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In a village high up in the mountains, the people of Kumogakure were in a panic. After learning of the failed kidnapping attempt on the Hyuuga heiress, they were in trouble since Konoha had reason to retaliate. Kumo was in a uproar. Most of the civilians and newer shinobi were calling for a new Raikage while the elder shinobi were disappointed that they mission failed but realized that they were in need of a new kage because of the condition of the village and the fact that he failed on his last chance.

The Sandaime Raikage sighed as he watched a large mob outside his window, demanding that he stepped down from office. He had put all his hope on the mission to redeem himself to everyone and it ended in failure. He sighed deeply as he looked down at all of them and wiped a tear before taking off his kage robes and laid them on the desk with his letter of resignation on top of it. With one last breathe, he pulled out a tanto and pressed it against his throat before he slid it through easily. He collapsed into a heap with blood spewing out of his neck and his eyes became dimmed tell they were completely void of life.

Only a few days later, the newly chosen Yondaime Raikage was listening to the council bickering on what to do. Some of the council wanted to have Hiashi executed for killing their shinobi after the peace treaty was signed. Others said that they should do give something to Konoha for violating their side of the treaty. Only one of them wanted to go back to war with Konoha, but the others quickly shut the old war hawk up.

The Raikage sighed in annoyance. 'I hate this shit. Why did I accept this job? Oh yeah, Makoto and Yugito.'

The council kept bickering as the tick mark on the Raikage's head began to increase. "Alright, Shut up!"

They all stopped talking as they looked at the slightly irritated Raikage, Aisukaze Tenshi. "We are never going to get anywhere at this rate."

The council member looked at each other and repressed the urge to argue with him, but nodded their heads as they knew it was true. Hell, they rarely agreed on anything most of the time anyways.

An elder council member spoke up. "So do you have something in mind."

Indeed Tenshi did have something on mind, but he really didn't want to do that to Makoto's daughter, but he had no choice. He sighed before looking him in the eyes. "Yes I do. We were suppose to seal the treaty by sending over one of our shinobi to Konoha, correct."

The council members nodded as they did make the treaty. "But we violated it by trying to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress and it failed resulting in losing one of our best shinobi. I believe that they will not trust us unless someone important is sent over now."

The council jaws hit the floor at this statement, but couldn't help but agree with it somewhat. A younger member spoke up for them. "So you are saying we give them one of our top shinobi! That ludicrous!" The other members of the council nodded their head in agreement as they were running short on quality shinobi as it was.

"I wasn't talking about one of top shinobis, we cannot handle that right now. I was thinking more on the lines of say, my ex-teammates daughter, Yugito." He said while glaring at the council to oppose him on this before continuing. "The fact that she is a jinchuuriki makes her highly important and due to their lack of shinobi, will most likely lay off as a jinchuuriki is always useful for rebuilding your forces."

"But we need to rebuild our forces as well, Tenshi-sama."

He nodded as he knew it was true, but was thankful that he just got a visit from Jiraiya not but a week ago. "That is true, but I've have information from a friend. His spy network has been gathering information a certain group, a group that is known as Akatsuki. Even with his network, all he knows of their goals is to capture and extract the bijuu from their host, the rest is still unknown as they are just recently formed."

"There are currently 9 members and each are S-class nukenins and have done terrible crimes. Not to mention that the known members are all in the top twenty in each villages bingo book. Each member is assigned to capture a bijuu, but they work in pairs so that they can easily over whelm the bijuu or jinchuuriki our case. And from what they have shown, they will destroy anything in their path to get what they want."

"Now I know we already possess the eight tails but to have two demon vessels in our village at the moment can not bode well for us. They might turn us into their first target and descimate whatever is in their way to obtain both. While I know Kirabi is more than capable of defending himself along with his brother standing beside him... But what of Yugito? She is of no use to us right now for she doesn't even know how to control the Nibi nor is she skilled enough to not make her a liability for us in the meantime."

"It is quite clear what we have to do. Either we give Yugito up to Konoha in forgiveness or we risk starting an open war with them. Pick your choice." Tenshi finished, his gazed boring into the eyes of the council.

This had the council thinking. One they could have Yugito turned into a living weapon and let them build their shinobi force up, only to have nine of the strongest shinobi in the lands coming after them and quite possibly losing their own families lives in the process. The other was they could give the burden to Konoha and be rid of the trouble, but have a harder time training quality shinobi as they would have to risk them in more dificult missions.

