Illegitimate Love

By: Jetslinger

Summary: One night of passion can lead to a lifetime of happiness. At least, that's what he hopes.

AN: New story, new pairing. Always wanted to write a NaruTen!

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Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.


Naruto slammed his fist into the coarse bark of the tree, reveling in the brief sting of pain that came with the brutal action. He wasn't worried about cuts or scars; the Kyuubi would fix everything in a matter of seconds, and as soon as he did, he slammed his fist into the tree again.

It's not fair.

He felt miniscule amounts of the fox's sinister chakra began to seep out, but he didn't give a fuck. With the way he was feeling, he wouldn't mind using it to level Konoha himself. At least then he wouldn't have to see their happy, grinning faces everyday.

She should be in love with me.

But he couldn't hate them. They were two of his closest friends, and as long as they were happy, he was happy. Or at least, that's what he tried to tell himself. He slammed his fist into the tree for the fifteenth time, finding that with each punch the pain lessened. The back of his eyeballs burned with tears, and he was suddenly finding it hard to breathe.

What am I doing?

He punched the tree once more, staring at the deep indentation left in the bark. It really was unfair; after rushing to the Wave Country, decimating a reincarnated Orochimaru, and bringing Sasuke back to Konoha, he was left with nothing. Sakura had immediately forgotten all about the guy who'd protected, loved, and been there for her for years. Naruto chuckled bitterly at his thoughts.

What had he expected? Did he really think that if he brought Sasuke back to her, she'd love him? It was a fool's dream to begin with. He could still feel the deep aching in his chest when he'd found the two of them making out on top of the Hokage Monument; his favorite spot. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that they were mocking him.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts, that he neglected to sense the kunai heading straight for his lower back. The knife sliced into his flesh, digging deeply into the soft area next to his spine. Naruto cursed loudly. What kind of shinobi was he if he left himself open to such an obvious attack? Still, whoever had thrown the knife either had shitty aim, or they weren't intending to kill him. Wincing lightly, he speedily pulled the blade from his back and turned to greet his attacker -- only to blink in surprise as an obviously enraged Tenten stomped towards him.

The girl's dark brown eyes were glued to the ground in front of her, and she clenched her fists tightly at her sides as she looked for her stray kunai.

She was not having a good day.

And that was an understatement. Ever since she'd gotten out of bed that morning, her day had been steadily going downhill. First, her alarm clock had neglected to go off that morning. Normally, that wasn't such a big deal since she only had training with Neji, Lee, and Gai. However, this morning was special. Very special. The local grocery store was having a once-in-lifetime-half-off-of-everything-going-out-of-business sale, and she just so happened to be running extremely low on funds. Contrary to popular belief, the only shinobi who made any real money were ANBU officers.

Needless to say, by the time she'd gotten to the store, there was nothing -- absolutely nothing -- left on the shelves. Hell, even the canned bear meat was sold out, and no one ever ate that shit!

Unfortunately, that was only the start of her horrible day.

In her rush to get to the supermarket, she'd somehow managed to lose her purse -- the very same purse that contained her food money for the next week, her shinobi ID, makeup kit, and her favorite brand of perfume. Very expensive perfume. The kind of perfume you'd have to whore yourself out forweeks to buy.

In the shinobi world, that was pretty damn expensive.

Shortly after that, the heel of her left shoe had broken (How the hell is that even possible?!), a bucket of fish water had fallen on her head, she'd been chased around the village by a horde of hungry cats, fallen down a manhole, and run into a conveniently placed pole while swatting away flies and cats.

Oh, but that wasn't the end of it.

After returning home for a shower, she'd discovered that she had forgotten to pay her gas and electric bill. As such, the water was ice cold as it blasted against her lightly tanned skin. The shock was so overwhelming that she'd hopped out of the shower stall; only to trip over own feet and land flat on her face.

As if that wasn't enough, she'd ripped her favorite pair of pants while getting dressed again, accidentally dropped her shirt in the toilet, and spilled the last of her lotion all over the bed.

She scowled in remembrance of the day's events, kicking a random squirrel out of her way. Even when she was trying to let off some steam by training, she somehow managed to mess up. One of her kunai had slipped out of her hand as she was throwing it and sped off into the forest behind her.

