"I really want you guys to read my story," TK said, looking around at the others hopefully.

"Sure we'll read it, TK," said Jou.

"And I want to know what you think about it," he continued. "Any feedback is helpful."

'What's your story about, TK?" asked Mimi.

"It's about our adventures in the Digital World. Well, I made most of it up. But it's based on our adventures. Please read it!"

"Go ahead and look it up, Izzy," said Jou.

"Wait a minute," said Kari, as Izzy logged on. "Won't Matt get angry if he comes back and finds out we're on those kind of websites again?"

"Oh, he won't notice," said Mimi dismissively. "Just say we're reading something TK wrote."

It was now the weekend and the group was having lunch in an internet cafe. Matt was at the counter placing everyone's order. TK glanced over to make sure he was still there. He was. The clerk seemed to keep messing up their order and making Matt repeat it. TK could see that his brother was starting to get annoyed. He turned back to the others.

"We've got time," he said.

"Okay, TK, what's your story called?" asked Izzy, once he was online.

"The Chosen of Hope's Destiny Part 1! Er, and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 now."

"You've been busy," remarked Kari.

"Oooooh! STOP!" shrieked Mimi. "Go back, go back, go back!"

"Why?" asked Izzy. "There's nothing to see . . ."

Mimi pointed.

Visions In Pink

Mimi Tachikawa had everything. Beauty, brains, and successful career as a world famous fashion model. But what happens when she meets a mysterious certain handsome someone one night???

"Quick! Click on it!" said Mimi excitedly. "CLICK ON IT! NOW!"

"NO! We're going to read the Chosen of Hope's Destiny!" said TK. "Izzy, don't let her click on it!"

"You two must decide for yourselves," said Izzy.

TK and Mimi both tried to grab the laptop keyboard at the same time. TK's finger jammed down on the touchpad while the pointer was hovering over a completely different fanfic.

The Digidestined Lose Their Minds LOLOLOLOLZ

LOLOLZ FTW!! tHis is a story about the digidestined going crazy! YAY! Plz r and r!

"I wouldn't count on that," muttered TK.

"Wait- what? What's going on?" said Jou. "I still don't get any of this."

One day MetalEtemon came back from the dead and decided to get the Digidestined and make them pay for killing him . . .twice!

"Yeah baby! I'm gonna get the Digidestined!" he said.

The Digdestined were walking to the movie theater.

"Gosh golly, I am so not looking forward to my chemistry exam tomorrow!" said Sora.

"I'm not looking forward to any of my classes because I am failing all of them!" said Daisuke. "I don't know why though."

"Maybe because you ARE so dumb Daisuke!" said Kari.

"Yeah, ha ha ha!" laughed TK.

"Stop laughing at Daisuke. He is not dumb, you two are the ones with straight F's after all!" said Iori.

Kari began to cry because she had straight F's and she was so stupid.

"LOLOLZ I like having straight F's!" said TK.

"Aren't you worried about getting kicked off the basketball team?" asked Mimi.

"Hey, you guys, come on. We need to decide what movie we're going to see," sighed Tai.

Suddenly there was a huge flash of light and a big explosion! MetalEtemon appeared in the middle of the sidewalk, laughing evilly and

looming over our young heroes. "I'm a gonna get you, you Digidestined!


"OMG! It's a giant monkey that dresses like Elvis and is made out of metal!" gasped Daisuke.

"Maybe it's a Digimon!" said Iori.

"No, it's probably one of the those advanced robots they are building now," said Ken.

"NO! it's MetalEtemon! He is a Digimon and he's come back to get us even though he

should be in hell right now!" yelled Tai pointing

an accusing finger. "Get ready everyone!

"Wha-?" said Kari, who was too stupid to know what was going on.

"MELTDOWN MUSIC WAVE!" yelled MetalEtemon, and he hit them with his musical attack. They all fell over and hit the ground as the destruct-O notes went over them. Then they all lost their minds because his music scrambled their brains

"Ahaha! My work here is done!" MetalEtemon crowed. Then he vanished in a mysterious cloud of mist that drifted out over downtown Odiaba.

Here's what happened to them:

Daisuke= thinks a duck is his new Digimon partner

Ken= the music instilled him with a love of bad pop music and now he wants to be a pop star

Sora= in love with all the guys (oh, like she wasn't that way already)

TK= slaps the person across the face everytime someone says 'digivice'

Kari= dumber than usual

Iori= thinks everyone with blond hair is BlackWarGreymon

Izzy= anarchist

Tai= drug addict

Matt= thinks he's in a Barbie computer game

Jou= now studying to be a beauty technician instead of a doctor

Mimi= was miraculously spared

Miyako= thinks she Lucca from Chrono Trigger

Okay, so then:

"GASP! It's BlackWarGreymon!" screamed Iori, pointing at TK. "MetalEtemon must have summoned him!"

