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Through the darkness of night, he couldn't help but feel the haunting silence was lulling him into a false sense of security. He knew something was going to happen and it made him deathly nervous for this was the calm of the storm.

Every soldier was told to watch their back for their siege had a temporarily lapse and the enemy had broke through and got a call of aid out to the rest of the world. While it was well known their war had been going on the village had refused any help until now when they were on the break of defeat and the rebellion was on the verge of breaking down the gates pouring into the city.

Yet they seemed to fight with new vigor knowing something they did not. Their moral was rising and that was quite disturbing for despite this they were still losing every battle and being pushed back. And that all led to one conclusion.

Their plea had been answered and another village would be coming to aid them. Now it was just a question of who it was going to be.

This plagued the young field general as he pushed his hand through his blonde hair while his emerald eyes looked over his soldiers preparing for their dawn raid. If it was another major village they would be crushed. They could not stand up to what remained of the loyalists of the village and the might of the Rock, Sand, Mist or Leaf.

Thankfully Konoha was supporting their efforts so they were almost all but eliminated from the equation despite a new Hokage being named. Suna was almost just as unlikely for they had aligned with Konoha in mostly everything. Whether it was out of fear of their power or feeling safer for being allied with them he was not sure but it only benefited them.

Kiri was thankfully had gotten out of a civil war of their own and with depleted forces they were almost immediately ruled out. Risking losing more named ninja would only weaken them to the extent of becoming on par with the lower villages, though the strongest of the low tiers such as the Rain or Grass. It was also unlikely they would want to keep an elder regime up for they won their rebellion and wished for changes not only in their village but all around.

Now that left Iwa... A known long time ally of Kumo. While for a short time they were enemies near the end of the Third Shinobi War, they slowly repaired their relations and while still not friendly the Rock would not like to loose their last valuable ally. The only reason they had not entered before was they were still rebuilding their forces from the war and losing their Second Tsuchikage from a mad bomber.

Smaller villages were far more likely for the chance of getting a foot hold into a powerful village and being able to wield some power of them. So the Grass and Rain were huge suspects to help them despite the Rain's position against all the five powers. And then there was the disturbing report of a powerful missing ninja creating a village of his own... One Orochimaru of the sannin.

The snake wouldn't hesitate to take a chance and control such a village for he could easily sway Tenshi and force him to bend to his will. Orochimaru was not someone to be trifled with and despite the skill of both leaders neither was sure they could win a match against the inhumane man.

Shaking his head, seeing the signal for the attack, Shi sighed before his face hardened. With a flick of his hands, he took point of his forces and used the rocks of the mountain to blend in and make their way to the gates of the village. His force would be the one to keep the forces there occupied while E's force would follow behind with their battering ram to shatter the gates if they didn't capture the gates altogether in their raid.

And when that happened this war would finally be over before anyone could intervene.

Stopping his battalion, narrowing his eyes at the gates, Shi cursed under his breath. They had decided to move their sensors the front lines. While this was a fool hearty strategy for it would get them kill quickly, it allowed them to build their forces almost immediately and strike with their full force.

This was their last stand and they knew it. If they could prevail here it was all over and they knew that. They had to take the risk of loosing their sensors otherwise they would lose nonetheless.

Cringing, there was no time to react. He knew the sensor was about to call for help and Shi did the only thing that was left in his option. He commenced the attack. "HIT THEM NOW BEFORE THEY CALL FOR HELP!"

Thousands of shuriken flew in the night sky and towards the guards at the gate and those on the walls. There was no kunai among them for the Cloud was unique in that aspect. While they used the ninja stars for projectile weaponry they forsake the versatile ninja knives for real blades like katanas, wakazashis and ninjatos.

However since many were sensors they knew the attack was coming in time. Despite this only a handful out of each group was able to avoid for the sear amount of weaponry was difficult to avoid.