It just wasn't fair. Maybe the Demon Lord of Fate was after her now, finally bored of fucking with her uptight teammate Neji. Yes, that had to be it. She stalked into the clearing to look for kunai, eyes feverently searching the ground for any sign of the lost weapon. She knew it was around her somewhere; she'd seen it head off in this direction as soon as it had left her hand.

"Looking for this?" a monotone voice asked, a hint of annoyance in the man's tone. She snapped her head up to see Uzumaki Naruto staring at her with a less than pleased frown on his face. Her eyes widened in shock, and she immediately closed the distance between them with fear.

"Oh, no! Don't tell me that hit you! I'm sorry! I'm so, so, sorry! It just slipped out of my hand and --"

"It's okay, it just nicked me," he lied, feeling somewhat relieved by her worried reaction. Granted, it was probably because she didn't want to have to pay any medical bills or recompensate him for pain and suffering, but it was nice to have someone worrying over him for once. Tenten glared up at him disbelievingly, crossing her arms underneath her chest.

"You're lying. The Demon Lord's been using me as his personal riding bitch today, so I know it did more than nick you. Let me see it." Naruto lifted a slightly confused eyebrow, feeling his previous anger slowly ebb away.

"The Demon Lord?" The young woman blushed lightly and shook her head, embarrassed at having mentioned her made up antagonist out loud. Her eyes drifted to the deep, fist-sized crater in the tree behind him, causing her to furrow her brows in slight worry. There looked like there was blood inside and around the edges of the hole, but a brief glance at his knuckles relieved her of her momentary panic. Brushing the issue off, she turned her gaze back to the waiting blond in front of her.

"Uh, nothing. And stop changing the subject! Where did it hit you?"

"I told you, it didn't really hit me."

"Liar! Then just show me!"

"Wait a few seconds."

"Huh? No! What if you're bleeding to death?! If you don't show me the wound, I'll find it myself!" Mildly annoyed, Naruto lifted his arms out to his sides and spread his legs, essentially assuming the position. If she wanted to find it, he wouldn't make it easy on her.

"Go ahead." She blinked in surprise at the willing gesture, but slowly stepped up until she was standing directly in front of him. She didn't know why she was doing this; if he said he was fine, he was fine. Still, if he suddenly passed out and died from blood loss, she didn't want to have to explain to her mentor how she'd accidentally killed the woman's foster brother.

Tenten glanced up to look at his frowning face before slowly reaching a shaky hand towards his bright orange shirt. A simple black plus sign sat directly in the center of the garment, enclosed by a small circle. She hesitantly lifted the hem of his shirt above his belly button, searching for any sign of blood. It was a lot tougher since she didn't know exactly where she'd hit him, and she hoped against hope that it was somewhere that wouldn't require the removal of his pants.

On second thought, she'd better not hope for much.

Taking a deeper breath, she lifted his shirt all the way up to his chest. Her eyes nearly gawked at the pounds of muscle adorning his torso, and she wondered what the hell kind of training he had done to get those kinds of results. The only people she knew that had a body like that were Gai and Lee, and they trained nearly every hour on the hour. A brief shudder went through her as she remembered the first and last time she'd seen the two of them topless. That was something she hoped to never, ever see again.

She shook her head to concentrate on the matter at hand, scolding herself for becoming distracted by the boy's physique. She briefly ran her eyes over his front, and finding nothing wrong, moved around until she standing behind him. Repeating the steps she'd taken on the other side of his body, she scanned his back for any sign of damage.

Surprisingly enough, Naruto had been telling the truth when he said the knife had just nicked him. There was nothing but a tiny pink cut next to his spine, surrounded by a small smidgen of blood. Still feeling a bit guilty, she used the sleeve of her white top to wipe away the red fluid.

"See? Told you," Naruto called, glancing over his shoulder to look at the smaller girl.

"That doesn't change the fact that I hit you." She lowered his shirt and paused in thought. To be completely honest, she'd never paid much attention to the younger boy in all her years of knowing him. Sure, she'd been mildly impressed when he had beaten Neji in the Chuunin Exams, but that was as far as her interest in him went. Admittedly, her interest had spiked again when she'd heard that Naruto had brought Tsunade, her mentor and one of the Legendary Sannin, back to Konoha to serve as the Godaime Hokage.

All of a sudden, she wished that she'd taken a little bit more interest in him than she had. Then, maybe this situation wouldn't be so dreadfully awkward. She stepped around the jounin until she was standing directly in front of him, looking both miffed and apologetic.

