"That went well." Mario said as he and Pit strolled out of the store. "Now all we have to do is get home, and wrap it." He held the peach up to the dim light of the setting sun. Hopefully, it would survive the trip home on the Mario Mobile. Mario patted the peach on the... er... leaves. "Whoo... It was all crazy there for a while but--"

He stopped when he saw it, or didn't see it. The Mario Mobile was gone. There was nothing where they had parked it, not even the little red wagon remained. "Wha---" Mario rubbed his eyes, not believing what he didn't see. "S-someone stole my Mario Mobile!" He squeaked. "I can't believe it!"

"I know..." Pit sighed, though he was secretly cheering inside. He didn't really look forward to cramming his body into a super speedy wagon pulled by a tricycle. "Who would want to steal my Mario Mobile!" Mario's mustache drooped. "Er..." Pit rubbed his shoulder nervously. "A toddler.. possibly." He laughed weakly at his subtle humor. Mario glared at him.

"Sorry man. We'll just have to take a cab."

"A cab? I don't think I've ever ridden in a cab before."

"It's okay, it's nothing special." Pit smiled as he reassured his friend.

Mario and Pit stood on the sidewalk, leaning this way and that to avoid people who rushed past them.

"Taxi!" Pit waved at an approaching cab, waving his arm at it. The yellow vehicle pulled to a stop in front of the two. Pit opened the door and Mario climbed inside. "This is so cool!" Mario squealed like a small child as he eyed the taxi's interior. Pit plopped himself down next to him and closed the door.

"Where to?" The driver asked. The voice they heard was strangely familiar. Like a voice heard on a television commercial, or on the radio. (Or on an extremely addictive video game.) "The Smash Brothers Mansion please." Pit answered.

"Eh?" The cab driver seemed to have problems understanding. "The Smash Brothers Mansion please." Pit repeated. "Wha."

"Uh... Super Smash Brothers Mansion please... You know.. the mansion, the giant one. Up by that one store with the fish and---"


"Look man, do you want me to write it down on a piece of paper!? Because I will."

"Watch yer salior's mouth ye wee snappin' turtle! Don't talk to an' ole sea legend like me that way! It'd be down right disrespectful." An old green frog turned his head around, giving Pit the ugliest stink eye the boy had ever seen. He smelled of sea water and sweat. "Now ye.. now ye better watch yer tounge! Or I might as well hurl you off my ship! So don't ye... don't ye.. I'm sorry. What were we talking about?"

"You were going to drive me to Smash Mansion." Pit repeated once more, this time slowly, and loudly. "Oh, right then." The turtle nodded his wrinkly head and turned his eyes back to the road. He pushed on the gas, and the cab was off. "So, headin' to Smash Brothers Mansion, must be nice, going off on yer own. I never got an opportunity like that in my youth. Harhar.. Lucky yougin'. So, what's yer name child?"

"Pit." He replied, a little weirded out by the turtle's odd behavior. Pit could see the driver nod his head. "Ayy, Pit. What a fine name for a pretty lass."

"What?! LASS?! I'm a dude, dude!" The BOY was shocked, how could anyone mistake HIM for a girl? "Arrg, calm down! No need to get yer panties in a knot. Harharhar.." The turtle laughed faintly as Pit grew even more angry. "So, do ye 'ave enough money to get settled?" He asked, not taking his eyes off of the road. "Er.." This guy was definitely off his rocker. "Settled? I... What? Dude, I'm sure I have enough money for the ride, I'm not a hobo." The boy rolled his eyes. "Arrg, ye sound pretty confident now. Oh look, we've arrived at Smash Brothers Mansion. Hahh... 'Tis time to say goodbye love. Do an' old turtle a favor and try to be a bit more polite next time, eh?" He said jokingly, but Pit and Mario had already climbed out of the car, stumbling towards the entrance of their home, sweet home.

A/N: It's the Cap'n baybay. From Animal Crossing. He rules. It's kind of odd that I made him speak to Pit the way he would speak to a person moving into a new town. I made him sound a tad doddering. (:I was originally going to have them run into the Cash Cab, but that would be too much torture for Pit. And apparently, Mario and Pit forgot that Smash Mansion was in a walking distance. And apparently apparently, Pit forgot to pay the taxi driver for the ride.