The smart ones were able to use the walls of the village, since they were built like that of a castle, to avoid being seriously hit or killed with the weaponry. Many others were able enough to avoid fatal strikes but took serious hits that would debilitate them nonetheless. And then there was those that were unlike or did not feel the attack and were took by surprise and fell, their blood pouring on and down the walls of their beloved village.

Soon after the first wave ended, the guards quickly blew the sirens and lit the signal fires. Shi narrowed his eyes at this, knowing something was horribly wrong for why would they need fires to alert those within the village that the fighting had begun. His stomach turned for he knew something was obviously wrong but he could not call of the attack.

This battle was the war.

"First wave storm the gates and get those ladders up!" Shi screamed out, knowing the walls were sealed so there would be no way to run up them and they were high enough that not many could make that jump. "Second and third unit, keep them busy with your projectiles!"

Staying back for he was the commander and had to give orders to his soldiers, Shi kept his focus while his friends Samui and her brother joined his side ready to join in the attack. He bit his lip to keep from leaping in himself seeing some of his comrades being struck down by shurikens coming from the defending force.

He hated seeing one lose their life. Everyone had a purpose and to see their life be extinguished so easily made his heart wrench and remind him his pained past. But he had no time to think like this for the ladders were being propped and it was time to act.

"Second unit head in and get on those walls! Third keep showering them! Do not worry about your own comrades for they willingly accepted this roll!" Shi barked out and kept Samui from joining the group. "Stay! Wait for their projectiles to wane before heading in."

Samui narrowed her eyes at her captain. Despite how much she felt for him, having fall for them since when they were chunin, she was not going to be told to stay back. "These are our men, Shi! If we can't stand with them in battle then what good are we?"

"Right..." Her brother grinned, drawing his blade with a wicked smirk. "Besides I can't hold back any longer. I've been waiting for a chance to strike these bastards were it hurts!"

Before Shi could turn to him, he was gone and rushed in behind the second unit. Then a split second later he reached out to stop his sister from following. "Dammit! Samui stop!"

"I'm sorry..." She muttered under breath and followed after her brother knowing that her odds of surviving were low.

However it was the right thing to do for she couldn't watch her friends and fellow shinobi die before her and do nothing. She knew Shi felt the same but he had his duty as captain to lead the entire unit. As his lieutenant... She did not.

Shi bit back a curse and was ready to go in, about to delegate someone to take over for him. He couldn't let Samui sacrifice herself like this alone. He would have liked to see his sister once more but she was the love of his life. His other business, both personal and job related, could wait.

But before anything could happen his eyes widened in horror as a powerful burst of malevolent green chakra ripped the ground before them and towards his unit. "EVERYONE MOVE!"

He was able to dodge and a few others that were in the back of the row but those in front were not so lucky. The powerful burst of chakra ripped through them, disintegrating a few and leaving a few without limbs or entire pieces of their torso blow away.

Landing in the aftermath of the blast, Shi's eyes shimmered with fear. He had seen such an attack before but it was nothing like this. The destruction was the same but the blood and guts nearly made him lose it. But keeping his calm her turned to attacker to see what he had feared.

A line of rushing Iwa shinobi, most chunin along with a few jounin, coming from the earth below and charging towards them. And in the middle was a narrowed eyed teenager with green chakra surrounding his being.

Taking out his blade, he swiftly tore through the first few attackers without much trouble for he was too fast and out of their league. "Everyone to arms! Our enemy is before us!"

Many of his shinobi did so, a few throwing a few more shurikens to aid their comrades on the wall, before engaging with the shinobi before them. However Shi's gaze focused solely on the one with green chakra. "Raiu of the Rock... Vessel of the Nanabi. So Iwa has decided to intervene to save their precious ally."

"I'm simply following orders..." Raiu growled while his demon's chakra burned around him, his hatred for his village surfacing. "To them none of this matters... There is only one thing that does and I might as well give it to them!"

The green chakra burned heavily around him before he drew forth a kunai in each hand, his now red eyes glazing straight into Shi's narrowed emerald. "And what would that be?"