"I'd offer to treat you to some ramen or something, but I lost my purse earlier today." The boy curiously titled his head, for the first time since she'd arrived showing an emotion other than annoyance. He dug around in his loose black pants for a few seconds before emerging with, to her absolute shock, a small brown pocketbook.

"Is this yours?" Tenten reached out and took the item from his hand, staring at it in awe. She was certain she'd never see it again! Despite Konoha being the supposedly most noble ninja village of them all, over half of the shinobi and civilian population were immoral bastards. If they thought that they could get away with it, the fuckers would steal your money, kill you, rape your dead body, and set it on fire before attempting to put the flames out with their own piss.

Really; she'd seen it happen.

"Yes! Thank you!"

"So, about that ramen..." The young woman shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, completely unaware of exactly how much ramen the boy could put away in one sitting.

"Sure, I did say I'd treat you." She watched amused as his eyes lit up with joy, and he grabbed her arm to lead her to the Market District. His grip was a lot stronger than she would've expected; maybe he thought she was going to make a run for it.

The two of them practically ran through the crowded streets of Konoha towards his favorite ramen stand, bobbing and weaving through the crowds at an alarmingly fast pace. While he was able to avoid touching most of the people on the narrow road, Tenten wasn't so lucky. She'd bumped, crashed, grinded, and thoroughly dry-humped nearly every person they'd run past, leaving her feeling more than a little violated. Tugging roughly on the blond's hand, she managed to slow him down long enough for her to catch her breath.

"Why...why are y-you in such...a rush?" she stammered out between pants, resting her hands on her red clothed knees. He smiled a bit sheepishly, scratching at the back of his head with a hesitant hand.

"Sorry, I guess I got a bit carried away. You're the first person my age to treat me to ramen." Tenten's eyebrows lifted a bit in surprise at this new bit of information. She would've thought that at least Sakura would buy him a couple of bowls considering how long they'd known each other. Still, she was a bit annoyed that he'd left her in the dust, and placing her dainty hands on her waist, she glared up at him.

"And I'll be the last if this is how you treat the people who do you favors." Naruto stared down at her incredulously, mouth opening in shock.

"What?! You're only doing this because you stabbed me with a fucking kunai!"

"Hey! It was an accident, and it only nicked you! As far as I'm concerned, I don't owe you anything!" The blond furrowed his brows, his glare never wavering for a second. He couldn't argue; no matter how much he wanted to tell her that the kunai had indeed stabbed him in the lower back, and that she owed him a whole lot more, he couldn't. That'd require that he tell her everything. His gaze suddenly turning cold, he turned his back on the shorter girl.

"You're right, you don't owe me anything." Ironically, the same could be said for his situation with Sakura. She didn't owe him anything, either. Just because he'd brought back Sasuke didn't mean that she was required to go out with him. In the back of his mind, he'd known that he didn't have a chance anyway. He felt his eyes began to burn with tears, and cursing his own weakness, began to walk away.

Tenten watched his back with no small amount of confusion. Okay, there was definitely something wrong with him. Although she didn't know him that well, she did know that the normal Naruto would still be standing in front of her, yelling at the top of his lungs to get his point across. She'd never heard of him backing away from a fight no matter how hopeless or trivial it was, and feeling slightly concerned (and guilty), jogged after him.

"Naruto, wait up!" she called, doing her best to avoid the many patrons crowding the walkway. She sighed in relief when he actually listened, and easily managed to catch up in a few seconds. "Look, I was just kidding around when I said it'd be the last time; I didn't think you'd take it to heart. I'll still treat you if you want to go." The blond felt the beginnings of guilt welling up inside of him. Being pissed off about Sasuke and Sakura's relationship didn't give him the right to yell at someone else. He pasted a false grin on his face and grabbed her wrist again, this time much gentler than he had the first time.

"Yosh! Let's go!" They were only a skip and a hop from the restaurant, so it took the two of them all of five minutes to get there. Naruto stepped into the small ramen stand, followed by a slightly hesitant Tenten. "Oi, old man! A bowl of miso!" he yelled, instantly feeling a little better inside of the small restaurant. The shop owner turned around in surprise, staring at Naruto as if he'd grown another head.

"Not that I'm complaining, but didn't you already eat lunch here earlier?" The man asked, eyebrows raised well into his forehead. It was rare that the boy would stop by the small stand more than once a day. Naruto jerked his thumb towards the brown haired girl at his side, his fake grin widening a bit more.

