Draco Apparated into the library of Malfoy Manor, to find his son and Albus Potter asleep on the sofa. Scorpius looked up after a moment, lifting his head from where it had lolled against the high back. The movement must have dislodged young Potter, for the green eyes snapped open.

Albus sat up quickly and winced when Scorpius's fingers could not disentangle from the black hair fast enough.

"Mr. Malfoy. Is my dad—?"

"He's awake, Albus. He's not entirely well, but we have hope."

"Not well? Hope for what?"

Draco noticed the boy's hand shoot out and entwine with that of Scorpius.

"He can't walk, but it should be a temporary condition. I'll be bringing him home shortly, since I'm certain St. Mungo's is already over capacity for Weasleys and Potter well-wishers."

Albus sat back, half-leaning against Scorpius. Draco realized their behaviour was no different than usual; they had always been a handbreadth apart. He wondered how long they had been more than friends and decided he would rather not know.

"Where is Lily?" Draco asked.

"Um… I'm not sure. I've been asleep for a while, I think."

Draco nodded. "I'll find her." He left the two boys and sought out Harry's daughter, who burst into tears at the news and clung to Draco's neck. He patted her back awkwardly and decided raising a daughter would be very different from raising a son. Girls were so emotional. Still, Draco was willing to give it a try.

Draco returned to St. Mungo's to find the place exactly as expected—a chaotic uproar. Harry's room was full of Weasleys, Aurors, and others, with mediwitches trying vainly to shoo everyone out. Teddy met him at the door and grinned.

"Bit of a madhouse here at the moment," he said.

"I'm surprised they haven't hexed the lot of you," Draco said.

"That would be your solution. Luckily, the St. Mungo's staff has more compassion."

"Not for long, I fear. You should gather this herd and take them to the Manor. Mother is expecting everyone; so don't fret on that account. I think they will all fit in the Blue Ballroom."

With Kingsley Shacklebolt's help the Aurors managed to purge the room of extra bodies, except for James Potter and George Weasley.

"How do you feel?" Draco asked Harry in the near-deafening quiet.

"Better now that I'm not being smothered," Harry admitted with a grin.

"The official diagnosis?" Draco prodded.

Harry sighed. "They are hoping I'll regain full movement within a few weeks. I've been put on indefinite leave from the Department, of course."

Draco made a mock sound of dismay. "How ever shall you survive?"

Harry scowled. "It's not funny. I'll most likely go stark raving mad from boredom."

"I don't think you'll need to worry about getting bored," Draco promised in his most dulcet tones. Harry flushed and his eyes shifted to James, who looked from one of them to the other innocently. His naiveté was charming and Draco recalled how James had dismissed Pansy's words out of hand. James would likely be the least accepting of Harry's new relationship with Draco. If Potter allowed it to happen at all.

"Why is that?" James asked bluntly, ever the Gryffindor.

"Because he'll be staying at Malfoy Manor until he's fully recovered," Draco said and mentally added, and for as long thereafter as I can keep him.

"What? No, I couldn't possibly—" Harry began, but Draco waved away his protests.

"The matter is not open for discussion, Potter. You cannot care for the children in your present condition. My mother and I will be more than happy to assist you." Along with a hoard of house-elves, but Draco felt it best not to mention that in case Granger's anti-house-elf sentiment had contaminated the younger Potter.

"I think it's a good idea, Dad," James said before Harry could protest—and he would have. Draco recognized the stubborn line that furrowed Harry's brow and intersected the famous scar.

Harry blinked at James, who added, "I don't think I'm ready to go home yet, without… without mum there."

Harry reached out and took James's hand as the boy fought with tears. Harry's eyes brightened for a moment and Draco's throat felt tight as he witnessed their mutual grief. Regardless of what Ginny had done, she had been a huge part of Harry's life and he was bound to grieve for her, especially for the sake of the children. Draco stepped forward and took Harry's other hand.

"All right,' Harry said. "We'll stay at the Manor for a short time. I'll send Hermione over to pick up some things for the kids."

Draco did not bother to tell him that most of the Potter possessions had already been moved to Malfoy Manor, thanks to the near-Slytherin abilities of Teddy Lupin. Teddy knew damn well that once Harry was fully ensconced in Draco's house, it would be a cold, cold day before Draco would let him leave.

"Let's get you out of here," Draco said, refraining from the last moment from using the word "home."

Draco sent James off with George Weasley, who seemed to be the boy's self-appointed keeper. When they were alone, Harry looked at Draco appraisingly.

"How did you manage to get me all to yourself again?" he asked.

"It's a gift. I'm selfish that way."

