Written for Miss Sale. Love ya!

"Oh, man!" Elphaba said, running from her dorm room to the bathroom, leaving her roommate and her younger sister alone together.

"Poor thing," Galinda clucked after her. "She's been sick all morning. Must be the flu."

Nessarose nodded primly. "Probably. She doesn't get sick easily, so it's probably pretty bad." She folded her hands in her lap. "She'll be gone for a little while, I'm guessing."

"And I'll get you to myself," Galinda said softly.

"Beg pardon?" Nessa asked, not one hundred percent sure of what she had just heard.

Galinda blushed. She hadn't realized she had said that out loud. "We'll just have to entertain ourselves without her." She bit her lip. "How are you and Boq doing?"

Nessarose looked into her lap for a moment, wearing an expression Galinda couldn't quite read. It was inward and sad. She looked like she was having big, painful thoughts she herself couldn't quite handle. Her pretty, pink lips forced themselves to form a smile, though Galinda could easily see that it wasn't close to reaching her chocolate brown eyes. "Oh, we're just fine." She looked up. "We're perfect."

Galinda felt a sudden pang of... was that guilt? Guilt mixed with something else. "Are you sure?" She hated to think that her matchmaking hadn't worked- although she had hardly been matchmaking. She had been more focused on getting Boq out of her hair.

"I... I don't know. I feel like he's only with me becasue he pities me." She looked down and her dark hair hung in front of her face. "I can't blame him." She waved her hand. "How's Fiyero been?"

Now it was Galinda's turn to appear uncomfortable. "He's distant lately. Thinking about something." Or someone, a nagging part of her brain pointed out. "Anyway, he's had nothing to do with ever since the day Doctor Dillamond lost his job." She smiled suddenly. "I say we swear off of men. We don't need them, silly creatures who grunt and scratch themselves on occasion."

"Be a pair of old senile spinsters with far too many cats?"

Galinda chuckled. "Yes, if you'd like."

"And you would be with me?" Suddenly, all joking was off. "You would stay with me?"

Galinda was struck by the urgency of the question. She rose from her place sitting on her bed and crossed to kneal in front of Nessarose's wheelchair. "I'll always stay with you." On an impulse, she quickly pecked the other girl on the lips.

Suddenly, the door knob jiggled in the door. Galinda's eyes widened and she flung herself back onto her bed. An exasperated sigh, and Elphaba came back into the room, a little greener than usual. "Well, that wasn't pleasant." She eyed the other girls, who were both slightly flushed. "Did I miss something?"