"She's treating." Teuchi shot Tenten a look of pity before turning back to the stove to prepare some noodles.

"Ah, I see." He turned his head enough to look at the confused girl. "What'll you have?"

"Um...a bowl of vegetable ramen and a bottle of sake, please." Noticing the blond's shocked stare, she scowled and crossed her arms under her chest. "What?! Shinobi are allowed to drink at the age of sixteen, and I'm eighteen!" She didn't know why she was defending herself in the first place.

"Yeah, but, why?" Tenten, feeling a bit patronized by his question, stiffly shrugged her shoulders.

"Because it helps to get my mind off things. A lot of bad stuff happened today, and I plan to get drunk enough to forget all about them." With the same annoyingly shocked stare on his face, he tilted his head in his trademark fashion, looking straight into Tenten's brown eyes. To be honest, he'd never understood why people drank sake in the first place. The stuff tasted like a mix between vinegar and the dirty water left over after washing his underwear. In other words, like shit. Still, curiosity won out over his surprise, and he regarded the girl with a small frown.

"What kind of stuff?" The girl felt like laughing out loud at the innocent question. God, where did she begin? Turning around on her stool so that she was facing him, she began to relay each and every horrible thing that had happened to her, often evoking a loud snort or chuckle from Naruto. They were so wrapped up in their conversation that neither of them paid much attention to the food when it arrived; and that was quite a shock considering the boy's penchant for ramen.

"...and finally, I accidentally nicked one of my comrades in the back with the lost kunai." He laughed again and turned to his now lukewarm ramen, shoveling a mouthful of the dish into his mouth.

"Sounds like a rough day," he commented, swallowing the food in his mouth. Tenten laughed along with him and poured herself a small saucer of sake.

"Rough doesn't begin to describe it. I'm just glad that the Demon Lo-- uh, that the day's almost over." She downed the serving of alcohol in one gulp, reveling in the familiar bitter taste that accompanied the drink. The tingling burn she felt seemed to rejuvenate her tired body, and let out a loud sigh as she felt the liquid settle in her belly. "So, what about you? What were you doing way out on the twentieth training field?" Watching his face, she noticed that his expression seemed to darken a bit.

"The same thing you were doing." Abandoning the conversation, he turned his full attention to the cooling food in front of him, shoving another mouthful of noodles into his mouth. Not one to be easily put off, Tenten leaned forward until she literally raping his personal space.

"You were letting off steam too? What for?" When he didn't answer, she slid a saucer of sake over to the eating blond. If all else fails, get them drunk. He stared down at the shallow cup with a small frown, already reeling from the strong, bitter smell of the alcohol. "What's wrong?" Tenten asked, a challenging grin appearing on her face. "Is the great Uzumaki Naruto afraid of a little sake?" The blond growled in the back of his throat, doing his best to tune the girl out. "I thought you never backed down from a challenge. Pfft, I should've known you were all talk and no action."

"Shut up!" he roared, startling the old man behind the counter. He grabbed the shallow dish and downed the drink in one gulp, missing the wide grin that was breaking out on Tenten's face. She began to laugh when he choked and sputtered because of the burn that accompanied the strong liquid.

"Well, what do you know, you do have some balls! Here, have another." She refilled his dish and stared at him expectantly. After recovering enough to speak, Naruto shot her his meanest glare and pushed the cup away.

"No way! That shit almost killed me!"

"What, this stuff?" Lifting the dish to her mouth, she easily swallowed the alcohol without so much as a cough. "Only a wimp couldn't handle a little sake." To be honest, she was already starting to feel the effects of the alcohol in her system. Naruto looked just a little bit blurry as compared to a few seconds ago.

"Fine! Gimme that!" He snatched the cup off of the counter, boisterously drinking and swallowing another serving. He somehow managed to avoid choking, and satisfied that he'd successfully downed the fluid, shot her a challenging grin. "Easy." Unfortunately for him, Tenten wasn't quite done.

She motioned for the shop owner to bring her another couple of bottles of sake, much to the old man's chagrin. It wasn't his place to tell a customer what they should and shouldn't be doing, and as much as he wanted to put a stop to the drinking game, he knew nothing short of knocking the teens out would end their dangerous play. With a heavy sigh, he placed two more bottles onto the counter, frowning as the girl immediately set about refilling their saucers.