Draco picked up a shirt from the folded pile that Granger had dropped off. He wrinkled his nose at the colour—Gryffindor red. "She did that just to torment me," he muttered, but sighed and moved onto the bed to prop up Harry. The Auror put his arms through the sleeves, moving his left arm stiffly and with obvious difficulty. He allowed Draco to fasten the buttons and their eyes locked. Draco grinned at the faint blush tinting Harry's cheeks.

"I must say, in all my fantasies I never imagined I would be dressing you. Generally, the reverse was true."

Harry's blush deepened. "You've fantasized about me?"

"Every damn day," Draco breathed and kissed him. A mediwitch tapped on the door before barging in with last minute instructions and medicines. Draco pulled away reluctantly. The mediwitch was the bubbly, giddy type and if she found it odd for Draco to be kissing the Savior of the Wizarding World, she gave no sign of it.

After she bustled out, Draco put Harry's trousers on, tugging them over unmoving legs and making certain to provide a few squeezes to Harry's tight arse in the process. Harry obviously expected to be groped in other areas as well, so Draco left those studiously alone. There would be plenty of time for that later. Draco would see to it.

Once the Auror was fully dressed, the St. Mungo's staff returned and set Harry up with a wooden contraption that allowed him to stand upright. It was Levitated above the floor slightly and could be moved in any direction with a murmured spell, giving Harry nearly full mobility.

Draco gave Harry his wand and held his breath until Potter cast a few simple spells. He had been somewhat worried that Blaise's spell would affect Harry's magic.

"Can you Apparate to the Manor library?" Draco asked. Harry nodded and disappeared, closely followed by Draco. When they were both in the library, Draco nodded. "Come along," he said briskly. "As much as I would like to have you all to myself, your fans need to know that you're still the Boy Who Lived and Lived and Lived."

"I wish the media would stop with the idiotic titles," Harry complained. They left the library and headed for the stairs, which Harry glanced at in some concern. His mobility device only worked on flat surfaces. Draco bypassed them to walk down the hall, beckoning to Potter. Wrought iron lift doors stood open and Harry looked at them in confusion.

"I don't remember a lift," he said.

Draco shrugged. "Most of your visits did not include a tour of the Manor, Potter, although I would have given you one if you had asked." In truth, Draco had ordered the lift installed as soon as he had left Harry's side earlier in the day. He was impressed that the lift company had managed it in the time Draco had allotted. Apparently the ludicrous bonus he had offered had provided the proper incentive.

"I was afraid a tour would have led directly to your bedchamber," Harry said wryly as Draco pressed the button for the second floor while pretending he had done so dozens of times in the past. He stepped close to Harry.

"Would you like a tour now?"

Harry's throat worked as he swallowed hard, but his eyes were steady on Draco's when he replied, "Only if we start with the bedchamber."

Draco could not recall many times in his life when he had been rendered speechless, but hearing Harry Potter's alluring suggestion seemed to have affected his vocal abilities. Potter grinned wickedly and Draco cursed the lift company when the doors opened flawlessly. The sound of voices carried to them from the nearby ballroom. Harry's lack of mobility might have made shagging against the elevator wall difficult, he admitted as Harry floated into the hall. Difficult, but not impossible.

"Maybe later, then," Harry said with a chuckle.

Draco admired Harry's lean form until the Auror turned to look at him.

"Coming?" Harry asked.

Draco slid an arm around his waist and pressed his lips into the soft skin behind the Auror's ear. "Not yet, but I'm hoping you'll help me with that later."

He slipped around Harry with a wicked chuckle and entered the ballroom. He clapped loudly for attention. Before Draco could make a grand announcement, Granger squealed and threw herself at Harry. She was followed by a river of people who parted only to let the younger Potters through.

Albus and Lily charged at Harry with cries of delight. Harry hugged them both tightly.

"I'd lean down and kiss you both, but I can't quite bend, yet," he said with a grin. Albus looked at him with a worried expression, but Harry reached out and squeezed his shoulder.

"It's all right, Albus. They tell me it's only temporary."

Albus did not look reassured. Draco smiled at him. "He'll be fine, Albus. I'll see to it."

Albus nodded thoughtfully, but he seemed placated. It probably helped that Scorpius took his hand and pulled him away with a murmured comment. Granger smothered Harry in another hug and then the Auror was whisked into the crowd. Draco thought the entire Ministry was in attendance. The atmosphere swung from carefree to mournful and back again. Molly Weasley could not stop sobbing and she clung to Harry until Draco could stomach no more and forcibly hauled the Auror from her side. Harry's face was taut with tension, so Draco pushed him toward Kingsley, who professed sorrow for Harry's loss, but immediately turned the conversation toward the Auror Department. Harry relaxed and soon lost himself in work-related minutiae.

