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Nine years…

He had held the position as defense teacher for nine years, Teddy was now a seventh year who was dating Victoire who was a sixth year. And now Jay was a first year, in two years Al would be a first year and Lil a year afterward (Ginny insisted on calling her Lilith, Harry had learned to keep to just rolling his eyes after being hexed the first time). He saw the Marauders often enough, such as today, Halloween and the first Hogsmeade trip of the year. At ten he had helped supervise the students leaving and had gone back to his office to correct a few of the essays he'd gotten the day before, then at two he was meeting the Marauders at the three Broomsticks.

Hermione had given him instructions on how to correct essays, but he still found the entire process tedious and gave them rarely. He still had half an hour until he had to leave and decided to rest, turning his chair so he could look out the window. His eyesight had worsened much since the incident, but sometimes the restriction bothered him. Most people didn't even notice his impairment. It wasn't too bad, he could see things directly in front of him quite clearly, but at about twenty feet things began to blur, and his peripheral vision was horrible. He could really only see what was directly in front of him. He still remembered how it felt to know his dad was sitting next to him trying to comfort him after killing Peter, but not being able to see him at all while panicking in his head.

He heard a small noise that caught his attention and looked to see a silver cat walking up to him, easily recognizable as Minerva's patronus, which began talking to him in her voice, "Pott- Harry, we need to talk to you with… a student… that has disobeyed a rule. Please do not leave your office."

With that the cat disappeared. Normally needing to conference with a student and a teacher was not unusual, three years ago Minerva had bequeathed the position as head of Gryffindor house to him. The tone was what confused him, she sounded unsure of herself, confused, which was very unlike the Professor McGonagall he had always known. Bet it's Teddy… why can't this place ever be without troublemakers? Nat Diggs and her four companions had proved to be trouble, and Teddy picked up right where they left off and now Jay was slowly showing he could cause trouble too, but he was more subtle.

There was a knock at the door, but not Minerva's (since his eyesight worsened the rest of his senses improved, and he knew the knocks of many Hogwarts teachers and students), it was… Why's Severus here? He called for them to come in.

He was right, Snape had knocked, but McGonagall was with him, both scowling at the Gryffindor student they had caught disobeying the rules. That didn't surprise him as much as who the Gryffindor boy was. Jay stood almost shaking staring at the floor, or his shoes, pretty much anything but the three other people in the room. He can't even stay out of trouble for two months?

"We found him in Hogsmeade." McGonagall said curtly.

"And as I'm sure you know, first and second years are not allowed to visit Hogsmeade, and after that only with permission." Snape had said the last part pointedly talking about the few times he had snuck to Hogsmeade third year, but he chose to ignore the sarcastic remark that he was itching to say. It was his job as Jay's head of house and father to take this seriously.

"Strange, I don't remember seeing him try to sneak in among the other students going to Hogsmeade this morning." Harry said, as of yet he had decided no to pass on the invisibility cloak, Jay had a very creative imagination and being invisible would only encourage him. Jay shuffled slightly, he wondered if under the protection of parseltongue he would talk more freely, How did you get into Hogsmeade?

Teddy told me I should do it! Jay hissed loudly.

And if Teddy told you to jump off the Astronomy tower, would you? Jay looked up to Teddy as if Teddy was the perfect role model, and Teddy used that at times to get Jay in trouble.

Well, no…

That doesn't explain how you got in, I didn't see with the others.

I didn't go the same way as the others.

I'm listening.

Teddy gave me this map-

"He WHAT!?"Harry yelled, temporarily forgetting parseltongue, which made all three of the others jump and stare, but they were all quiet for a minute.

"Harry?" Minerva said quietly, "Me and Severus will just be going, we promised to meet Albus." They left the room leaving the two to talk out what was going on.

Harry sighed, "I need to talk to Teddy about encouraging you to break rules."

"He didn't make me." Jay said, defending his idol.

"Which is exactly why you are in trouble."

"Right…" Jay admitted.

"Anything else I should know?" Harry asked, which Jay took to mean 'You should tell me if you did anything else wrong or you'll be in more trouble when I find out about it'.

"Well… yes." Jay took a deep breath, "I used the invisibility cloak that you told me I can't have yet that I took from your old trunk to keep people from seeing me at Hogsmeade."