"Two cups?" she taunted, staring him in the eyes, "Only a bitch can't handle more than that." She threw back another serving of sake before slamming it back down, grinning when he did the same. She watched amused as his eyes seemed to cross for a second, and briefly wondered if hers were doing the same.

The game continued for many more rounds, each of them managing to get down fifteen servings of sake. By now the entire restaurant was blurry except for certain items coming in and out of focus at random times. She suddenly remembered her original goal, and casually drinking another saucer of sake, she turned in the direction shebelieved Naruto was seated.

"So, what was you pissed off 'bout?" she slurred, body wavering ever so slightly. The blond too drank another cup and shrugged.

"Iunno, seems sorta stupid now. I saw Sakura-chan 'n Sasuke-teme makin' out and shit, so I fucked up 'da first thing I sawed. Know what's real fucked up? I brought 'da bastard back for her, 'n she started fuckin' 'em the first chance she got!" As if understanding what he was saying (when she really didn't), Tenten gaily nodded her head.

"Yeah man, dats some fucked up shit there. I know what dat shit feels like." The ramen store owner could only shake his head in exasperation as Tenten tilted one of their many bottles into the air, swallowing everything that was left in the small white container. "Oi, old man! Gimme anudder!" she yelled, slamming her hand on the countertop. Finally drawing the line, Teuchi grabbed the empty bottles and pulled them back into the kitchen, tossing them into the recycle bin sitting next to the sink.

"I'm cutting you two off for the night. I don't want to be responsible for you guys getting alcohol poisoning." The kunoichi growled viciously and flipped the man off with a perfectly manicured finger, pushing herself into what she assumed was a standing position.

"Fuck you, tosser! C'mon Naruto, lets get outta here." The blond too shot the surprised store owner a middle finger, and tossing some bills onto the wooden surface, staggered out of the roadside stand with Tenten leaning against him for support. Teuchi could only sigh as the two of them ran smack dab into a telephone pole, nearly causing it to uproot and fall over. If those two were supposed to be Konoha's future, they were all fucked.

"Shit, man, didya see da look on that punk bitch's face when we flipped 'im off?" Tenten practically shouted as they swaggered towards the residential district. Naruto laughed out loud, showing every one of his clear white teeth.

"Hell yeah! Fuck, yer fuckin' badass for a chick, you know dat? I'm fuckin' serious man, you're like the awesomest bitch I know!" The kunoichi joined him in his laughter, having to hold her arm out in front of herself to keep them from falling over.

"Nah, dude, you're pretty boss yerself! Shit, I dunno why the hell you don't got a girlfriend. You a fag or somethin'?" He laughed again, nearly tripping over his own feet for the fifth time since they'd set out for...

"Oi, where da hell're we goin' anyway?" Naruto asked, the first smart thing that had come out of his mouth since they'd began drinking. Tenten flashed him a flirtatious grin. There were two types of drunks in the world; happy drunks, and sad drunks. Happy drunks tended to become exceedingly horny, flirtatious, and, well, happy. Sad drunks tended to become suicidal, depressed, and an all around horrible person to be around. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), Tenten was a happy drunk.

"To my place." She led him up the stairs to her flat, holding onto the railing for dear life as she ascended. It didn't help that the entire world was spinning around her, nor that she was having trouble figuring out which was way up and which way was down.

Luckily for both of them, her apartment was the first door at the top of the stairs; otherwise, there was a strong chance that one or both of them would've fallen over the protective railing fencing in the second floor. After fumbling around in her deep red pants for two minutes looking for her keys, she pouted slightly and glanced back at the blond behind her.

"Help me out here, I can't find my fuckin' keys!" Naruto blinked in confusion for a few seconds, staring at her as if she'd grown another head. He eventually understood what she wanted him to do, and with a small grunt, he jammed his large hands into her back pockets to help her look. The girl squealed loudly at the contact, uncharacteristically breaking out into a fit of giggles. "Fuckin' perv!" Grinning widely, Naruto squeezed her ass through her pants, causing her to shriek again.

She pressed herself snugly up against his larger body, shivering when she felt his shallow breath against her neck. He reeked of ramen and cheap sake; but then again, so did she. The feel of something hard pressing into her lower back caused her to freeze momentarily, and she shifted her position a bit to find a more comfortable spot. It wasn't until he groaned softly into her ear that she understood what the object that had been poking her was. Giggling once again, she deliberately rubbed herself against him, pretending to still be searching for her keys.