There was also the fact that a war could start with Konoha and that would be the worst case scenario for while the leaf was weakened and they, the Cloud, had never disarmed during any of the great wars, Konoha was still considered the strongest nation in the world at the exact moment. It was a hard decision, but after a few minutes they had thought it through and called Tenshi back in.

The eldest member of the council stood up and looked at Tenshi before delivering his statement. "By the order of the council, Nii Yugito, the Jinchuuriki of Nibi no Nekomata, daughter of the Nii Makoto, will be sent to Konoha for redemption on our part in the attempted kidnapping of the Hyuuga heiress."

Tenshi nodded at their statement. "Good. Meeting adjourned." He turned around and walked out of the room before heading to his office. Once inside, he pulled out a scroll and wrote a message before putting it on a messenger bird and sent it to Konoha. He sighed before sitting down in his care and looking glumly at the wall.

"I hope I'm doing the right thing."

The Sandaime Hokage sighed as he looked at the six year old, spiky blonde haired boy on the couch in his office. The villagers had attempted another attack on the poor child, not wanting to believe he was their only salvation from the demon he held back. Sure, he imprisoned the ones that attacked him, but he couldn't execute them all seeing as their was around a hundred, though they were going through sessions with Ibiki to find out who the ring leaders were so they could be executed.

But this time was different from all the others. The six year old child had finally broken. He had released a massive amount Kyuubi's youki scaring the villagers and alerting shinobi to what was going on. The Hokage arrived within seconds of sensing it, only to see Naruto was dozens of lacerations over his body and tied to a flaming post, but the wounds were healing at an unbelievable pace while the youki repelled the fire. Many shinobi showed up at this time and began to gather up the mob and started herding them towards the jail in town.

Sarutobi had quickly taken Naruto off the post and looked at his eyes and saw that they were deep crimson with dilated pupils. After a few moments, he had finally calmed the young boy down and he instantly passed out as the youki left his body. The Hokage picked him up and was shocked to see that all of his injuries were healed and quickly took him to his office after ordering the few Anbu there to find out who the ring leaders were by any means.

He was no fool and knew that Naruto had know about Kyuubi for at least a year now after a vicious assault on him. He had found him in a critical state with the head of the Anbu, Hatake Kakashi. The young child injuries from that day were 5 broken ribs, a cracked pelvis, punctures to his right lung, stomach, large intestines, small intestines and his left kidney, dislocated both shoulders, a fractured femur, a stab wound next to his heart and bruises on the inside of his rectal passage indicating he was raped.

After that incident, he was placed under the protection all the major clans even though Hiashi did it half heartily that day only because he was forced to. Hiashi was convinced, meaning beaten the shit out of, by the majority of the females in the Hyuuga clan to put Naruto under protection. Even with all their protections, it still didn't stop attacks on him, only reduced them from happening regularly.

Naruto had changed from that day on as he was no longer his happy self. He slowly began becoming colder to everyone around him and would lash out at anyone at any given moment. He started zoning in and out constantly and eventually stopped talking to everyone. Not even Sarutobi could pierce through his icy exterior. After a while, Sarutobi had of his most trusted Anbu watching over him believing that he was beginning to show signs of schizophrenia. This worried him even more when Kakashi, Tenzo and Yugao had all reported that he began to speak to someone or something when he thought he was alone.

After debating with himself and asking the advice of his Anbu, Sarutobi had asked Inoishi go into Naruto mind to figure out what was wrong. Inoishi agreed as he along with the other clan heads had began to notice Naruto's change as well. After waiting till he was asleep, he went into Naruto's mind and began to search through his mind.


Inoishi wasn't quite sure what to think. He had never seen a mind like this before. The fact that it was sewer wasn't bothering him to much, but the way it looked did. There were large cracks along the dark, clammy walls. This disturbed him as he knew these walls represented Naruto's mind. Even though it was cracking, it didn't look as if it was going to fall apart any time soon, as the walls looked very sturdy. Inoishi was slightly impressed by this as it meant that Naruto had a will of steel, especially after what all had happened to him. He continued walking around trying to figure out what was causing Naruto's gradual change.