A deep scorn crossed Raiu's face before he spit on the ground before him, his rage barely contained. "To show them the value of their precious weapon! And in order to do that you must die!"

"Raiton: Sandāfurasshu!"

Unknown to what had happened behind her and the battle that had begun, Samui followed her brother into the thick of the combat. They had managed to get over the wall just before the ladder snapped in two when the top portion of the wall crumbled.

There were many people fighting in such a small space it was hard to decipher who was friendly and who was an enemy. She saw it on occasion that one of their ninja would strike out at their friends and were luckily deflected. However some were not for they struck down someone they considered a friend and more then not froze from what they had done only to have a blade pierced into their chest and end their lives.

It was a horrible sight but one that was accustomed to war. Samui herself was not immune to it and cringed seeing such violence before her eyes. Her brother was more able to adapt for he... Wasn't all there. He was rather sadistic and while he was still a good person once a battle got he didn't care if you were friend or foe.

He was going to shred them. She was the only one immune to his violence for their parents had died long before in the Third Shinobi War.

Samui was knocked out of her stupor and was forced to defend herself using the daggers she kept on her to block the swing of a katana. Unlike most Cloud shinobi she hated wielding a long blade for it threw off her center of balance. Well... That wasn't true. She used to be very good with them but...

Then she grew her two, rather substantial, babies and her balance suddenly thrown off. So she simply cursed the blade and swore them off for she did not want to place the blame on her own body...

Slipping one of her daggers from the block, she stuck it into his sternum before he had time to react. Using the sudden lack of grip on his blade, she flicked it out of his hand before bring her hand to his throat and cutting through his jugular.

She winced from the blood spray, some of it splattering onto her face and into her eyes; she barely had time to wipe it out so she could see before she was pounced on. But the shinobi never got to her and his head rolled to the ground, her brother standing directly behind him. "Samui! Don't lose your focus here! I can't save you every time woman!"

"Get the blood out and continue attacking! We got to take this wall so we can get into the village!" He finished, noting that her vision was impaired and that was deadly for nearly all shinobi in the mist of a chaotic battle.

Already having been doing so, Samui simply nodded at her blood lusting brother before taking care of an incoming shinobi that was behind him, driving a dagger straight into his heart. At the same time her brother slid in behind her and with an arcing slash severed a kunoichi's arm before following it with driving his blade through her throat.

Samui winced at her brother's merciless nature, especially seeing the smile, she shook it off and headed further into the combat. She was able to keep her bearings and differentiate friend from foe easily helping out others in need and freeing more comrades in battle. Despite that the number on the wall was unusually thick...

It was then she realized why. There was Iwa shinobi among them and that was not a good thing. "Shit! Their reinforcement have already arrived!"

"I'VE NOTICED!" Her brother yelled out from a little further ahead while he dealt with such a shinobi. "IT DOESN'T CHANGE A THING! JUST KEEP FIGHTING! WE NEED THE GATE!"

Knowing this was true, Samui felt a little better. It was honestly difficult to kill fellow Cloud shinobi that may at one time had been friends or even family to someone she knew or that was in the resistance. However... It wasn't so hard to kill a foreign shinobi that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

"Katon: Fureabāsuto!"

These words caught Samui's attention before a flames exploded along the wall, engulfing everyone near the eruption. Samui's eyes widened as she watched her brother be caught off guard just as the flames enveloped him. But she had no time to scream for they were stretching out and the blinding flash of light burned her eyes, forcing her to take her sight from the flames.

Just then the stones beneath her gave way and she was barely able to detect a ball bearing aimed to her temple at a blistering speed. Able to deflect it with her daggers, she flung herself up and onto the wall once more before she glanced at the one who had attacked her.

It was a simple teenage girl with a kusarigama in her grasp, spinning the ball bearing on the other and holding the kama end in her dominant hand she figured. And now she could see who the flames came from just as he brother threw off the man he used as a shield to the flames.