For his part, Naruto felt like he was in heaven and hell at the same time. The immense amounts of pleasure he was receiving was murder on his nervous system, and he briefly wondered if it was her goal to drive him mad with her teasing. Luckily for him, he was temporarily put of his misery when she finally emerged with a small set of keys.

"Found 'em!" she exclaimed, jiggling the pieces of metal in front of his eyes. She reluctantly stepped away from his body, and after two or three (read: nine or ten) tries, managed to smoothly slip the correct key into the lock. She quickly opened and stumbled into the door, loudly banging the doorknob against the adjacent wall. Her mind didn't even register the noise, however, as she was focused on one thing and one thing only: Naruto.

Tenten pulled him into her apartment and shut the door behind him as if sealing his fate. Her eyes were dark with lust, and rushing up to the equally horny blond, she roughly shoved him up against the door and slammed her lips to his in a sloppy kiss. Their hands roamed over each other's bodies, feeling, touching, and thoroughly molesting everything they could. It hadn't even occurred to her that this was her first kiss, nor that she had absolutely no idea what or why she was doing it. All she knew was that it felt damn good.

She forcefully shoved her tongue into his mouth, briefly recalling the stories Ino had told her about her many conquests with the shinobi population. That simple action provided twice as much pleasure as meager lip on lip contact did, and she moaned in joy when Naruto's tongue joined hers in an oral wrestling match. The battle for dominance was incredibly fierce as both ninja fought for control -- a battle which Tenten quickly lost when his hands somehow managed to snake their way up her shirt to loosely cup her breasts.

"N-Naruto..." she moaned, breaking the kiss to tilt her head back in bliss. This was far better than any romance novel or story she'd ever heard, and ten times more intense. What the fuck had she been missing out on for all of these years?! She moaned again when he attacked the newly exposed skin of her neck, licking and sucking at the tender flesh as if his life depended on it. It felt so fucking good that she couldn't help but wonder if he'd done this before.

Not wanting to be so easily outdone, she slipped her hands into the front of loose black pants, sliding the appendages lower and lower until they gripped something both hard and soft at the same time. She couldn't help but marvel at how hot the pulsing organ was, and how large it felt in comparison to her calloused hands. A smile broke out on her face when he stopped his attack on her neck long enough to groan, and she instantly knew that she'd gained control again.

She slowly began to pump the throbbing rob resting in her hands, reveling in the soft moans and whimpers coming from Naruto's throat. It was almost as if she were holding all of the world's power in her hands -- a power great enough to bring even the strongest of men to their knees. So absorbed in her miniature power trip, Tenten missed the removal of his hands from her breasts until he had easily hefted her up by her thighs, bringing her high enough to where he could freely capture her lips in another bone searing kiss.

"Bedroom," he muttered, breaking the lip lock long enough for her to answer. She pointed to her left and latched her lips onto his again, hanging on for dear life as he walked the both of them to her queen-sized bed. Unfortunately for both of them, Naruto found it nearly impossible to navigate through the dark apartment drunk; even moreso with a vigorously active girl in his arms. After much stumbling, crashing, and pain, he eventually made it to the oh-so-holy sanctuary known as Tenten's bedroom.

Without so much as a warning, he threw her back first onto the feather filled mattress before jumping onto the bed after her, fully intending to continue their amorous activities. He wasn't counting on Tenten expertly rolling him onto his back so that she was straddling him. He watched wide eyed as she reached into the pouch still attached to the back of her pants and emerged with a single sharpened kunai, effortlessly slicing the shirt open down the front and ripping it off of him.

"Didya really have to do that?" he asked, panting in both nervousness and exertion. Rather than answer, she eagerly attached her lips to his left nipple, sucking ferociously on the small protruding bud. She smiled around the teat when he began to writhe under her, and quickly brought her other hand up to massage the right one. She switched sides after almost a minute of this, connecting her mouth to the right nipple and using her hand to toy with the other. "God, Tenten..."

Having had enough of her delicious torture, he suddenly sat up on the bed, evoking a small 'meep' from the smaller girl on top of him. Naruto grabbed the bottom of her shirt and began to pull it up, smirking slightly when she earnestly lifted her arms above her head to assist him.

