A brief introduction to my new story:

Disclaimer: Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copywrited 2008 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted. No portion may be reproduced in any fashion without the express written and notarized permission of the author.

Harry Potter is the © property of:

JK Rowling, 1997

Bloomsbury Books, 1997

Warner Bros. 2001

Quantum Leap is owned by Donald Bellisario. However, this is not really used in the story, just in the initial chapter for Harry's journey back.

Timeline is owned by Michael Crichton. Again, this is just touched upon in Harry's travel back to the past.

Author's Note: Several aspects of the magical world are different in the fanfiction I write. The currency situation is one. As such, the currency valuation in any Seel'vor fanfiction will be as follows:

1 Knut 10 pence (0.20)

1 Sickle 2 pounds, 90 pence (5.80)

1 Galleon 49 pounds, 30 pence (98.60)

The concepts of 'Ancient and Noble' Houses is only briefly touched in canon, in Order of the Phoenix, where Sirius describes the House of Black. It is never accurately described in any detail, nor is the concept of 'Lords' being the heads of houses. As such, any references to Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of XXX is purely fanon.