"I heard of you two from the Chunin Exams in Konoha... To think you are on the level of a jounin was unexpected. It seems you held back some during the exams." Samui narrowed her eyes at the two before her.

Satoshi only grinned before he went through a massive amount of hand seals at a rapid speed Samui could hardly follow. "Glad you know of us and of our true strength... It will make your deaths all the more easy for you to swallow. Aschen, the girl is mine!"

"Katon: Senkō nesshō!"

This had been a worst case scenario. Soon as he saw the beckon towers lit E knew they were in trouble. Someone had managed to sneak in during the night and allowed Tenshi to know a force had arrived to help them.

It was most likely Iwa for the Rock ninja were known to go undetected against normal sensors for how deep they could travel through the earth's crust. That was why walls on the ninja village were so unique. Not only were they made to keep those above ground from easily penetrating, they were made with seals that kept anyone from piercing them from below.

However when there was no Iwa ninja attacking his squadron and instead Sound shinobi, E had to curse. It was Orochimaru's village that came to his former teammate's aid. Out of all the small time villages to do something about this it had to be the one he had his suspicions about and knew were somewhat dangerous thanks to a few having curse seals.

His shinobi were holding up rather well, for most elite were within this group for they were going to be the raiding party once the gates were crashed, but that would not hold long. The summoned snakes were a difficult task for anyone to handle along with the Sound's own elites attacking them.

Almost rolling his eyes as a group tried to attack him, their leader in front, the leader of the resistance disappeared. In a blink of an eye, E appeared behind the shinobi in the rear and wrapped his enormous arms around his chest and pinned his arms. Then in a burst of chakra he flexed his might and suflexed the pour shinobi and snapped his next from the ferocity of the blow.

The two closest two him tried to capitalize on this maneuver, for it was rather awkward to recover from, but when they arrived there was no one there but their deceased friend. And then they saw nothing but darkness when their heads slammed into one another and blood poured from their temples.

Next to go was the leader of the unit. E didn't even bother to do anything fancy and used his speed and immense power to shatter his jaw with a single blow. Grabbing his collar, keeping him from flying off, he jumped into the air and with a mighty heave he tossed the man into the ground below, head first.

He didn't even need to bother to see if he had killed him. He knew all too well that he was dead for very few could survive that attack done like it was. But as he turned to face his new opponent he had to frown. One of the few in the world that could stood before him. "Orochimaru... What an unpleasant surprise this is. I did not expect you to stick your scaly ass into this conflict knowing who we're getting support from."

"Ah, but didn't you know? We're already at war with Konoha so it is no difference to us. I would rather have a few allies against them instead of standing on my own against the leaf and their Godaime." Orochimaru rasped in a rather pleased tone for the man knew of his abilities and took him seriously.

"Hmph... You just wanted an excuse to take over one of the great five." E kept his composure while his men battled around them, seemingly ignoring the titanic clash that was about to occur before them.

The snake sannin simply shrugged for that ultimately was his goal in the end. After all the more power he could gather was best for him. With both Konoha and the Akatsuki after his head he needed all the strength he could get. "Ku ku ku, I guess you could say that. I have never hid what my goal was."

This time E said nothing. He knew Orochimaru's goal was to learn every single technique there was to become more powerful then anyone in the world. That was a lot of shinobi's goals, though most knew they couldn't learn every single jutsu for obvious reasons.

Not saying another word, he attacked and appeared next to the snake sannin, who aptly jumped back just in time and flick his arm against E's to knock it's path from his head. Sliding back, the snake simply grinned at the man. "Great power you have but your blows are nothing compared to Tsunade's. That speed however..."

This time ducking beneath a flying knee took the advantage and grabbed the large man by the ankles and brought him to the ground. Outstretching his arm towards him in a hurry, dozens of snakes flung out of Orochimaru's sleeve. "Sen'eitajashu!"

E turned and brought up his massive right arm to protect himself from the blow. Every single snake bit into his arm and injected their venom. He, however, was rather unaffected since his immune system was like that of a bull elephants so it was going to take a whole lot more to affect him.

