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Ichigo's smiles were his and his alone. Ichigo loved him. And he told his notebook everything. Because he had his notebook to thank and hate. He had his note book to cherish. He could remember all the times he'd lusted after Ichigo with a blind passion. Because now it seemed like a distant dream.

Everything was perfect now. Those little kisses they shared when no one was watching. He told his notebook all about them. Ichigo watched when he was drawing now. Stayed in a certain position when he knew he would be inspired. Every touch, every feeling. He recorded them in his notebook, even though he knew he would never forget them.

They were in the hallways between periods, staring out the window to the neat gardens one floor below. Ichigo leaned down a little and kissed him over his right eye, which was still lightly scarred from the broken bottle two years ago. Ichigo liked kissing his scars. Almost as if he wanted to take the pain away.

And he was, he definitely was.

"Ew! Emo faggot! Get the hell offa Ichigo!" Rukia screeched down the emptying halls. A few people stopped to watch, waiting to see what Ichigo or Hichigo said.

"Rukia, don't you ever give up?" Ichigo asked with a sigh, running his hand through his wild orange locks.

"Why would I? You hang around with that freak, you're ruining your reputation! Don't you care anymore, Ichigo?" Rukia walked up to them, standing in front of them as if to stop them from leaving. "And not only that, he turned you gay!"

"Can you accept me if I'm gay, Rukia?" Ichigo asked, putting an arm around Hichigo's shoulders.

"NO!" she slapped his arm off, pulling Ichigo towards her. "You're not supposed to be! We're both popular, I'm pretty, we're friends. We're supposed to be the couple of the year. So why are you dating him?!"

"Because I love him."

"You don't! Now leave that man whore alone so you can be with me!" Rukia looked at him earnestly. "Don't you realize what a loser he is Ichigo? He's not even smart enough for you! He's a retard who can't do anything right. And he cuts himself every night. I'm way better than him! You're out of his league!"

Hichigo couldn't take it anymore. He was used to being talked down to and beaten. But he couldn't take it. Not from her. Not when she was trying to ruin his happiness. He shoved her off of Ichigo's arm. "No. You're out of his league. Now bitch, I suggest you leave us alone, unless you want me to turn you into a fag too."

"I hate you." Rukia told him. "You took what's mine. I hate you." with that, Rukia scurried down the halls and out of the school.

Ichigo stared at him for a moment, then burst into laughter. "The look on her face was priceless!" Hichigo laughed a bit too.

"I was only telling her the truth. If I'm a loser than she is too."

"You're not a loser."

"I know." Hichigo pressed his lips against Ichigo's.

it was a book of black walls. Secrets that weren't secrets anymore. Secrets that had kept him boxed in yet sheltered him at the same time. This notebook was his to thank and remember. His to keep and love.

This notebook told their story. A story from only one point of view. An angry story, and a sad story and a happy story that ended up well.

This notebook would never say happily ever after. That was overrated. It held what made them a couple, those secrets that drew them together. It was a two hundred page notebook, inside was both their souls. Souls that would eternally be written on clean but rugged pages.

It would listen when it was written. It was a book of black walls, it kept things safe and hidden. It would listen forever.

Paper is such a patient friend.

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Do you see how they bleed?

They're for you.

They're all for you.

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And make me smile./


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