"So does someone want to explain what we're all doing here?" Sora asked, looking around the room at the assembled Chosen Children.

"Yeah, I am kind of wondering," said Tai sarcastically.

"Well, it was Miyako," said Daisuke, gesturing. She was sitting at the computer on his desk. "She found these really sort of attention-grabbing websites on the internet."

"Really?" said Izzy with vague interest. "How so?"

They were all crowded into Daisuke's room. Daisuke was leaning over Miyako's shoulder so he could see as she clicked through numerous screens. Iori, Kari, and TK were all sitting in a row on Daisuke's bed. Tai and Sora were standing nearby. Izzy was sitting near the window and Matt was leaning against the wall. Mimi, Jou, and Ken were sitting on the floor at the base of the bed.

"Okay, here we are," said Miyako, finishing her clicking. "Taa-daah!"

Tai pushed against Sora and Daisuke who were trying to see as well. "What is this stuff?" he demanded.

"It's fanfiction," said Miyako. "About us!"

"No way!" said Daisuke. He grabbed the mouse away from Miyako and began scrolling down the screen. "Whoa . . ."

"Um, what exactly does that mean?" asked Jou uncertainly from the floor.

"It's fictional stories about our lives," said Mimi excitedly, clapping her hands together. "We're popular!"

"Check these out!" said Tai in amazement. "There's all kinds of stuff on here!"

Sora stared at the screen. "Um, I don't know about this," she said.

"Relax," said Matt coolly. "That's just the way it is when you're in the public eye."

"Yeah, Matt, sure," snipped Miyako. "You would know, wouldn't you, since you are just that famous--"

"Okay, okay, let's not argue," said Tai, holding up his hands. "I've got an idea, you guys. Let's try reading some of these. I'm really curious to know what they say."

"Oh, wow, Tai what an idea," she grumbled. "I'm sure I never would have thought of it."

"Just click on one will you?" said Matt exasperatedly.

"Fine." To spite Matt, she clicked one that had his name in the title.

Matt's Best Band Concert Ever

One day, Matt was having a concert. He and his band members had been practicing all week for it. They were very excited. It was going to be the best band concert ever.

"This story certainly gets right to the point," Izzy remarked.

Tai snickered, "I don't know. I'm not sure I understand why it's called the Best Band Concert Ever---"

"I can't read it if you don't be quiet," Miyako snapped.

Everyone shut up and she resumed reading for the people who couldn't see.

"This is going to be the best band concert ever!" said Matt when he woke up. He looked out his window. It looked like rain. He was worried. Would it rain and ruin the best band concert ever?

Matt went to school. All day he worried that it would rain. He could not concentrate.

After school: "Hey, Matt!" said Robert, the drummer in Matt's band. "Are you ready for the best band concert ever!?"

"Yeah, man, I am pumped!" Matt said, waving his fist in the air.

Miyako stopped reading because she was giggling at the mental image she had of Matt stupidly pumping his fist in the air.

"Come on," said Daisuke, who couldn't see around Sora and Tai. "I want to know what happens next!"

Miyako continued reading.

Caleb and Blyth, the other people in the band who played other instruments other than the ones Matt and Robert played arrived. They too were ready for the best band concert ever.

"Let's rehearse our songs one more time," said Matt. He began playing his guitar and singing. He had a wonderful voice. But then----- Sora, Matt's girlfriend arrived.

"Hi, Matt!" she said in her whiny voice. "Hi, Matt! Stop playing that thing and pay attention to me!"

"Oh, hi, Sora," said Matt, grinding his teeth. Sora was his girlfriend and everything but sometimes she annoyed him.

"Oh, really?" said Sora.

"No!" said Matt. "I think that's enough of this one."

"No, keep reading it," Sora insisted. Matt fidgeted uncomfortably and Miyako snickered as she continued.

"ALRIGHT!" yelled Robert, triumphantly waving his drumsticks in the air. "Let's go!"

It was the band concert. They were outside playing on a concert stage.

"SHUT UP, ROBERT!" yelled Matt. "I am the lead singer and I will say when we start." Inwardly Matt sighed out loud, how DARE Robert try to steal his lead?

They started. They began playing and Matt played his guitar and sang. All the girls in the crowd screamed. It had not rained after all. Sora too, was in the crowd, screaming stupidly. Matt tried not to look at her as he sang.

"I see you in the morning light, whoa whoa whoa, and you make my heart spin!" he sang.

"Wow, Matt, I didn't know you could write such good songs," snorted TK. "I mean, those lyrics are better than what you usually write."