Grasping every snake's throat with his other hand, he tugged on them and brought the snake to him since from such a close range they were still attached to him. Slamming his snake bitten forearm into the sannin's throat, E growled out seeing it turn into mud before him and encasing his entire arm.

Standing and flicking the mud off, the leader of the rebellion forces glared at the pale skinned man before him and his damned sinister smirk as he threw a few of his shinobi to the side who came to defend him. "You are just as I thought. You rely too much on your physical abilities yet at the same time you have gained an incredible immune system and tolerance to many poisons so you cannot be hindered in battle."

"Still speaking... A fighter such as yourself is no match for me." Orochimaru grinned before he held his hand out into a single seal. "However I would not want to chance it and thus I came prepared. How would you like to fight your father, the Nidaime?"

There were very few things that ever made E show fear. One of such would be if Kirabi was in danger before him. Another was the day he saw Makoto's corpse and what her husband had done to Shi and was attempting to do to his daughter. And now he had to add another to the list. His father being reborn before him with the jutsu created by the Second Hokage.

"Edo Tensei!" Orochimaru cried and a coffin began to rise from the ground before him.

He knew he had to do something. He couldn't just stand by and watch his father be reborn and forced to fight him. He knew he stood no chance for not only did he teach him every fighting move he knew he taught Darui his signature jutsu and without the lazy elite at his side there was no way they could match his father and his black lighting.

Electricity crackled around E's massive frame and he burst towards the coffin in order to stop this technique. If he could interrupt it any way he could it might be enough to stop the jutsu. Generate enough force and chakra to his right arm, he drew his fist back and slammed it into the wooden box with everything he had.

The box splintered and shattered. It wasn't anywhere near strong enough to withstand such a blow. It wasn't tested but E was sure he could level a small mountain with such a blow. With his chakra capacity and his immense strength not even Tsunade of the Sannin's legendary technique could match his power with this blow.

Even the person inside it was obliterated from the impact and his top half was ripped off. Landing behind the corpse, the large man could sigh in relief. He avoided almost certain death there.

However Orochimaru's smirk couldn't help but widen at his actions. That was something he could not wrap his mind around until he saw the second coffin behind the snake. "Glad you took the bait. That one of the deceased swordsmen of the mist. He wouldn't have been too useful without his blade."

"Now time to meet your father." Orochimaru grinned as the coffin behind him opened to reveal another massive colored man that looked remarkably like E.

Growling for this was the worst possible situation, E knew he had to do and turned to his battling elites. "CALL THE RETREAT! WE CAN'T WIN THIS DAY!"

Despite their shock, a few of the jounin managed to free themselves from their battles and made it to their sirens. With his the snake reviving his father there was no way they were going to be able to invade the village and left them in a desperate situation for he knew their forces would take a hefty blow from this battle before this had happened.

And if he survived this it would be his turn to call out for help. The snake's cunning had just caught them the end of this war.

"What I am I doing here... E? What is gong on?" The second Raikage stated, worried now he could see his son and knew it was him despite how much older he was from the last time he saw his boy. "No... The Second Hokage's technique."

"Oh quite so... Now my obedient slave you will kill your own son." Orochimaru stated drawing forth a kunai with a tag on it and had just about slid it into the back of the former Raikage.

It was at that very moment a lone kunai struck the ground before them. And then in a flicker blinding golden light, the visage of a young blonde haired teen appeared before the massive man and held his hands onto his stomach. "SEAL!"

Runes wrapped around the man quickly followed by what seemed to be paper. However the elder Raikage couldn't help but smirk as he looked at the young child and could see the symbol of his position tattooed onto the collar of his shirt. "So the Hokage is not but a young child... But one with such power..."

"Heh, I wish I could fight you young one. You may have given me a challenge back in my time." The man said before gazing over at his own son and smirked. "So could you my boy..."

In that instant the runes and papers completely covered him, sealing him from the battle at hand.