It wasn't to long that he found himself in front of Kyuubi's gates only to find that it wasn't there. After panicking and almost releasing the jutsu, he noticed movement in the back. Taking a closer look, he noticed there was a large figure in it that he figure was Kyuubi, but what was odd was there looked to be a human like figure sleeping next to it. He walked closer trying to figure out what it was before he jumped back in fright as a giant reddish-orange claw nearly split him in half.

As he looked up he saw two crimson eyes that he hadn't seen in five and a half years staring at him with no emotion other than hate in it's eyes.

"Human. Why do step foot in my kits domain? Speak now or be devoured."

Inoishi couldn't help but shiver at the powerful, yet slightly feminine voice, but answered not really wanting to test the seeming irritated fox. "I just came here to check on the state of Naruto's mind and find out why he talks to things that aren't." The kitsune narrowed it's eyes him before emitting some red youki, lighting up the cage. His eyes widen as he saw Naruto curled up against Kyuubi's stomach while laying on one of it's tails and using the tip of another as a blanket.

"As you can see, my kit is fine at the moment. But the cracking on the walls should give you and idea of what is happening." Inoishi winced at this, knowing it to be true. "He isn't talking to things that aren't there. He is talking to me as he feels somewhat safe in his pathetic excuse of a home, so you don't have to worry about him becoming schizophrenic any time soon."

Inoishi sighed in relief hearing that and was about to speak up when Kyuubi cut him off. "I will not answer any more question. Only know that I'm protecting my kit and if events like the one earlier this day should happen again, I will level this village when I'm freed. Now if you excuse me, you are disturbing my kit's sleep. Leave."

Seeing the kitsune close it's eyes and curl around Naruto was Inoishi's cue to release the jutsu and tell Sarutobi what happened.

(Flashback End)

Inoishi quickly reported what he had learned to Sarutobi, who in turn call a council meeting excluding Danzo as he would oppose everything they would try to do. Needless to say they weren't all to thrilled to hear this, yet couldn't help but slightly agree with the foxes statement if they were in it's place. Sarutobi made them swear to secrecy that none of this information would not get out under the punishment of death. They agreed mainly because they didn't want any villagers knowing about this as they would take it as a threat and try to kill Naruto and the old war hawk, Danzo getting wind of this and turning Naruto into his personal weapon.

Sarutobi sighed deeply as he looked on at Naruto before a tap at one of the windows behind him broke him out of his thoughts. Turning towards it, he saw a bald eagle signifying it was a message from Kumo. Quickly letting it in, he took the message from it's talons and quickly unsealed it before reading it. He could only sigh for the umpteenth time after finishing it. It was time to go get the council.

Sarutobi sighed as he waited for the rest of the council members to show. He hated these meeting with a passion as they rarely ever agreed on anything without him intervening. Of course they were waiting for Danzo. He always wondered what made him allow Danzo to become a elder and get a seat on the council, sometimes he could be to damn kind for his own good and the fact that Danzo was the only person besides everyone else in the room that qualified for the position.

Just the, the old war hawk with one arm walked into the room and sat down at his seat as they all quieted down as they looked at Sarutobi, waiting for him to explain. He sighed before taking a deep breath before speaking. "I've just gotten a message from the newly instated Raikage wishing to seek redemption for his predecessor's actions." Most member of the council nodded slightly at the statement waiting for the Hokage to continue.

"As in the original treaty, they wish to send a shinobi over, someone of greater importance than they didn't originally plan on." At this Danzo interrupted him. "So they'll be sending over one of their best shinobi then." Sarutobi shook his head at this making most of the council raise their eyebrows. "No. They are not, they are sending us shinobi in training, an academy student." Now this didn't have a good reaction from most of the council. Most started saying how absurd that is and they wouldn't accept the offer if that's all they were offering.

The only ones that didn't were the Nara clan head, Nara Shikato and the Aburame head, Aburame Shibi. Both thought about what he said logically and Shikato was the first to respond, making the other council members quiet down. "He isn't a normal academy student is see. Someone more like Naruto." At this everyone was silent as they looked at the Sandaime, who nodded his head at Shikato statement. "Correct as always Shikato, except he is a she. Nii Yugito is the jinchuuriki of Nibi no Nekomata, a weapon in training. Now I would never normally say this, but since our shinobi forces are still recovering from the war and Kyuubi's attack, we need something that can gives us and edge over other villages."

