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He didn't want to admit it. It was supposed to be a safe world now. The last two years had brought strangeness, but he had been able to ignore it then. Now the insolent young man stood tauntingly in front of in a bragging way, though he had barely said a word. They were coming back, every year they came back from the one place people weren't supposed to come back from.

"Kingsley…" The man said to him, "First Myrtle, then the Riddles. Now some of his unloyal followers have returned, including Regulus Black. You can't cover it up now, too many are back."

He thought a moment, "You're sure they're back, Potter?"

Harry took a step closer and looked Kingsley in the eye, "Two Aurors were killed by the unfaithful deatheaters, another is in Mungo's. They're back."

"Why do you care?" Kingsley asked, "You aren't the head of department, remember?"

"I've told you my suspicions before, they're all going to came back. Most of them the seventh after the war." Harry's green eyes gleamed, "That includes the dark wizards he killed, even those his followers killed."

Kingsley didn't like Harry's logic, though he knew it to be true, "Isn't there somewhere you need to be?"

Harry hid a laugh, "Yeah, I should be getting ready for my wedding tomorrow. Good day Minister." Harry left the room in good humor.

Kingsley wondered how a person who'd seen so much death could be so happy. Then he remembered the two weeks he took himself from the magical world after the final battle in order to sort things out. Apparently he was getting along with his cousin, and he and his Aunt shared an indifferent relationship, his uncle had died the year after the final battle. He'd helped a lot with rebuilding the ministry, and searching out the traitorous people buried within the ministry. Kingsley smiled as he remembered the look on his face as he locked Deloris Umbridge in Azkaban.

Of coarse, it had been his idea to separate the ministry from the Aurors. When asked why he simply asked if I remembered the second war. The Aurors couldn't help people because they were controlled by the Ministry, now the Ministry had to deal with what the Aurors did to make the world safe. Even if he wasn't the head of the department the head treated him as a second in command, as if training him for the job. Kingsley remembered when the old wizard would claim he was too old and suggest Harry just take over now, he would have the department ten times as productive in a day, whether impossible or not.

And now he's getting married, and to Ginny Weasley no less. She has only been seeker for the Hollyland Harpies for two years, but her name is known almost as widely as Harry's. Their wedding had been decided to be as small as possible, Ginny's parents and brothers, Ron as bestman with his fiancé Hermione as maid of honor, Harry's Aunt and cousin, and Hagrid, who had taken Harry in as a little brother. Altogether twelve guests, baby Victoire, and the bride and groom, making fifteen.

Kingsley remembered what Harry had said about the seventh year, dark wizards would be returning to our world. He rubbed his temples, we'll deal with it when it comes.

This is just a short prologue, story starts in next chapter, Enjoy!