Not even bothering to try to go after the snake, for he had disappeared the instant he had used the Hiraishin, Naruto stood to his full height and barked out to the Konoha shinobi that had just arrived. "Secure the perimeter and provide safe passage for those retreating! Kakashi, take your unit and try and capture one of the damn Sound shinobi and see if he's got any information! Medics, prepare a space to heal the injured if there isn't one already!"

"I'm on it!" Kakashi slid on his Anbu mask before taking off in the direction of the fleeing Sound shinobi, his unit hot on his heels.

The rest of the Konoha shinobi did as they were told, Danzo taking the lead and giving directions. "All chunin stay here with the medics. Chouza, take your squad and the Sand shinobi to see safe passage for their retreating shinobi! Anbu, stay with Lord Hokage while the rest of you work on the perimeter!"

While he hated the situation, E couldn't help but feel slightly grateful that the young Hokage had decided to act before he had to call for help. But there would be no way he would ever admit that. "Lord Hokage... What brings you here? I believed Konoha was trying to stay out of this to gather your own forces."

Gazing at the leader of the rebellion, repressing the want to mouth 'You're welcome' for that was something Anko would do, Naruto simply shrugged. "I thought it prudent once I got word that the Sound was going to support the loyalists."

E knew all to well what that meant. Once everything was over he wanted the upper hand in their bargaining. He didn't want to owe any more to Konoha outside of paying off their debt to them for their financial support. And now with physical support... "Hmph, you are too reckless. Choosing this battle field to make your name is not such a wise decision."

"Possibly... But possibly not." Naruto stated while ignoring the few jounin that came to stand with their leader, not trusting the Konoha shinobi in the slightest. "But for now let us not discuss our reasons. We both want the same thing right now and that is for you to take power of Kumo."

Staring at the young Hokage, wondering just what he was thinking, E could only growl in his throat. He was not a patient man and one of the few things he knew about the young man before him was... That he was and didn't mind taking his time with things.

Because of this he knew one thing. They weren't going to get along very well in person.

Heavily panting, Samui couldn't help but feel jaded about their information. This kid was good! Their information on the exams in Konoha had stated he was a solid chunin. The hell he was! This... This guy was a solid jounin!

His only weakness was that he had the physical strength and speed of a chunin. His technique répétiteur and his chakra capacity were better then most jounin she possibly knew and that damn fire eruption blood line of his was pissing her off. Every time she got close to him to end the fight he would give her a serious burn and cut before creating more distance between them.

Thankfully she knew her brother was doing far better against the weapon mistress and had chased her off. Her brother was very skilled, that she was thankful for but he unfortunately tried to chase her down and now she had no clue where in the world he was! She really could use his help right about now!

Hearing their sirens in the distance, Samui narrowed her eyes and cursed. That was not good for if they were being called that meant E had ordered the retreat. They most have been attacked from behind which meant this full out assault was a day too late. If they had only gone through with it yesterday...

Satoshi heard the sirens too and could only grin seeing the resistant force still on the walls make their way and attempted to retreat, some being cut down by projectile shuriken in the process. "Damn... I was hoping for this to last longer. You remind me of the Hyuuga boy I faced in the exams. How I would have preferred to fight him at my full capacity."

"That's too bad... Because getting creamed like you did made you look like a loser." Samui couldn't help but taunt the boy despite the fact that she was struggling against this chunin before leaping off the wall and to the ground below.

Growling in his throat, Satoshi charged his chakra and went through a serious of hand seals to try and catch her. "Katon: Doragon'enbāzu!"

Fire exploded from his hands in multiple bursts, flaring out and towards the retreating blonde woman and formed into the heads of dragons. Samui was caught off guard by this attack and the sheer spread the attack had. She was doing rather badly right now with her burns and if she was to get hit by one of these it could at the very least knock her unconscious if not kill her...

Her muscle screamed at her as she tried to muster the strength to move out of the way but the spread was simply too large. There was no way she could dodge... Why was the ground moving beneath her?