Harry just stared at him for a moment with his arms crossed, "Jameson…"

Harry only used Jay's full name when he was in really big trouble, "Sorry." He said quietly.

After a moment Harry had recovered enough to talk, "I'm not all that disappointed that you snuck off to Hogsmeade. I'm not really upset at Teddy for giving you the Marauder's map-"

"So that's what it's called." Jay interrupted before Harry snapped his fingers in front of his face.

"Focus." He said sternly, annoyed at his son's utter lack of an attention span, "I'm not even too angry about you for swiping the invisibility cloak. I am disappointed that you got caught. You should have been able to keep it on and no one would even know you were there, I did it enough to prove you can, but that's not the point, How could you get caught. More importantly, where is the cloak now?"

"I handed it off to Teddy before I got caught."

"And the map?"

"Teddy has them both."

"Okay, but this will cost you fifteen points from Gryffindor and a detention later this week."

"With who?"


He seemed relieved to know his father was the one he would have detention with, Harry gave him a speculative look and added, "Students generally prefer Snape's detentions." He knew Jay had had detention with Snape already this year and had hated it.

"Right, what night?" Jay asked.

"Wednesday will do. Now go back to your dorm and do your homework." Harry said shooing him from the room.

"But I don't have any-"

"Did you finish your potions essay?" Harry interrupted.

"Well, no."

"Then I believe you do have homework."

Half an hour later at the Three Broomsticks

Harry had just arrived and met the Marauders at the Three Broomsticks and the seven of them were sitting far too close in a corner booth. They had just finished saying hi and were on to more important issues, Dora opening the first, "So how's Teddy doing?"

"Depends." Harry answered.

"He didn't break another rule, did he?" Remus asked.

"Technically no, but I have to talk to him about encouraging his fellow students to break rules." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Jay." Lily said blandly.

"Not only did he suggest that Jay sneak into Hogsmeade, but he gave him the Marauders Map." This statement caused both of Teddy's parents to sigh before he continued, "Other than that he's doing great, he's top of his class and is doing a great job as Quidditch captain."

"I haven't seen him Seek in forever, how's he doing?" Asked Regulus who had taken the responsibility of training him at quidditch, James commenting every once in a while, but stopped when he was learning the technical aspects of Seeking.

"He's still getting better, he's going to try to get the snitch in less than five minutes in the match against Ravenclaw, I think he could do it." Harry answered staring into space like he usually did when talked to them.

"That's just creepy." James said from next to him.

"What's creepy?"

"You aren't looking at anything."

"Well, if I looked at you guys I would be constantly turning my head, and I don't see the point in it."

"Come on, it's not like you're blind." Sirius interjected.

"Actually, I am." Harry replied pointedly.

"Right, I always forget that. You just don't act like a blind person."

"I do my best not to, so how's it going at the Auror's Department?" Harry asked.

"Really calm actually." Lily said.

"There isn't much going on, and usually we end up acting as muscle for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement." James added dryly.

"Not much to tell." Sirius commented, "How's teaching?"

"Fun actually, but if you had told be that when I was in school I probably would have asked you why the hell you would say something like that." Harry mused, "I have fun getting to know the students and am friends with all of the teachers except-"

"Snape." James and Sirius both said.

"No, I was going to say Trelawny." Harry corrected, "How many times do I have to tell you that me and Snape get along before you'll believe me?"

"Come on, how can you be friends with that greasy git? He's evil!" James argued.

"Come off it, he's not evil, he hasn't been since…" They were watching him expectantly, "I need to get back into the habit of only giving the necessary information."

"I don't get what would make you think he's changed, you can tell us."

Tell you that he hated Voldemort because he killed his one true love, who happens to be your wife? "I really don't think you want to know, besides, I promised I wouldn't tell."

"Promised who?"


They spent the next hour talking drifting back to Snape every once in a while, but Harry refused to say anything, just like he had done for nearly seventeen years. Teddy had come in and apologized for encouraging Jay, Harry had accepted the apology and the Invisibility cloak (that he would in a place far more difficult to stumble across). He told Teddy that Jay might as well have the Map, he needed to work on not getting caught anyway. He smiled inwardly, this may be the end for Teddy's years at Hogwarts, but it was only the beginning for Jay and his younger children. The following years were sure to bring excitement, because every end is just the beginning of something else.

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