Several of the others laughed.

"Stop making a commotion!" said Daisuke. "I really want to know what's going to happen next."

Matt kept singing. But then, in the middle of his song, he saw her. In the crowd, for she was one of the ones watching his concert. She had beautiful cinnamon colored eyes. She had long flowing pink locks. The moon was like a melody all its own as it lit up those beautiful cinnamon eyes. And she made Sora look like an ugly old hag.

"Mimi," said Matt. "I never noticed you before this night. But now I see you. This is truly the best band concert ever . . ."

"What!" cried Sora. "Mimi? Mimi! And I'm an ugly old hag?"

Tai clapped his hand over his mouth and tried not to laugh.

"Was Matt thinking? Or speaking out loud?" Iori wondered. "It specifically stated that he was in the middle of his song. How can he say those complimentary things about Mimi and still be singing at the same time?"

"Maybe he stopped singing?" said Ken.

Sora was glaring at Mimi, who looked uncomfortable. Jou still looked confused. Izzy appeared to be uninterested. And Matt looked embarrassed and annoyed.

"That's ridiculous, Sora," he said. "Iori's right, I mean, you can't even take this seriously."

Tai leaned his forehead against the wall for a minute and tried to think about sobering things, like all the enemies they'd fought and the rising rates of cancer. Once he had himself under control he turned back to Miyako. "Okay, that was uh, interesting. Maybe we should try another one?"

"Hopefully one that isn't about me," said Matt.

"That one looks like it's about all of us," said Daisuke, pointing at one that was entitled: The Fun Rafting Trip.

"Alright, fine. Everyone hear that?" Miyako asked. "We're going to read The Fun Rafting Trip. It's apparently a story about a fun rafting trip taken by the Chosen Children filled with food, fun, friends, and romance."

"Great," sighed Matt, looking at the ceiling.

The Fun Rafting Trip

It was a beautiful summer's morning and so the Chosen Children decided that they were going to take a rafting trip down a river near where they lived. So, they all piled into Tai's convertible and drove down to the river.

"Oh, Tai has a convertible now!" said Matt sarcastically.

"How did we all fit?" Iori wondered.

Matt was following in his dad's vehicle with all the rafting equipment and the fat people who did not fit in Tai's spiffy convertible, like Sora.

"Oh, that's better," said Iori. "Erm . . ."

"Just keep reading," sighed Sora.

They reached the river. The sky was an azure blue with nary a cloud to be seen. The river reflected the gorgeous sky above. Because the river was near a forest, many trees could be seen. Within the water, fish jumped merrily.

"Fish jumped 'merrily'," repeated TK. "Merrily?"

"Gatomon!" cried Kari. She laughed. "Stop eating the fish!"

Many bones from fish who had jumped a little too merrily littered the beach. Gatomon spat out another skeleton and began picking her teeth with Kari's hairbrush.

"Gross!" said Kari.

"Alright, it's time to go rafting!" said Daisuke.

"YAY!" said Miyako.

"Yahoo!" said TK.

"SPIFFING!" cried Ken.

"Yippee!" said Iori, with uncharacteristic joy.

"Yayness!" added Kari.

"Oh, you kids," said Tai, chuckling as he exited his convertible.

"Shall we initate our departure down the tributary?" suggested Izzy.

Everyone yelled yes in enthusiastic voices. Tai inflated a raft and threw it down into the water. Matt and Izzy threw in some more. Then they all got in the rafts and rode off downstream.

"Isn't this fun, Ken?" Daisuke started to say. He spun his pole in the air and accidentally whacked Ken in the face with it.

"Urrgh, Daisuke!" Ken gasped. He slipped over board.

And drowned.

"Oops," said Daisuke.

"Ken!" cried Miyako.

"Nooo!" cried Kari.

"Oh, well, that's kind of sad," said Tai. "But he was the Digimon Emperor, remember. And now . . .time for pre-cooked HOT DOGS!!!"

Everyone cheered, except Ken, of course. But then, the raft Sora was in capsized, on account of her being too fat . . .

"You know, I don't really think I like this story very much," said Miyako. "It's just, um, strange."

"I didn't understand it," Kari spoke up from the bed.

"How was it supposed to be fun?" TK wondered. "It was random . . .and kind of annoying."

"I'm beginning to get the impression that I'm not very well liked," said Sora wryly.

Ken was staring at his hands in his lap. Whatever had possessed someone to write something like that? he wondered. Did it have something to do with him being the Digimon Emperor. Was he getting his just punishment? Even in these fanfictions?