Draco was relieved to see Arthur Weasley take his sobbing wife home shortly thereafter. He caught sight of his mother chatting with Luna Lovegood and resigned himself to his new position as rescuer.

"Scorpius would be an excellent student if only he were not so quick to judge," Luna was saying. Draco's mother smiled, but he could see it was strained.

"Luna," Draco said in greeting.

"Draco," Luna replied. "Lovely party."

"Thank you. I'm sorry to steal my mother away, but there is a matter that needs her attention. Perhaps you could seek out…" Draco tried to think of a person he was willing to inflict her presence upon.

"Violet-winged Enmols?" she finished for him and nodded seriously. "They live in the walls of old houses like these, you know."

"Quite right," Draco said and fled with his mother in tow.

"Do you think she should be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts?" she asked and Draco laughed.

"No, probably not. That's why I spend so much time with Scorpius in the summer, undoing her teachings."

"And you simply like being with your son. Ah, there is Andromeda with Teddy. Go take care of your Harry, now, dear."

Draco started at her words, but she glided away to join her sister, leaving Draco wondering how much she knew. He shrugged. His mother always seemed to know everything, and it was likely Teddy had explained all with his usual inability to stay quiet.

Harry looked tired and he had gravitated back to a group of depressed Weasleys. Damn the woman for dying nobly; even dead she was getting in Draco's way. He marched forward and put a comradely arm around Harry's shoulders. His glare dared Ron Weasley to speak.

"I must borrow Harry for a minute," Draco said and steered him toward a corner before Harry could get his bearings and stop him. Draco did not allow him to speak. "You look tired. I think it's time to call it a night."

Harry's response was choked off as he gasped and stared beyond Draco's shoulder. Draco froze, fearing some new threat.

"Your son just kissed my son," Harry said.

Draco relaxed with a grin and asked, "Which one?"

"Albus! Scorpius kissed Albus."

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry and moved his palm over the Auror's chest as he leaned close. "Mmm, I can assure you, it's not the first time."

"But… but what if they…?"

"What if one of them gets pregnant?" Draco asked in a shocked tone. Harry flushed and scowled.

"No, of course not, but…"

"Then you are trying for the Hypocrite of the Year Award?"

Harry turned his head until he met Draco's eyes. "Stop being reasonable."

"Shall I march over in indignation and demand that they fall out of love immediately?"

Scorpius and Albus had disappeared, probably escaping the potential wrath of Potter.

"Do you really think they're in love?" Harry asked.

Draco sighed. "I see your Gryffindor naiveté has not diminished. Have you not seen them together?"

"Huh," Harry said eloquently. Draco pinched him. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Sorry, force of habit when confronted with stupidity. I'm taking you to bed now."

Harry's indignation became spluttering nonsense when Draco's words sank in. Without a word to anyone, Draco ushered the Auror out the door. He did wave gleefully to Teddy, who gave him a nod and a grin. Harry was silent as Draco escorted him down the long hallway that led to Draco's room.

The door had barely shut behind them when Draco walked to the desk and dropped his wand into the carved wand stand. He unbuttoned his robes partially and turned back to Harry.

"Shouldn't I… um…" Draco smiled at Harry's nervous stammer and waited to see where it would lead. "I'm… um.. really tired and I should—"

Draco felt a flare of amusement at Harry's sudden shyness. He marched forward and crooned, "Well, we had better get you into bed then, hadn't we?" His fingers made quick work of Harry's hideously colored shirt and he slipped it off of the unresisting Auror.

Draco gazed at Harry's naked torso before reaching out a hand to touch his chest. He splayed his fingers over the Auror's heart in a reverent motion and then drew his hands down over Harry's ribs to curve around the his waist and pull him close. Their first kiss was sweet, full of the love Draco wanted Harry to feel. He gently teased the Auror's lips, hoping to melt the silly nervous reserve Potter had developed. Draco held the kiss as long as possible and was rewarded when Harry relaxed against him. The Auror's hands touched Draco's waist and he took it as a sign to deepen the kiss.

He snogged Harry thoroughly and well until the Auror's hand tightened in his robes and he made an impatient sound. Draco's hands moved freely over Harry's skin, caressing his back and moving down to cup his fine arse. Draco pressed their pelvises together and delighted in the feel of Harry's hardness against his own.

"Still tired, Potter?" he asked against the wet lips before dipping his head to taste Harry's neck. The Auror made a sweet huff of sound.

"No," he admitted. His hands pulled at Draco's robes and Draco stopped touching Harry long enough to shuck free of them. He wrapped Harry in another embrace and moved him gently to the bed before he borrowed Harry's wand and cast a Finite Incantatum. Harry toppled backwards onto the bed as the mobility charm ended and the device fell to the floor. Draco tossed the wand haphazardly on the edge of the bed, near enough for the Auror to Summon it if he felt it necessary.