"Like what you see?" Tenten teased, cupping her breasts for added effect. She was exceedingly glad that she'd foregone wearing a bra that day, as that was one less step they had to go through. Her smile widened when she realized that he was still stuck on her chest, and she took that chance to quickly unbuckle his pants and pull both them and his boxers off of him. That same smile turned into a 'o' of shock as she got a good look at what he was working with.

The thing had to be every bit of seven inches long; pretty impressive considering what she'd heard and read about a man's penis. For the first time since they'd started, she felt a small bit of fear edging out the overwhelming lust permeating throughout her body. She wasn't sure if that thing would fit in her admittedly petite body without bursting through her cervix first. Luckily for both of them, her lust far outweighed the fear, and she hurriedly stripped off her own pants and panties and straddled the now very nervous Naruto. She gripped his pulsating rod and placed at the entrance to her vagina, biting her lip as she stared down into his cerulean blue eyes.

"Scared?" He slowly shook his head, a tiny smile appearing on his still somewhat childish face.

"Hell no."

"Good." Closing her eyes tightly, she leaned forward and captured his lips in another kiss before all but slamming herself down onto him. While it did hurt a bit, the pain wasn't nearly as bad as she'd thought it would be. She chalked the small phenomenon up to the fact that she was a kunoichi, drunk, and that her hymen had been broken years ago while training. Still, she broke the kiss and leaned forward onto his chest, struggling to get used to the feeling of having something so large inside of her. It was a strange feeling, but not at all unpleasant; she felt, well, full.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, awkwardly rubbing her back as she leaned against him. She nodded into his chest, and as if confirming her answer, Tenten slowly began to move against him. The effect was immediate. Both jounin gasped out in pleasure, unused to the intense feelings emanating from their conjoined genitals. Everything they'd done up until this point was like child's play compared to the main event. She paused momentarily to catch her breath, barely able to believe that something so simple could feel so fucking good. She rested for a few more seconds before resuming their act, grinding against him at a much quicker pace than before. Every nerve in her body felt like it was being dipped into a pool of molten lava, and she was forced to leave her mouth wide open lest she suffocate.

Naruto placed light, slow kisses along the left side of her neck and collarbone, wrapping his right arm around her waist to help her slide against him. It took every ounce of his concentration not to explode right there, and if he didn't do something to distract himself, he wouldn't last more than a minute. With that thought in mind, he brought his left hand up to her breasts, idly rubbing and pinching the nipples. Her moans intensified considerably, and he suddenly felt her begin to speed up against him.

"Fuck, I'm not gonna last long if you go that fast..." Still, Tenten paid him no mind and increased her pace even more, shaking the entire bed with her movements. She was exceedingly glad that her mattress was stuffed with feathers rather than coil springs -- otherwise, she was certain that she would've awaken the entire building with her activities. Her face slick with sweat, she once again leaned forward to kiss him, practically jamming her tongue down his throat in the process. She distantly noted that the buns in her had come loose, and as such, her long, shoulder blade length hair was bouncing freely around them, occasionally smacking one or both of them in the face. The slow burning in the bottom of her stomach was now a raging maelstrom, and breaking off the kiss once again, she leaned back to fully enjoy the pleasures Naruto was bestowing upon her.

"N...Naruto," she stuttered, her eyelids half closed and her mouth wide open. "I...I'm..." At that moment, her body suddenly stiffened and jerked on top of him, a loud shriek tearing it's way out of her throat as her eyes shot open in bliss. She felt herself thrown into vicious spasms, and her toes curled and uncurled with delicious pleasure. Shortly after, her partner joined her in the throes of passion.

"Agh, shit!" he yelled, feeling himself begin to jerk and spasm like Tenten had done only moments before. He felt something shoot out of his painfully erect penis as his body exploded in pleasure, and he tightly closed his eyes to clear away the millions of stars flying around in front of him. It took both of them a full three minutes to come down from the temporary high known as an orgasm, and the two jounin relaxed against each other in post-coital bliss. It was easily the most thrilling and heart pumping encounter that either of them had ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Naruto slowly leaned back until he was fully reclining against the soft, downy mattress. The brunette lay wantonly on top of him, already feeling unconsciousness begin to creep in at the edges of her vision.

"That...that was fuckin' amazin'," Tenten drawled, leaning her head on his muscular chest. The blond below her laughed lightly.

"Amazin' don't begin to describe that." She nodded her head minutely to show that she agreed before closing her eyes to get some well deserved rest.