A/N: Hey all. This is a Christmas fanfiction, starring Mario and Pit! I hope you enjoy!

Our red-capped hero lay dozing under thick blankets. He snored silently as he dreamed of plungers, mushrooms, and his princess girlfriend. Yes, yes. It was just a peaceful, cozy, morning for Mario.

He shifted a bit under the covers. Mario's eyes cracked open as he let out a monstrous yawn. He scratched his backside and rolled off of the bed like every other morning. His feet found his slippers, and he shuffled across the hard floor, still drowsy and sleepy.

Mario bumped into the wall unexpectedly, just like every other morning. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and looked up, his eyes opening wide.

Before him, as always, was his very own "Baby Kittens Monthly" calendar. A tired finger ran across the dates, when finally, he came to today's date. According to Sasha, the recently rescued tortoiseshell she-cat, It was Christmas Eve.

"Oh... that's good..." Mario yawned as he spoke. He loved Christmas. Fans from around the globe would always shower him with gifts during the holidays. And of course, Mario loved the egg nog.

The mustached man edged his way across the floor once more. He would only really wake up when he had eaten. Sleepily, Mario tugged on his worn overalls. After Mario had made himself presentable, he stumbled down the stairs of Smash Mansion in order to get his breakfast. Pit, one of the new, young smashers, met up with Mario halfway down the staircase.

Pit was kind of cool. He had made a lot of friends at Smash Mansion, but Mario was his best, and also his idol. Mario always had time for an admirer, so he was tolerant of Pit's company.

"Oh, hey Mario." Pit greeted the man casually. "Goin' to breakfast then?" Pit rubbed his eyes of holy eye crust. "Yup." Mario replied as he swept past Pit and into the large dining hall.


Breakfast was cinnamon rolls with milk and napkins with smiley santa's printed on them. Mario preferred meat, so the food didn't curb his hunger very much.

"So..." Pit began. "What did you get for Peach this Christmas?" The boy asked, interested in Mario's latest gift to impress Peach.

He tilted his red cap cooly.

"You know me, it's going to be expensive, romantic, and pink. Everything Peach adores." Come to think of it, what did Mario get for his girl this year? He didn't remember shopping or anything... Maybe it.. Uh... Oh.

It was then, in that moment in time. That Mario realized that he actually hadn't bought Peach a gift.

"Oh... oh no." Mario's eyes grew wide as milk dripped from his fuzzy mustache. "I have to get her a gift." Mario croaked.

"What?" Pit leaned in closer, not understanding what Mario meant. "But you said it was expensive, romantic, and pink."

"I HAVE TO GET HER A GIFT!" Mario hollered, panicking now. This outburst surprised Pit so that he jumped from his seat and sent his cinnamon roll flying through the air.

"Oh, jeez, Mario. What's with the yelling?" Falco called from across the table. The bird preferred peaceful mornings, anything loud or obnoxious ticked him off. "Can it Lombardi!" Mario snarled.

"Come on Pit!" Mario grasped Pit by the wing. "You have to help me!!" The angel was yanked out of the dining hall, and into another one of Mario's adventures.