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"And stained with lover's blood. in pendant rows,
The mulberries o'erload the bending boughs."

The blond bit his lips to surpress his moan. His toes curled into the ground. Tearing the grass from it's roots. The raven haired boy above him moved his tongue upward. Starting from the collar bone, ending at the blond's earlobe.


He smirked against the blond's skin. He brought three of his fingers to the boy's mouth. He moved his lips over the blond's ear. He whispered into it.


The blond shivered agiainst the hot breath. He parted his lip and took all three digits into his wet cavern at once. The raven growled and hung his head. His breathing labored. The coiling in his lower belly tightened at the wet sensations of tongue swrling at the wet sensation of the blond's wet organ swirling and coating around each digit.

The raven wrenched his hand away and placed his mouth over the others. The blond opened his mouth wider. Eager for more. The raven though, broke away. The blond whimpered at the loss, wanting more.

"Lift your legs."

The blond complied. The raven circled his fingers against the tight entrance. The blond moaned. He desperately wanted more.

The blond hissed. The raven had pushed through the tight ring of muscles.

"I love you."

The blond nodded. He understood.

The raven latched his mouth onto the other's again. Accepting the open inviation. He sucked at the blond's tongue into his own. He lapped at the inside of the blond's wet cavern. Running his tongue across teeth and all. Distracted, the blond didn't realize a second digit entered him. Then...the stretching began.

The blond broke away. Threw his head back. He cried in pain. The tears gathered in his eyes. One by one trailed down from his eyes.

The raven worked fast. Searching. Going deeper. Inserting the third finger. Moving in all direction. Searching...Searching...


The blond's toes curled. His hands clawed at the raven's back. He cried out again as the fingers were thrusted into him. In and out. In and out. He was close. Oh so close...

He was empty.The raven removed his digits. The blond whimpered at the loss of contact.

The raven smirked down at him. He carressed a whiskered cheek. Whispered loving terms of enderaments. He placed a hand upon each knee. His hardness positioned at the blond's entrance.

He pushed forward. Groaning at the hot tightness surrounding him. He pushed in up to the very hilt. The tip brushing against the blond's source of pleasure.

The blond groaned out of frustration.

"Sasuke...do something..."

The raven pulled out slowly before thrusting back in, hitting his mark the first time. The blond cried out in ectasy. He arched his back into the oncoming thrusts of the raven, wanting him to go even deeper than he was now. The raven moved faster, harder. The blond threw his arms above his head, his hands grabbing at the bark of the mullberry tree.

The raven reached down and clasped the blond's own hardness. He ran his hand against the length. Jerking it upwards as he reached near the tip. Accompaning it with a hard thrust each time.

The blond cried out in pure pleasure. Inside he felt like he was on fire but his skin was covered in ice. He thought for certain he would die in such pleasurable circumstances.

The blond cried out once more before exploding into the palm of the raven's hand. The raven groaned out as the blond tightened against his member. He thrusted into the boy below once more before reaching his climax.

The blond wrapped his arms around the raven's neck, ulling him down into a passion filled kiss.The raven slid out as he took control. Once they broke for breath, the raven rolled off of the blond and layed beside him. The blond pressed his body against the other's, laying his head on the raven's chest. The raven wrapped his arms around his love. The two of them lay still, content and basking in the afterglow of their activities.



"Is that how it would really happen?"

Sasuke opened his eyes. He turned his head towards the crack in the wall.

"Yes," he said softly. "That's exactly how it would happen."

On the other side of the wall, Naruto smiled.

"It's getting late."

"I know," replied Sasuke.

"They'll come looking for me soon."

"I know."

"I wish I could stay out here longer."

"Me too."

"I wish I could hug you goodbye."

"To kiss you goodbye."

"They moved my bedroom. I can't see you from the window anymore."

"I know. I wish they hadn't."

"Me too."

Sasuke heard someone call out for Naruto on the other side of the wall.

"That was sooner than last time," Sasuke remarked.

"They're getting suspicious."

"You should go."

"Press your lips to the crack."

"There's no point."

"It's something."

"It's nothing. I can't feel your lips and you can't feel mine."

"Please...for me."

Sasuke sighed. "Quickly," he said.

Naruto shifted onto his knees. He pressed his lips against the small crack in the stone wall. Sasuke at the same time, pressed his lips against the cold surface. They held it for no more than a moment, wishing afterwards that the wall that kept them seperated would crumble into dust. The next moment they spent together was cursing the wall. How dare it keep two lovers apart? The next was spent blessing the wall with it's miniscule fault. Thanking it for granting them the opportunity to hear each other's words.

The voice sounded again for Naruto's presence.

"I need to go," he said.

"Good bye."

"For now."

"...For now."

Naruto stood. He looked forward at the grey cement. Trying to see through it. Trying to watch his love walk away, back into his own home. Naruto then raced around to the garden. He quickly threw himself amongst the flower beds and rose bushes. He rolled over onto his back. His face towads the Heavens. It looked as though he was merely gazing at the night sky this entire time.

Kushina Namikaze had moved her positon in the doorframe. She strolled out onto the path leading into the heart of the garden. There she found her son.

"Naruto, what are you doing out here?"

He looked up at her. He acted surprised. As though he had no idea she was right behind him. He quickly stood up and presented himself to his mother. She repeated herself.

"Naruto, what are you doing out here?"

"Nothing, mother. I merely just stargazing."

She nodded. Outside she showed she accepted the excuse. However, she knew better.

"It's late. You can stargaze from your room. Go."

Naruto bowed. He walked past his mother. Walked back into his cell.

One glance. That was Kushina gave to the manor next dorr. One glace with one frown and walked back into her home.

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