Most winced at this knowing it was true and most of them didn't like the idea of a living weapon themselves and that was the reason why they always denied Danzo on taking Naruto under his wing. Of course soon as Danzo heard this he instantly had a smile his face before speaking. "So your saying we should turn her into a weapon. Than I humbly ask the council to accept their offer and once the girl arrives that she be handed over to Roots for training."

The first to responded to him with Shikato. "Under no circumstance am I going to willing hand you over anyone to become a weapon. It is inhumane." The next was Shibi as he never liked the war hawk anyways. "Logic says that she is still a human being and no sane human should ever go through that hell." After that one by one, the rest of the council members added their say to it, all deny him his way. Once they did, he stood up and was about to walk out of the room.

"Emotions brings hate, hate brings war." After that he left the room leaving the council to just glare at were his back was, wondering why Sarutobi just didn't kick him off the council.

Once he left and they all calmed down, Hyuuga Hiashi spoke up. "I think the girl should be added to our clan. It seems that they admitted they were behind it, but are asking for redemption. It would make sense that the girl would be placed with us as my daughter was their target." 'Plus I can arrange for her and my nephew to be married and then use her against our council to get rid of the seal once and for all, though I have to find a substitution for it first.'

Uchiha Fuguku seethed at this. "Fair my ass! You just want her to settle some clan disputes and to strength you clan. And then when she can bear children each child with have the Byukugan and have and extraordinary amount of chakra with other benefits as well." He yelled at Hiashi. He did have a point, but most of the other council members could see that he was wanting the girl for the same exact reasons and having someone to marry off to Itachi or Sasuke.

Most clan heads sat their bored as the two heads of the famed Uchiha and Hyuuga clans pointlessly argued about the girl jinchuuriki. Sarutobi was beginning to wonder why he ever came to these damn meetings as they always ended like this and he was starting to believe that he was too old for this shit. Though most of the members were slightly glad that Kumo didn't demand Hiashi's head, some part of them were wishing they could give it to them just to stop the arguing between the two doujutsu users.

As the two argued over petty issues that had nothing to do with why they were here in the first place, Shikato got an idea... well, dozens of ideas but only one that he said out loud. "Why don't we put Miss Nii with Naruto." As soon as this was said, it had the attention of everyone in the room. Mitokado Homura was first to break the silence. "That a good suggestion and it could work, especially seeing the change in Naruto over the last year due to the attack."

Yamanaka Inoishi spoke next, remembering his visit into his mind. "Yes it would be good to have someone to talk to besides the ANBU guarding him daily. And maybe she could get him to open up as they have something in common." Utatane Koharu nodded her head at that before adding her opinion. "Yes it is a good idea, seeing that he only talks to other children when we force him to and even then it isn't much." Mostly everyone in the room flinched at that as it was unfortunately true.

The next to speak was Shibi. "I agree with Shikato on this. Also she has some training on using her bijuu's powers and can teach Naruto to harness them as well." The others nodded, but weren't exactly pleased with this notion as Naruto was exactly stable at the moment and using Kyuubi's powers could end up breaking him. Hiashi voiced his concern on this. "While I do agree with Shibi on that, I think we should wait to have her teach Naruto how to use Kyuubi's power until he is more stable. Otherwise it could end up terribly and there might be lives lost in the process."

All the other council members agreed with this as they didn't need any more tragedies on their hands. Inuzuka Tsume was the next to voice her opinion. "While I agree having the two together is a good idea, where will we put them? I mean his apartment is barely enough for him and if none of you remember, it was inhospitable even for rats." Everyone flinched and looked sad at this, none more so than Sarutobi as he was the one that set Naruto up there in the first place.

"We could always move him in the apartments for our shinobi. He is dead set on become one even after everything he has been put through and there would be no worry about him having any trouble there as there will always be someone there that can protect in case the worse should happen." Fuguku said in a rare moment of kindness. Of course this had everyone staring at him in shock. A tick mark developed on his head as he mumbled about never being nice again.

Once everyone recovered from that, they nodded in agreement with him. Sarutobi looked at all of them before speaking. "So do you all agree with this." When they all nodded Sarutobi continued. "Good, then as this moment Uzumaki Naruto and Nii Yugito will be moved into an apartment together in the shinobi district once she arrives. Meeting adjourned." Everyone got up and left the room rather quickly as they had things to do, not counting Hiashi and Fuguku who restarted their argument from earlier.

