him.

They'll do nicely to remind me of what I've lost- What we've all lost.

We've lost Will Scarlett.

My Will Scarlett.

My fiancée, My outlaw, My rescuer, My carpenter, My savior, My love, My hero.

My Will.

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