"Where?!" asked Daisuke, looking around frantically. "I don't see him. Oh, well, get our your digivices."

Tk slapped him across the face.

"Hey!" cried Daisuke.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" screamed Iori. "BlackWarGreymon just attacked Daisuke! Somone do something. We need our Digimon!"

"Dude! Drugs rock!" said Tai.

Izzy glanced around evilly and then slunk off.

"Alright, girls, it's time to style our hair!" Matt announced.

Daisuke ran across the street to the duck pond.

Ken was singing into a tin can he had got somewhere like it was a microphone. "La la la la! You're all I need, baby. La la la. Digi- digi

digi know that?"

Sora's eyes got all starry. "Wow! Matt and Jou and Ken and TK and Daisuke and Izzy and Tai are so hot!"

"That's right! This outfit it totally stylin'!" said Matt.

"Nooooooooo! it's another one!" Iori pointed a shaking finger at Matt. "TWO BLACKWARGREYMONS!"

"Quickly Chrono! To the TIME PORTAL!" screamed Miyako. "Use the pendant to open it!" She dragged Daisuke aka "Chrono" back across the street.

"What happened to everyone?" cried Mimi.

"Drugs rock my socks!!!!" Tai declared.

Iori threw Armadimon at TK.

"OW! What the--?" TK demanded.

"Use the pendant!" Miyako urged Daisuke.

"You mean my digivice?"

TK slapped him.

Jou was giving Ken some tips on how to style his hair. "Let's see. I think you should get some silver streaks put in ahh, er, yes the a-line really isn't working."

Meanwhile a horde of evil Digimon trashed downtown Odiaba. Alas, most of our heroes were all too preoccupied to notice. Izzy alone was watching the actual evil Digimon and he seemed happy that they were destroying Odaiba. As for the others, Jou and Matt were trying to brush Ken's hair. Iori was trying to organize a retreat because of the overwhelming power of two BlackWargreymons. Tai was talking to thin air, Kari was staring off into space, TK and Miyako were chasing Iori-- who ended up running harder, Sora was swooning over all the guys and had fainted, Mimi was fanning her and trying to wake her up, and Daisuke was still trying to make the duck evolve.

"No, that is not what I ordered," Matt said for the third time." He sighed, why couldn't the clerk get it right? He repeated his order for the fourth time. "I want three sandwich specials, a coffee, and a salad, and six sodas. And a frozen yogurt, strawberry-flavored."

Kari had resumed watching him. Now she hastily tapped Mimi on the shoulder. "He's finished ordering!"

"The Chosen of Hope's Destiny is better than this!" TK was insisting. "It has all the things this story lacks! Epic battles, a charming hero who you can't help but root for, drama, romance, action, and even some witty humor that is used with style and tact. Unlike this."

"I still don't get this fanfiction stuff," Jou was saying. "Who on earth is even writing these things? How do they even know who we are? Not that the people in this one resemble us to much. Not even before, uh, MetalEtemon changes us. It doesn't even make sense."

"Well, this story isn't a very good example," said Kari. "Uh, well, I mean it's actually worse than most that we've seen. Although that does take some doing."

"Alright guys, our food will be out in a minute," came Matt's voice. He leaned casually on the back of TK's chair. "C'mon guys, get off the computer for a minute. I want to check out a movie show time."

Mimi and Kari both lunged forward and tried to cover the screen. A sulking expression came over TK's face.

"Come on," complained Matt. "Don't be that way. What are you--- WHAT. THE . HELL. IS. THIS?!!!"

Mimi had tried frantically to click out of The Digidestined Lose Their Minds LOLOLZ but unfortunately, accidentally clicked into the climatic final chapter, which alas, ended with Matt pursing a career as a cross-dressing fashion model, Tai checking into to rehab, Kari being pronounced brain-dead, Sora and Matt having triplets, Miyako and Daisuke traveling through the space/time continuum to prehistoric times, Iori assassinating TK, and Izzy burning down Odaiba.

They all read in silence for a few moments.

"Oh, er, um . . ." Mimi bit her fingernails.

Kari had her eyes closed.

Izzy was worried that Matt was going to do something rash. If he actually hit their laptop, that would make portable travel to the Digital World more difficult. He stood up to shield the laptop from him.

"Didn't I say we were done with these?!" Matt demanded.

"But Matt-" TK started.

"What is wrong with you people?!"

"I just wanted to read that first one, Visions in Pink," said Mimi timidly.

"WHY do you want to read any of THESE?!" Matt continued. "These things are absolute dreck! They serve NO purpose!"

"Er, Matt--" Izzy began.

"I would think that you, Izzy, of all people, would know better," Matt's eyes narrowed.

"I still don't get any of this," said Jou.

"B-b-b-but, what about the Chosen of Hope's Destiny!!!" cried TK. "It is not dreck!"

"I'm doing this for your own good, TK," said Matt. "No more. This is THE END."