"Okay, so that one's not exactly going to win any awards," said Tai, who was enjoying the stories immensely. " Let's try one more."

"I'll try to find a good one," said Miyako, scrolling carefully downwards. "I know, how about this one!" she pointed. "It's called Our Last Glance. It sounds a little more sophisticated than the others."

"Not that that's saying much," said Tai cheerfully.

Our Last Glance

It was a cold September night. A storm was brewing far in the north. Yamato Ishida, the famous rock star, pulled up in front of the cafe. He sighed as he glanced through the windshield at the forlorn, out-of-the-way building. It was old, it was dilapidated.

And it was the only place he had left to turn.

"Hey, this one seems a little better!" said TK. "It's sort of suspenseful."

Wearily, the handsome blond glanced up at the cafe's sign, swinging back and forth in the northern wind. After a moment he turned away and strode towards the building's double doors.

Upon entering he found the place to be mostly empty. Other than the bartender there was only one other person present: an older, rather forbidding gentleman in dark overcoat.

Yamato knew him well.

"Oh wow!" cried TK. "I wonder how ?!"

Miyako glared at him. "Try to contain yourself," she said.

He approached the gentleman's table.

"Ah, Ishida-san," said the man with a dark chuckle. "I knew you'd be a long sooner or later."

Yamato's hands automatically clenched into fists. He forced them to relax. "Tamagotchi-san . . . if you think I'm going to--" Yamato was unable to finish his sentence. At that moment two figures had stepped out of the shadows and moved rapidly towards him.

Before they could reach him he had dodged nimbly out of the way and pulled his gun out of its holster. Within seconds he had it pointing at the forbidding gentleman's forehead. "Call them off," he hissed.

Miyako, who had a natural flair for the dramatic, read the story aloud in a theatrical voice. When Yamato spoke she deepened her voice to sound like his. The others listened, for the most part, attentively. Some of them gasped when Yamato pulled out the gun. TK was sitting on the edge of the bed nervously, wondering if the forbidden gentleman and his henchmen were going to do something horrible to Matt. Matt himself was growing more and more annoyed at what he felt was the ridiculousness of the story. Tai was biting his lip and making an effort not crack up.

"My, my, temper temper," cackled the dark man, unperturbed by Yamato's sudden attack. "Kill me if you like but you'll never know the secret that I carry."

"Okay, this is got to be practically the stupidest thing I've ever heard," said Matt, interrupting. "I mean, come on. What the hell?!"

"Well, if you'd just let her read maybe we'd find out!" snapped Mimi, who had been enjoying it.

"Yeah, Matt, calm down," said Daisuke. "It's just fiction."

Matt folded his arms across his chest and leaned back against the wall next to Sora. Why did these stories have to focus overwhelmingly on him?

Yamato spun away from the dark man and his grip on the barrel of the gun failed. It crashed to his feet. He fell to his knees, clutching his head. Why was this happening to him?! WHY?! Was his life doomed to be one overwhleming tragedy after another?!

"Yamato! Wh- what's going on here?!" cried a musical voice, and he looked up from his despair to see a brunette-haired beauty framed in the doorway.

But ALAS his joy was short-lived, for no sooner had his eyes met with her depthful brown ones when---

BANG! A gunshot rent the air. Sora collapsed and fell to the ground as the bullet pierced her chest.

"SORA!" Yamato shouted as he watched her fall. He raced to her side, but alas . .

"Ya . ..ma . . .to," she gasped, blood dripping everywhere.

"I wanted to see you, one last time . . ." he gasped. Her lovely red eyes closed shut FOREVER. The beautiful blue dress she was wearing and her reddish locks were drenched with more blood.

The dark man threw back his head and laughed diabolically. Lighting crashed outside as the storm hit. At his side, one of his henchman lowered the weapon that had claimed the fair young maiden's life.


"Erm," said Miyako.

"Okay, just for the record, I did not like that," said Iori. "Do all of these stories involve death?!"

"What happens next?" asked TK in concern. "Will we find out why they did that?"

Tai buried his face in his hands, snorting with laughter.

"Did anyone else notice that her eyes and hair changed color?" asked Jou.

"We never found out anyone's motivation for anything," said Izzy.

"What about the next part?" TK started.

"NO!" yelled Matt suddenly. Everyone looked at him in alarm. "There is NO next part, TK! He pulled the mouse away from Miyako and abruptly exited the screen before storming out of the room.

Will the Chosen Children continued reading the fanfiction? Or have they had enough?