Sarutobi walked out quickly not wanting to be caught in the cross fire of the two and made it to his office before smiling at the young boy sleeping on the couch with an Anbu reading Icha Icha leaning on the wall next to him. Sarutobi could only sweat drop before faking a cough to get is attention. Of course he knew he already had it, he just wanted to see him put the book away before Naruto woke up. "Report."

The Anbu quickly put up his book before answering in a slightly lazy tone. "He's been sleeping peacefully while you've been away, though I did have to keep Anko from taking him home with her. But other than that it's been quiet." Sarutobi nodded at that, ignoring his lazy tone as no matter what, it would always be there. "Thank you Kakashi. I have one more job for you today." Kakashi nodded as he stood at attention. "I want you to find an open apartment in the shinobi complex next to someone you know that sees Naruto as him and not Kyuubi. I know most do but there are a few that don't."

Kakashi nodded and was about to leave before something popped up. "Hokage-sama if I may." Sarutobi nodded as he already figured what he was going to ask. "What was the council meeting about? I know it was a message from Kumo, but I'm not sure on the details." The old man sighed and cursed Kakashi analytical skills before answering.

"Well, I supposed that you would have found out sooner or later anyways. The new Raikage had convinced his council to ask for redemption. So his offer was to send over a young girl, a jinchuuriki like Naruto. The meeting was about accepting this offer. After a some discussion they did." Kakashi winced as he knew when the Hokage said discussion, it meant bickering and arguing. "Then when they did, they were deciding on what to do, Shikato came up with a brilliant idea that I didn't even think about. Putting her and Naruto together."

At this Kakashi raised his eyebrow before nodding. If anyone could get him to open up, it would have to be another jinchuuriki. "So for the remainder of the meeting, they discussed and then agreed that putting them in the shinobi district would be the best thing for both of them." Kakashi nodded as it made sense. Think for a moment, he spoke. "Hokage-sama. I know my apartment complex has a lot of vacancies on the east wing. Mainly because the two most eccentric people in Konoha live there."

Hokage paled at that as he knew who he was talking about. It was none other than the flaming passion of youth known as Maito Gai and violent and blood thirsty, Mitrashi Anko. Suddenly, two images of Naruto appeared in both of their minds. One with him dress in a green spandex with a bowl hair cut smiling with the brightest set of teeth you had ever seen and the other was him wearing a fishnet shirt, tan pants and trench coat while chewing on a dango stick looking crazily at them as he was spinning a kunai around his finger.

Both shivered at the thoughts before looking at each other. "Well, as long as they don't turn him into miniature versions of themselves, I'd say that would be a good place to put him." Sarutobi spoke as Kakashi just nodded, trying to get both images out of his head. Once he did, he spoke up. "Well, I'll go see if there are any others, just in case." With that, he shushined out of the room and started frantically searching for different apartments, one closer to him than those two.

Sarutobi smiled as he saw this before pulling out a scroll and started writing on it, telling him of what happened. 'Well Tenshi your plan worked. Now all we can do is hope they won't kill each other.' He sighed as he pressed the buzzer and Kotetsu and Izumo walked into the room. "I have a C-rank mission for you two. I need you to see what's salvageable in Naruto's apartment and bring it here once your done." Both nodded before shushining out. He sighed once more as he looked at Naruto before smiling lightly. 'Well, I hope this works out, for your sake.'

Turning away from him, he placed the scroll on the eagle's talons before releasing it and watched it fly of in the distance. After a few moments, he turned back to his desk and paled at the amount of paperwork on it. Kami how he hated this job at times.

Aisukaze Tenshi was currently signing paperwork at a rapid pace, mumbling about how unfair it was that he had to do this. Other than being slightly irritated by the amount of paperwork, he was worried about Yugito. Not in the sense that he cared for her, more of the fact that if Makoto was still alive he would have a kunai lodged so far up his ass that it wouldn't be funny. And the fact that he had to deliver the new to Yugito himself was just painful as hell as she tried to maul him for not honoring her kaa-san's wish.

Funny thing was that he was, just not in the sense she wanted it. She had asked him to take care of her as she passed away and he had done so, grudgingly though. He had no love for the jinchuuriki as she was nothing but a weapon to his eyes. But Makoto had also asked him to keep that from happening and his love for her that that he had forced his hand and made him do this. So at the moment he was waiting for the Hokage's answer so he could get this over with.