He pushed Harry to the center of the bed and then hovered over him. His hand caressed Harry's erection lightly to keep from losing him back to nerves.

"I had planned to let you top, Potter, but under the circumstances…" He leaned down and mouthed Harry's cock through his trousers, chuckling when the Auror gasped. Draco made quick work of the fastenings and eased the trousers down Harry's inert legs, making sure to caress the length of them as he did so.

Draco reared back for a moment and paused to admire Harry's naked body.

"Merlin, Potter," he managed and then straddled Harry to gather him into a wanton kiss. Harry's hands caught in his hair and he made a cute sound when Draco gripped his erection before moving his fingers lower. Draco broke the kiss and backtracked until his face hovered over Harry's groin. He dipped his head and nuzzled Harry's testicles with his lips, teasing them gently and delighting in the gasping response. Sensitive, then.

Draco raised his head and grinned at Harry while trailing his fingers through the dark curls at the base of Harry's cock.

"Want more, Potter?" he asked playfully.

"Yes, damn you."

"Then you'll have to move your toes for me."


"Simple. You move the toes of your right foot and I take this—" He blew gently on Harry's lovely cock. "Into my mouth. Understand?"

"Is that your idea of physical therapy?" Harry demanded.

"Take it or leave it."

"I hate you… but I'll take it."

Draco sat back and clinically watched Harry's foot. He waited hopefully while the Auror's brow wrinkled in concentration. For a moment, Draco thought the Auror would not be able to do it and he nearly regretted his impulse.

Then the toes flexed, not once but three times. Draco laughed in relief. "We'll have you good as new in no time, Potter. All you need is the right incentive."

"Slytherin bast—" Harry's words cut off abruptly with a cry as Draco fulfilled his part of the bargain, taking Harry's entire length as though trying to swallow him whole. Draco's fingers gently probed Harry's nether regions and the Auror tensed.

"Draco, wait, I—"

Draco released him and slid up to cup the Auror's cheek. "Harry. I won't hurt you."

Harry swallowed and let out a breath before he nodded.

"You know I love you," Draco added. The Auror visibly relaxed and his gaze softened.

"I know. All… all right, then."

Draco prepared Harry as gently as possible, using fingers, lips, and tongue to keep Harry gasping on the edge of orgasm until the Auror's hands nearly tore the covers from the bed.

"Okay, fuck, do it already," Harry said as Draco's fingers—three of them—flexed again inside the Auror. Draco obligingly removed his fingers and slid his cock into the willing depths of his lover. He kept his eyes on Harry's as he did so and smiled when the green orbs grew wider and wider.

"All right?" Draco asked when he was fully sheathed. Harry nodded. Draco's hands held Harry's hips tightly as he pulled out and thrust in quickly. He repeated the motion and the Auror made a choking cry.

"Still all right?"

"Better than all right," Harry breathed. "Do that again."

Draco did. And he repeated the motion until he felt his orgasm beginning to take over. Harry's cock was leaking and Draco reached down to pull it in time with his thrusts. The mere touch did it for Harry and his cock twitched in Draco's hand as hot come sprayed between them. Harry's release tore an inaudible cry from the Auror's lips. The tensing of already tight muscles sent Draco spiraling out of control and he poured himself into Harry in explosive release.

He dropped limply onto the Auror and pressed his lips against Harry's salty neck.

"Wow," said Harry and Draco laughed.

"Such eloquence, Potter."

"Then how about brilliant, astounding, incredible, and why the fuck didn't we start doing this twenty years ago?"

"Because you were a complete prat then?"

Harry chuckled. Draco loved the way the Auror's hands glided over Draco's back, holding him in place.

"No dredging up the past," Harry said. "Let's just move forward."

Draco lifted himself enough to kiss Harry tenderly on the lips. "Here's to moving forward."

Harry's arms tightened and Draco sighed in contentment. "Let me know when you want some more physical therapy," Draco mumbled sleepily as he settled his head against Harry's shoulder.

"I foresee needing alot of physical therapy."

Draco hugged him closer with a smile. There was quite a lot of Slytherin under all that Gryffindor.

The End (mostly) This has been one crazy ride. When I started my cute little Albus/Scorpius fic I didn't expect it to grow into a double saga and end up over 72,000 words complete, but it's been fun! Many thanks to Esby, my beta, and ravenqueen55 on LJ for demanding the Harry/Draco portion of this fic. Love to all my readers and everyone that reviewed. Hundreds of hugs!!!