Just in the blink of the eye, Samui looked below to see a torrent of sand rush by her before forming a massive wall to block the dragons and all incoming shuriken. The wall stretched for what seemed to be over a hundred meters and stood twenty if not thirty high. And to her immense surprise the dragons only created impact craters from the collision, not piercing through like she thought they should have.

Turning her head seeing something in the corner of her eye, a single red head stood before the wall of sand with his aquamarine eyes burning with blood lust before they landed on her. "You... Leave here at once."

In normal circumstance Samui would have said something to the extent of he was just a kid but those blood lusting eyes told her everything. This wasn't just a kid. This was something entirely else. This kid felt like... Like a monster.

And she wanted nothing to deal with him and did as he said, hoping Shi would be alright. But in the distance she managed to pick up where he was and her eyes widened at what she saw.

Raiu had to curse seeing the massive sand wall. Of course Konoha and Suna had to respond making his job so much more difficult. Gaara would be a difficult opponent for him to handle thanks to his two layers of sand armor. Not to mention he was a killing machine and a true weapon while he...

He was still human thanks to Fuu. He would repay her for that one day. She allowed him to see the light and let him keep what matter the most to him.

"Well..." He started, turning to the blonde captain in his grasp, glaring at him despite his beaten appearance. "You were quite the opposition I must say. But now is time to end this."

Shi could only glare at the demon vessel. That Uchiha he faced in the finals had to truly be one of the luckiest sons of a bitches on the face of the earth. His ability to create a rift and transport himself through it to appear almost anywhere he wanted, or at least some place he had been before, was some truly horrifying and nearly unstoppable.

The only thing that had gone well for him was that he managed to avoid a fatal strike the two times he had used it on him. Blood poured from his wounds, gashed into his stomach and a few along side his internal organs but thankfully not piercing. He also had a deep gash on his temple and the blood freely flowed, another strike that would have killed him if he hadn't narrowly dodged the Nanabi vessel.

Hearing the whir of shuriken in the air, Raiu simply tossed Shi into them and into the new attacker. Samui shrieked in anger seeing what he had done but it was quickly cut off as her fiancé knocked her into the ground. "Dammit you bastard..."

"Samui... Please run..." Shi groaned, the shuriken adding a new dimension of pain but nothing nearly as bad for what he saw in the Nanabi vessel.

Placing his hands into a seal, the brown haired vessel felt a pang of guilt. Despite his battle persona, it was difficult to see such a scene for him. It was like what he felt for his sealed bride within him and to do something to them made his heart well in pain. "Please forgive me... Raiton: Mōretsuna torento!"

Lighting erupted from the air before him like in a torrent. It almost seemed as if it was like fire but the only difference was they could feel the static in the air and the golden coloration bearing down onto them, coming to sear their flesh. In a minute of last desperation, Shi threw himself before Samui in hope to cover her from the blow or at the very least lighten in so she may survive.

But something happened neither expected. The searing electricity did not wash over them nor did they feel the static in the air any longer. All that was left was the heat but it no longer felt the same. It felt as if it was from... "Katon: Hi no Neko."

"You... I see. So he's here as well." Raiu growled in his throat seeing who stopped his attack stand before him, within her own flames yet was somehow not harmed by them. "Give him a message for me... I will kill him before this is over!"

Watching him literally disappear before her eyes, Yugito sighed. The Nanabi vessel was here and that meant Iwa was involved. Things were going to get far more chaotic and soon. How little did she know that turning to see if the two shinobi she saved were alright would have spared her further chaos.

But soon as she did, she immediately recognized the face that turned to see what had happened. Her entire body froze for despite everything that happened and the blood covering his body she knew who he was from his scent alone. She had never forgotten that scent.

And it was the one thing he said was what confirmed it for. "Nee-chan?"

That one word was all it took for the demon vessel of Nibi to collapse and pass from the conscience world. Her brother... Was still alive.

And he looked exactly like he did in her dream.

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