He didn't have to wait long as a rap at the window brought him out of her paperwork induced trance to see the messenger eagle had returned. He quickly let it in and took the scroll off the talons before unraveling it. As he read it, he sighed in relief. Now he didn't have to find a way to keep the council from turning Yugito into a weapon. Now all he had to do was convince Yugito to pack. Somehow, he knew he was in trouble.

A few days later at the border between Kaminari no Kuni and Hi no kuni, Tenshi, with his most trusted shinobi besides him, had come personally to see Yugito off as he really didn't want anything to happen along the way that kept her from getting to her destination. He recognized the three shinobi that had come to deliver Yugito to Konoha and was quite shocked that the Hokage would send them.

They were the nearly unstoppable, Maito Gai, the apprentice of the Snake Sannin, Mitrashi Anko and finally the famed Copy Nin, Hatake Kakashi. He looked over at Yugito before motioning for her to go. She growled at him, but did as he said as she picked up her two bags and walked towards the Konoha shinobi with a pissed off expression.

All three noticed this, but didn't say anything as they figure she had no choice in this. Once she was besides them she turned around and glared maliciously at Tenshi. "Kaa-san would not approve of this." He closed his eyes and shock his head. "I really don't care. I'm following her will as I'm not the fool she was to believe that the council wouldn't turn you into a weapon." At this all three Konoha shinobi showed surprised, but hid it quickly while Yugito's eyes widen hearing this.

Tenshi saw this and decided to intervene. "Don't think I'm doing this for your well being, as I'm not. I loved your mother enough that I'm doing this for you, so be grateful that I didn't allow them to turn you into a near mindless weapon." Yugito had tears running down her face as she heard this while Anko was restraining herself from attacking the man. Both Gai and Kakashi noticed this and were ready to stop her if she couldn't hold herself back, but they didn't have to worry as he spoke again.

"Kamadaki, Mihoshi. We leave." He turned around and walked off with both following him closely, not even sparing a look back. Once they were out of sight, Anko knelt down besides a tearing Yugito and gave her a slight hug, uncharacteristic to her nature. For some reason, Yugito just melted in her touch and started crying her heart out while Anko just picked her up and motion for Kakashi and Gai to get her bags before they turned around and headed towards Konoha.

A little less than a week later, the four was on the final leg towards the gates of Konoha, much to the relief of Kakashi. If he was around Anko and Gai for to much longer he might have just offed himself to keep from going insane. 'Thank Kami for the miracle of Icha Icha. Jiraiya you are a life saver.'

On the way they told Yugito, after they had calmed her down, about the plans on moving her in with Naruto. After a few questions, she managed to get out of them that he was kind of like her but after a certain event had turned him from a happy, energetic kid into a cold, emotionless child with no care for others. She of course was puzzled about what could cause such a change and led to one conclusion.

"Is it about his condition?" Both Jounin tensed as they heard that question. All three narrowed their eyes as they heard this, but also were surprised that she was able to pick up on their subtle hints. Anko sighed as she nodded at her question. "Yes, it part of the reason. Let me ask you a question. Were you ever treated badly back in Kumogakure?"

Yugito looked somewhat surprised by the question but nodded. "Yes, but not very often. My kaa-san was very well respect and a few gave me cold looks. But most treated me with respect as I was her child." At this, all three rose and eyebrow at this and Kakashi was beginning to berate Sarutobi for not telling Naruto's lineage to the villagers as if it worked in Kumo, why wouldn't work here. Danger be damned. He knew good and well that they had the superior shiniobi. "Well they never beat harmed you did they?" Asked Gai. Yugito shook her head. "No. As I said, they respect my kaa-san to much to do anything like that."

The jounins nodded in understanding as it made sense. Anko pulled out a object wrapped in cloth and handed it to Yugito as they neared the gate. "That your Konoha hitai-ate. You are a shinobi of the Konoha now." Yugito looked up in surprised at her. "But I'm only an academy student." Kakashi nodded his head at that. "True, but remember we evaluated your skills a couple of days ago. That was your test to see where you were at. We deemed you fit to be a gennin as you passed the test with flying colors." 'Not to mention hanging toe to toe with Gai for five minutes in a taijutsu match with him at ten percent isn't easy. I doubt most chunin could pull that off.'

