Letting Love Find A Way

By: Vixen Xtreme

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Pairings: Shawn/OC, London/OC, Hunter/Stephanie, Tommy/Beulah, Morrison/Melina, Punk/Maria and more.

Chapter One: Courtney Alexis Laughlin

It was time to end it, and they both agreed on it. He, for one, deep down didn't want to. But she needed her freedom.

The Arizona man signed his name down on the dotted line. After he was done, the lawyer picker up the sheets of paper and scanned down over them. He fixed his glasses onto his nose and prepared to check for any missing blanks.

"Okay, let's see, I think we having everything all set." the elder, bald man stated. His dark eyes fixed upon Rebecca. "Rebecca is it...?"

The young woman nodded her head. "Yes."

"Are you and Shawn positive about this divorce?" the lawyer checked.

"Yes sir, we've agreed this is the way we wanna handle it." Rebecca confirmed it. "He'll still be able to see and visit the kids. It's just our marriage isn't working out and we want to make it easier on the both of us."

The lawyer looked over at Shawn. "Is this true?"

Shawn swallowed his pride. "Yes it is. And she'll be able to own the house and everything in it except all of my belongings."

"Alright then, I'll have it finalized and the rest will be in the both of your hands." he told them.

Shawn and Rebecca both stood up. He shook the lawyer's hand first.

"Thank you." he said, before walking out the door. The brunette female did the same and followed along with him. Shawn waited out in the hallway before she left.

The door closed to the office. The brunette turned toward to her soon-to-be ex-husband. He had her back to her.

"I'm sorry Shawn." Rebecca apologized.

The dirty blonde nodded his head in response. "Yeah ... me too."

She said nothing after that. She just continued on her way leaving the building. Her heels echoing down the halls as she walked off.

Even thought they agreed the divorce would be friendly and compermising, it didn't seem nothing of the sort.

"Val's go a hickey! Val's got a hickey! Ha, ha-ha, ha, ha, ha!" Courtney chanted as she chased her friend around the parking lot.

"Nooo! Leave me and my sexual imprint aloooone!" Valerie whined.

Tommy, Courtney's brother, caught her by the hair.

She squeaked slightly and swatted at him. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Let go! Release!"

Tommy did so and turned her so that she would look and face him.

"Courtney, please for the love of Mike, stop acting like your SIX." he demanded, becoming very irritated.

The younger sibling held up her hadns in defense. "Hey! I'm just really excited. I finally get to wrestle for the company. I mean I've been in OVW for just about forever and now all my hard work is paying off. I remember the first time you were hired for ECW. Eh? And also, I can't help it if Valerie's finally getting firsky with ol' Pauly. Tee hee."

"Leave her alone, and back then was different." Tommy stated, trying to cover his own hide.

Brown eyes rolled. Courtney gave him the look she always did when he was acting like a baffoon.

"Would'ja quit being gay for one moment in your life Thomas?" she told him as she walked in the back doors of the Boston arena.

"What did I tell you about calling me that?!" the brother complained.

Courtney just cackled as she strolled down the halls. Tommy followed with Valerie coming in behind.

Courtney Laughlin might of had the spirit of a young child, but her heart was definitely filled with passion. Passion for wrestling, just like Tommy. She took a lot after him. He taught her everything he knew. But that wasn't enough, she had to go through more schooling. Courtney headed to UPW and OVW for many years. Finally she had a contract offer. But it wasn't one of WWE, it was one from Jeff Jerrett and the company of TNA iMPACT. She only smiled politely and declinded. Courtney apologized to the man. She meant no insult, but she didn't want to wrestle for him; no matter how high the salary might of been. Her place was at World Wrestling Entertainment and that business alone. Courtney didn't need the money, she had it. But she desired to wrestle under Vince. She didn't know why, but that's what she felt. Tommy did tell her no matter where she wrestled, he didn't mind. Though she steill declined.

The slender blacknette brushed shoulders with a larger figure. She turned her head to spot who she passed.

"Oh, it's you." she said with a smile. "Hola Hunter!"

"Hola." he replied. He was dressed in his white 'Kings of Kings' t-shirt, loose blue jeans with black sneakers on his feet. In his left hand was his infamou water bottle. "Seen the goof ball around?"

He was referring to Valerie, who was also the younger sister of one of WWE's finest. Courtney turned around, expecting the Tommy and Hunter's sister would be coming up to her. But no one was there.

She shrugged. "Well, they were following me. Knowing Fatty, he probably presuaded Valerie to head to the catering area. Why, is it important?"

"Ah." Hunter said nodding to the first sentence Courtney said. He shook his head to the question she asked. "Not really. I was just wondering. But I'm going to beat her boyfriend's ass if I find out she has another hickey on her."

Courtney immediatly sputtered out giggles. She quickly covered her mouth to stifle them. "Ohh! You found out eh?"

The bigger figure nodded. "Yeah, but only this time I threatened him to stay away. Next time I'll kick the shit out of him like a red-headed step child. But anyways, I gotta go. I'm meeting up with Vince to go over some things."

She saluted him off. "Later big man and good luck with that!"

"Yep, thanks!" he replied as he walked off.

Courtney headed off on her own as well. She already knew being in WWE was going to be a blast.

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