She looked at him critically before she nodded and tied it on her forehead as they walked up to the guards at the gate, who oddly enough were Kotetsu and Izumo. Kakashi was the first to speak in a somewhat humorous tone. "Don't you two ever get a break. I swear I see you doing guard duty 24-7." Both smirked at him before Izumo answered in the same tone. "We do, you just never seem to catch us on them."

Kakashi laughed at them before replying. "True. So when are you two going to get promoted. I mean you two have been chunin for a while now." Kotetsu waved him off. "Ah, I'm not sure about Izumo, but I like it as a chunin. Plus all the jounin seem to underestimate us give us the advantage." Izumo nodded at that while smirking. "Anyways, you four can go. Hokage-sama is expecting you." Kakashi smirked. "Alright then, see you at the bar tonight." The nodded as he led them to the tower and walked into the Hokage's office.

Once in their, he and Anko had to refrain from laughing as Sarutobi was refraining from stabbing the giant pile of papers on his desk with a kunai. After regaining their composure, Kakashi coughed to get his attention. Realizing other people were in the room, Sarutobi instantly threw the kunai out the window and looked towards the four. "Report." Kakashi reported what happened for the most part with Gai and Anko adding in their takes on what happened. Sarutobi nodded as he looked over at the ten year old girl.

"I see. Well, that is unfortunate. But you don't have to worry about that here." Yugito looked up at the old man and nodded her head. "Thank you Hokage-sama." He chuckled hearing this. "Don't worry about being formal with me, it makes me feel old." This made her smile and nodded at him. He smiled back and looked towards Anko. "Anko-chan, will you be kind to take Yugito-chan here to her apartment with Naruto-kun. It's the one to the right of yours." At this Kakashi paled and looked at the Hokage as if he was insane. The Hokage looked right back at him with a glare that said 'It was either her or Gai.' Kakashi winced at that before nodding his head slowly.

Anko smirked as she turned to Yugito. "Alright, come with me. I'll show you all my toys... I mean your new roommate!" At this Kakashi, Sarutobi and even Gai paled and started to pray to all deities that both jinchuuriki didn't model themselves after her, otherwise they were screwed. Yugito nodded as she followed Anko out of the room. Gai quickly left to go train leaving the Kakashi and the Sandaime in the room alone. "I think I fucked up."

Kakashi could only nodded as he watched Anko randomly terrorize some guy on the street. She definitely wasn't the best romodel for the two jinchuuriki. He rather take Gai as at least he didn't rub off on you to badly, if you could ignore him...

As Anko opened the door to the apartment next to hers, she yelled. "Oi Gaki! Get your ass out here!"

There was no response as she looked at the empty apartment with only a few things scattered around. She sighed as she walked in with Yugito behind here before yelling again.

"Gaki! If your playing the silent game on me again I'm going to use you for target practice for the next month!"

She still didn't get an answer and knew he wasn't home as he always answered to that in the past when she visited him at his old apartment. "Hm. Guess he's not in at the moment. Oh well, let's get your things unpacked." Yugito nodded as Anko pulled out a scroll and took her two bags out of it. After taking the bags from Anko, she went to the first door which was luckily the unoccupied and started to unpack the things she had.

Anko popped her head. "I'll be right back, I'm going to find the gaki. It's past his curfew." She nodded as Anko disappeared and continued to put up her clothes in the closet as that was almost all she had besides her weapons.

An half an hour later, Anko hadn't returned yet and she had everything unpacked. She walked out to go get something to eat when the door opened to reveal a bruised and bleeding boy with spiky blonde hair, tanned skin and three whisker marks on each cheek. She instantly thought he was just beaten, but taking a good look at him, it looked as if most of the bruises and cuts were self inflicted as if he been training heavily. And the fact that they were healing at an extraordinary rate made it rather unnerving sight to look at.

Naruto looked at the person in his apartment, forgetting that Sarutobi said he would be getting a roommate when he moved in. He tensed as he saw her move and was ready to fight, however girl just stood their looking at him. As they started at each other, their eyes met and something in their stomachs began to move around as they looked into each others eyes.

Unknown to them both Kyuubi and Nibi were laughing their asses off at their vessels reactions to each other.